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Warning Signs of Nerve Damage in Foot After Surgery

Warning Signs of Nerve Damage in Foot After Surgery


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    Experiencing nerve pain or damage following a surgical procedure can be distressing. It is in fact, very disheartening to come out with another problem after undergoing surgery to correct one. Several factors, such as associated surgery risks or potential negligence, may contribute to post-surgical nerve pain or damage.

    Some common cases of negligence may include, where the surgeon negligently put too much pressure on the nerve, severed the nerve or stretched the nerve unnecessarily. This could easily result in some form of nerve damage.

    It is important to note that when it comes to complications after a foot or ankle surgery, symptoms and possible treatment will depend on the severity of the damage.

    Nerve Damage in Foot After Surgery

    What is Nerve Damage After Surgery?

    Nerve damage after surgery (post surgical nerve damage) may occur as postoperative neuropathic pain where there is a burning or shooting pain in the area where you just had surgery. You may also experience tingling, numbness or weakness in the surgery site. This sensation may be acute or chronic and could be a result of surgical error.

    Signs to Watch for After Ankle Surgery: Potential Complications

    Depending on the cause and severity of the damage, symptoms may vary. Here are the most common symptoms that could be a result of nerve damage in the foot after surgery.

    • Burning sensation or shooting pain

    • Loss of sensation (numbness in ankle or foot area)

    • Tingling in the affected foot

    • Weakness in the foot, ankle, or toe

    • Certain changes such as change in skin colour around the area or muscle mass

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    Frequency of Nerve Damage Post-Surgery: How Common is it?

    It is worth mentioning that the most common nerve injury following a foot surgery is cutaneous nerve injury. These nerves send touch, pressure, and temperature sensations from the skin to the brain. Injury to these nerves can lead to chronic nerve problems such as pain, tingling or numbness in the foot.

    It is estimated that between 10-40% of people who undergo foot surgery suffer some form of nerve pain.

    What are the potential Causes Of Nerve Damage After Foot Surgery?

    Here are some reasons why you may suffer nerve damage after foot surgery;

    • Poorly conducted surgery including incorrect positioning of the affected limb during the surgery

    • Poor postsurgical care

    • Direct injury to the nerve during the procedure and incorrect use of surgical equipment

    • Nerve compression or entrapment as a result of formation of scar tissue or suture ligation

    • Patient with history of diabetes, peroneal neuropathy, cancer or other autoimmune diseases

    • Patient habits- obesity, smoking, heavy alcohol usage, etc.

    Nerve Damage

    What are the Treatment Options To Help Alleviate Pain Of Postoperative Nerve Damage

    If you experience any of the symptoms of postoperative nerve damage, you should reach out to your doctor for proper examination and diagnosis. Some treatment options may include:

    • Administering medications such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and pain relievers

    • Regenerative medications ortho biologics, such as stem cell therapy or platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

    • Ankle blocks and peripheral nerve blockades

    • Physical therapy

    • Tailor-made orthotics or braces

    • Surgical intervention or revision of the initial surgery

    • Acupuncture

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    Claiming Compensation for Nerve Damage

    If you or your loved one has suffered nerve damage injuries after foot surgery, there is a chance that the doctor may have been negligent. We are a claims management company and receive payments from our partnered law firms for our service.

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