Report: Wakefield Closed Over Series of Miscarriage Misdiagnosis

Wakefield Ultrasound Clinic Shut Over Series of Incorrect Miscarriage Diagnosis

Wakefield Ultrasound Clinic Shut Over Series of Incorrect Miscarriage Diagnosis


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    The Wakefield Baby Ultrasound Clinic was inspected in May 2022 by the Care Quality Commission.

    The CQC suspended the service after some women were wrongly told they had miscarried and babies’ genders were incorrectly identified.

    The health watchdog rated the Baby Ultrasound Clinic in Wakefield “inadequate” after inspectors identified “significant safety concerns”.

    Other issues pointed out by the commission included poor infection control and a lack of staff training.

    The clinic in Wood Street, said it was now under new management.

    A report shows that inspectors raised several issues which included that the centre “did not provide mandatory training in key skills” and that staff “did not have the appropriate accredited safeguarding training or know how to recognise and report abuse”.

    It also added that “the service did not control infection risk well and some equipment was visibly dirty”.

    The inspection was carried out after an alarm was raised over a number of complaints from women who had been given the incorrect gender for their child or had been wrongly told they had miscarried.

    The report also stated that there was no record of scans being checked by a second sonographer, although the there was no record of scans being checked by a second sonographer

    The inspectors also did not receive any record of responses when they asked to see the clinic’s response to women incorrectly told they had miscarried

    In the report, the CQC listed 29 areas where the clinic must improve.

    As a result of the outcome of the inspection, the agency said: “Due to the concerns, we used our powers under Section 31 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to take immediate urgent enforcement action and suspended the service. This action prevented the provider from undertaking activity which put people at risk and to make immediate improvements to governance and oversight.”

    Wakefield Closed Over Series of Miscarriage Misdiagnosis

    The Baby Ultrasound Clinic in a statement said the Wakefield centre was operated as a franchise and managed by the franchisee, but it is no longer there.

    A spokesperson also added that the Wakefield clinic has been taken over by new management who were working on the location to get the clinic to the high standard expected of all their other clinics.

    The period of pregnancy can be a difficult time for the expectant mother. It is expected that she and her unborn child get the best form of care to ensure safe delivery of the child. It is therefore painful when medical negligence occurs putting the life of the mother and/or the child in danger.

    When the mother comes for scans, the right result/information should be passed across as any wrong result could cause far reaching emotional and psychological damage.

    Therefore, if you or your loved one was incorrected told that they have miscarried, or the sonographer or another healthcare provided failed to detect a miscarriage or failed in give the right information about the gender of the child and you have suffered as a result of the error, you may have a strong ground to make a Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Claims.

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