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Spinal Injury Compensation Claims

Spinal Injury Compensation Claims


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    Spinal cord injuries can affect an individual’s life in the most debilitating ways. Even in less severe cases, complications could be as serious as loss of movement in arm and legs. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal injury due to medical negligence, you can make spinal injury claims.  

    spinal injury claims

    If you want to make a claim, you can start today with the help of our specialist spinal injury lawyers. We understand the struggles you may face now and, in the future, and are here to ensure you receive the compensation necessary to live your life to the fullest.

    What you should know about spinal injury?

    A spinal injury is described as a traumatic injury or damage to the spinal nerve or spinal cord, both of which can be found in the spinal canal. Depending on the severity of the injury, it could be extremely dangerous and may have permanent life-altering consequences. 

    Besides physical impact, spinal injuries may have psychologically impact on an individual. And if this is as a result of negligence, it is important to act quickly to seek the help of a specialist spinal cord injury solicitor who can help you get maximum compensation that you deserve. 

    As a victim, your spinal injury compensation would go a long way in funding the specialist care you may require. It could also cover your rehabilitation costs (including mobility equipment that may need and cost of home adaptation). Additionally, it can cover any form of loss of earnings during the time you were affected. 

    Causes of Spinal Injury

    Spinal injuries can be caused by incidents such as falls, road accidents, sports, acts of violence, or even diseases. According to  Aspire, recent data estimates show that 2,500 people are injured or diagnosed with a spinal cord injury every year in the UK. 

    Further, amongst these spinal injuries incidents, some are as a result of negligent acts of a medical professional. If you feel strongly that you are eligible to make spinal injury compensation claims. Contact us today to confirm your eligibility. Our spinal injury solicitors will investigate your case and offer the best legal advice and support you need at this time. 

    What can be classed as Spinal Injury Negligence?

    Every health professional has a responsibility to care for each of their patients. When this level of care falls below standard, resulting in harm to a patient, it may be classed as medical negligence. 

    If your doctor has failed on his path in giving you quality treatment during your time under his care, causing spinal damage or injury, you might be eligible to make a claim. 

    Cases of spinal negligence claims often result from the following;

    • A failure to diagnose your condition correctly also known as misdiagnosis
    • A failure to treat the spinal condition correctly
    • Anaesthesia mistakes/errors
    • Surgical mistakes/errors
    • Lack of postoperative care/support

    If any of these has happened to you or your loved one, you would need a medical negligence expert to assist you with your claims. Whether you are considering suing the NHS or a private practice for negligence, our spinal injury solicitors can help you. We will bring your claim for compensation on a No win No Fee Basis.

    How to make a spinal injury claim?

    If you are in the UK and you think you have been a victim of spinal injury caused by medical negligence, then you can start by contacting us at Medical Negligence Direct today. 

    Speak to one of our expert spinal cord injury solicitors now Pick an option for funding- usually a no win no fee agreement Our expert spinal injury lawyers will establish a strong case for your claim
    A letter of claim (alongside all evidence) is issued to the defendant on your behalf Negotiations with defendant
    Maximum spinal injury compensation payout

    The first step in making a spinal injury claim is to find out whether you have a case. To do this, you would have to speak to one of our spinal injury solicitors UK. Our experienced lawyers will discuss your case and explore the possibility of bringing a claim against the individual practitioner or institution. 

    After speaking to one of our expert spinal injury solicitors, you will be asked necessary questions about your injury so that we can get a clear understanding of the case and how it has affected your life. Based on what you tell us and evidence provided, we will establish whether you have solid grounds to bring a claim. 

    To make a claim, your chances of success will be determined by your ability to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that: 

    • The treatment and care you received fell below the expected standard
    • You experienced pain and suffering as a result of the treatment or misdiagnosis
    • The action of your surgeon or doctor directly led to personal financial losses

    Some of the evidence that may be needed as proof may include; expert medical report, witness statements, medical records and proof of financial loss including receipts.

    Some examples of spinal injury negligence claims includes;

    • Spinal shock claims 
    • Back pain claim
    • Spinal damage claim
    • Back injury claim
    • Lumbar spine injury compensation claim 

    How much is Spinal cord injury compensation settlement? 

    Every spinal cord injury varies in severity and the final compensation amount received depends on certain factors. This will include the cost of long-term care and loss of earnings as well as the loss of mobility. 

    Nevertheless, when a spinal injury results in extreme conditions like paraplegia where people lose the ability to feel and move, compensation is usually in hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds. Our spinal injury lawyers can give you a range of your medical claims worth using our medical negligence calculator. Call in today for assistance with any queries regarding your claim. 

    Can I claim injury compensation for someone else?

    It is sometimes possible that the people who are entitled to claim injury compensation are unable to do that for themselves. In this case, the law recognizes that someone can do that in their place. There are a number of reasons that can lead to this. For example, you may want to claim on behalf of your child if they are younger than 18.

    If you want to discuss the possibility of making a claim on someone’s behalf, fill our free claim assessment form now and one of our spinal injury specialists would be available to assist you. 

    How long do spinal injury claims take?

    The time it takes to bring spinal injury claims will depend on the nature and severity of your spinal injury. For some cases, when you have provided enough evidence to the solicitor representing you, your claim may be resolved within months. Meanwhile, in other complex cases, your spinal injury claims may last for years. This is why we usually advise clients to act quickly to start their claims as early as possible. 

    Our solicitors are experts with years of experience in handling personal injury claims and have recorded successful claims for several clients. 

    What are the time limits for making spinal injury claims?

    For most medical negligence claims, there is a statutory three-year time limit for making claims. This also applies if you want to lodge a spinal cord injury claim. As a victim, you will have three years from the date of the spinal injury (or the date when you noticed the injury) to make a claim for compensation.

    What are Back Injury Claims? 

    Minor back injuries can make it difficult for you to move about, and you could also be in pain when you lay down. Nobody deserves to be stuck at home as a result of back pain especially if it was caused by medical negligence.

    If you are having to deal with back injury as a result of negligence, you may be eligible to make a claim. Our back injury solicitors will look at the impact of your injury, and will do all it takes to ensure that your back injury compensation claims are successful. 

    Whether as a result of doctor negligence, in a car accident  or you have sustained a back injury at work  because your employer hasn’t followed the health safety rules, you may be eligible to make a back-injury compensation claim. 

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    How much compensation can I get for a back injury?

    Similar to most medical negligence claims, compensation for back injuries are not set in stone. They usually vary based on the nature, severity and impact of injury on individuals.

    While our back injury solicitors may be unable to tell you exactly how much you could receive before you start your claim, we can give you a range of compensation to expect using our medical negligence calculator. Contact us today for a no win no fee back injury compensation claim. 

    Back injury Compensation Payout

    The guideline to the back-injury compensation is put together by the judicial council, to give you the average payout for a back injury;

    • A few hundred £’s – £9500 compensation payout for minor back injuries where recovery is within a few months to five years 
    • £9,500 – £21,000 compensation payout for moderate back injury
    • £21,000 – £29,475 compensation for a moderate back injury resulting in some disability. 
    • £56,375 – £67,200 compensation for severe back injury that have special features such as nerve root damage and impaired mobility. 
    • £69,200 – £122,350 compensation for the severest types of back injury.

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