What is a Serious Injury Claim?

What is a Serious Injury Claim?


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    Personal or serious injury claims, sometimes identified as catastrophic injury claims, are claims that involve life-transforming injuries. These injuries can include loss of sight, amputation,  bone breakage, head injuries, spinal damages, birth injuries, and other very severe incidents with long-lasting impacts.

    Serious Injury Claims

    Personal injury, the common and legal term for serious or catastrophic injuries, covers injuries that have been caused or worsened by another person’s negligence, particularly your doctors or hospitals. As a victim of such medical malpractices, or accidents, you might be able to lodge claims and get awarded with damages from the responsible persons.

    Personal injuries have long-term effects on the overall quality of a person’s life, and this is not just observed with the adult or child who suffers the injury, but also with those who are around them. Personal serious injuries often affect an individual’s capacity to work and earn and can heavily affect the victim’s family and relationships.

    Types Of Personal Injuries You Can Claim Damages For

    Below are some common injuries damages can be claimed for:

    • Road traffic accidents (examples of these are Passenger, cyclist, and pedestrian accidents)
    • Serious clinical negligence (these include surgery, misdiagnosis, and GP negligence)
    • Serious injury (which may include very traumatic spine and brain injuries)
    • Accidents and illnesses that happen abroad (which include holiday accidents, serious work Injury, and food poisoning)
    • Work accidents and Injury (these include back, manual handling, and head injuries)
    • Industrial diseases (which include loss of sight, respiratory problems, and even hearing loss)
    • Any diseases related to Asbestos (this includes mesothelioma)
    • Accidents that occur in a public place (including slips, trips, falls and even claims against the council)
    • Children’s serious injuries (like fractures and road accidents, etc)
    • Serious knee Injury
    • Traumatic brain and head injuries

    Compensation For Serious Injury Claims

    In the UK, the compensation amount for medical malpractice or negligence in general is greatly dependent on a number of factors – including but not limited to;

    • Nature and severity of injury sustained
    • Impact of injury on victims life
    • Financial losses accrued (past, present and future)
    • Cost of remedial treatment (where applicable for future medical treatments)

    Whether it is the fault of your medical professionals, a workplace accident, or an NHS negligence case, a serious injury lawyer can fight for your damages and win a plausible amount of personal injury compensation for you.

    Compensation awarded for serious injury payouts in the UK range from £350,000 for minimal head and serious brain injury claims up to £140,000 for a serious back injury claim, and up to £34,000 for a moderate Leg injury claim. Serious injury claims can also can be made for multiple or complex fractures and/or severe crushing injuries, and usually compensation amounts awarded may follow the laid out structure of the Judicial College Guidelines.

    Want to get an idea of how much your claim is worth? Our serious injury lawyers can draw up an estimated value for your claim using a medical negligence compensation calculator

    Time Limit To Make Claims

    Normally, you have a maximum of three years to initiate a personal injury claim. This time limit usually is calculated from the actual date of your accident. Although, in a few cases it could be calculated from the date of your awareness of your injury and how it was the result of negligence (for instance, in the case of an illness, or workplace).

    As much as the time limit is standard, though, there are few exceptions to the rule, and sometimes, there is a shorter time limit. So, if you consider the fact you might have evidence for a claim, it is very important that you make contact with us as immediately as possible.

    In the case where you have or are suffering injuries that resulted from the malpractice of your health professionals or the negligence and actions of another person, our team of serious injury solicitors are readily available to help you in claiming the compensation that you need and deserve, to progress in your daily course of living. These injuries could be a result of personal injury accidents, or medical malpractice and negligence.

    Our very experienced team of solicitors deal, daily, with very broad cases of medical negligence, providing support for individuals and families. We have helped so many victims seem redress and restore  their lives to the best possible personal, physical and psychological state. 

    Start Your Claim

    How To Start Serious Personal Injury Claims?

    • Initiating personal injury claims can be very easy and quick, especially if you go to the right team. Our team is therefore one of the best in such cases. To start a serious injury claim, you can meet our team of reliable and excellent personal Injury lawyers and solicitors— you must first make contact with us, then we will assign to you, from our team of the best and amazing solicitors, one who will immediately give attention to your case.
    • Our solicitor will then conduct a critical analysis on your complaints, and judge your pieces of evidence with their standard evaluation of negligence, to determine whether you have a claim or not. This is to say that they will effectively study your case to confirm the possibility of establishing a negligence claim or not, and also provide pieces of advice to you on the next steps to take.
    • You must keep and safeguard every piece of evidence that is relevant to your claim. This will be requested by your solicitor, as your evidence will enable them to build a strong case for you. You must include all of the succinct information about your injury. Our professionally trained solicitors will then assist in understanding whether you have a claim for damages or not, and prefer guidance for you throughout the process.

    How Long Does it Take to Make Serious Injury Damages Claims?

    Have you been wondering how long it takes to make a serious injury claim? Well, there are no hard and fast rules surrounding this. However, resolving serious injury claims can be quite tricky.

    Regardless of the nature of the causal circumstance, damage claims for serious injury may take a long time to be given to the claimant. And, one of the major factors that cause a delay in the resolution of serious injury  compensation claims, is the time consumed in making an evaluation of claimed negligence and, establishing it.

    For example, the process of obtaining all professional pieces of evidence that are needed to support your claim. Furthermore, in a case where there is an independent medical professional that we will need to be consulted to be able to establish the severity of your injury, time will also be consumed to determine whether or not there is a causal link to clinical negligence.

    What Evidence Do We Need?

    Our required evidence includes the categories listed below.

    • A well-detailed summary of the conditions of your original medical or non-medical treatment process, the identities of the medical practitioners or hospitals and/or clinics involved
    • Pieces of evidence of all your expenses or losses for which you want to lodge claims, and be awarded damages (these include all past, present and future losses and expenses)
    • Evidence of your injuries (these include medical reports, scan or test results, diagnosis reports, and photographs too)
    • A very detailed statement from an independent medical professional concerning your injuries, and the treatment process, at the different stages; and their opinions on what might have been done in a different way
    • Any and every other document that is important, and supports your case.

    In the case that your medical professional, adviser, clinic or hospital refuses to grant you official or unofficial permission to relevant pieces of evidence to prove personal injury due to medical negligence claims (including records of your medical treatment process); we are capable of helping you apply to a court for a judicial order requiring that the needed information be made accessible to you. However, we will only do this if and when we are sure there are sufficient bases.


    How Efficient Are We?

    Over the years, we have developed relationships with medical professionals, case managers, and even rehabilitation specialists who offer advice on medical issues and assist you in accessing treatments and pieces of equipment intended for the improvement of your life. Our major role is to help connect you to such help and make sure you are given the mediums to access it.

    When we take on your claims and represent you, we commit our absolute best to ensure that all your serious or personal injury claims are resolved, and soon as possible (particularly out of court). During the course, however, our team of expert negligence solicitors make sure that:

    1. We negotiate the best settlement for your claim on the best available terms.
    2. Settlement is not agreed upon until the prognosis is crystal clear. This is to say that in case the injuries suffered by a person turns out to be more severe than initially expected, we postpone agreements until our team calculates all possible damages, so that, once claims for damages are resolved, you will not need to seek for more compensation.In this light, it is important to know that all aspects of a client’s negligence or personal injury claims are critically considered before lodging for compensation or damages. This is also done by our team whilst working out quick settlements.

    It is with these procedural reasons that we advise clients who are who suffer severe personal injuries or are victims of medical negligence damages, to submit their complaints and potential claims as immediately as possible, to make sure that they are completely resolved, and promptly too, especially when their pieces of evidence are strongest and yet to reduce in value.

    We take as much time as needed to understand you, your condition, complaints, and needs; and we do our utter best to help you regain control over your life. We stand by you through the entire process, to give you support from the very moment we sponsor your claim, to the very moment you have no more need for us.

    Our solicitors are all across the UK and if you want to pursue serious injury claims Scotland, do not hesitate to establish contact today.

    Our No Win No Fee Agreement 

    Our team of personal injury solicitors are professionals in handling related cases of catastrophic injury and medical negligence claims. You should contact our clinical negligence and personal injury claims solicitors in Liverpool and all across England.

    And in case you have been discouraged by the thought of having to go to trial at court, it will be of great to you, to know that our exclusive and excellent panel of solicitors mostly resolve cases of serious injury claims, and clinical negligence out of court!

    Also very importantly, if you have been wondering what it would cost you for our legal fees since we have promised to do a lot and most necessary for you,  you do not have to worry about anything at all — our solicitors function on a No Win No Fee basis which means there is absolutely no cost posed to you as our client, however the outcome of your serious injury damages claims. For instance, in the circumstance of an unsuccessful damage claim, you owe us entirely nothing!

    Although, the only time we will require you to allow us a payment, is when compensation has been awarded to you. It is here that we discuss a success fee (which is usually a percent of your entire serious injury compensation award).

    We encourage quick action from you in the presentation of your case to our expert team of solicitors. And you will also have to pay nothing to us for the evaluation of your case if you fill out our free no-obligation-claims assessment form immediately. We are excited to be of professional and absolute assistance to you, in getting that deserved compensation, and look forward to hearing from you!

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