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Sepsis Negligence Claims

Sepsis Negligence Claims


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    Sepsis negligence claims refers to a situation where an individual takes legal action against a medical professional for negligent treatment or below-standard care which has caused the individual or a loved one to suffer the sepsis condition.

    Sepsis Negligence Claims

    What Is Sepsis?

    Also known as Septicemia or blood poisoning, Sepsis is a rare complication arising from the body’s response to an infection which can be fatal. Sepsis occurs when the body responds to an infection in such a way that the immune system overreacts causing inflammation in many parts of the body, leading to multiple organ failure, damages to body tissues and death if not diagnosed and treated as a matter of emergency.

    Sepsis is more likely to occur in people who have a weak immune system, those already in hospital with a serious illness, the elderly or very young persons, person’s who injured themselves in an accident or people who have just had surgery.

    According to UK Sepsis trust, there are about 150,000 cases of Sepsis each year and about 52,000 prove fatal. It also reports that approximately 14,000 of these UK deaths from sepsis were preventable. 

    Cases of severe sepsis and septic shock where one experiences a dangerously low blood pressure drop due to sepsis – are medical emergencies.

    An independent report by the National Confidential Enquiry, into patient outcome and death revealed delayed diagnosis of sepsis as the cause of more than 33% of the death cases. Diagnosing the condition early enough is very vital towards preventing deterioration and causing permanent damage thereby increasing chances of survival and total recovery.

    Those At Risk Of Sepsis Are

    Although anyone can get sepsis but those most at risk include:

    • People with a serious illness
    • People with a weakened immune system
    • Very young children
    • Elderly people
    • People who have just had surgery 
    • People who have injured themselves

    Common Signs Of Sepsis

    • Slurred speech
    • Confusion or disorientation
    • Chills/Shivering
    • Loss of appetite
    • Pain of your muscles 
    • Severe breathlessness 
    • Abdominal pain
    • Skin discolouration
    • Skin rashes

    Can A Person Die From Sepsis? 

    According to the CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust, Dr Ron Daniels who is a frontline consultant, a patient has more than an 80% survival rate when diagnosed and treated within the first one hour following presentation with sepsis. However, after the sixth hour, the survival rate plummets to 30%. Actually, about four out of every 10 people who suffer sepsis will die if there is delayed diagnosis and treatment.

    Therefore, you can make sepsis wrongful death lawsuit if your loved one has suffered septicemia death as a result of incorrect diagnosis, delayed diagnosis or delayed treatment or any other form of negligent treatment.

    We offer No Win No Fee sepsis negligence claims as well as free consultation sessions where we will listen to you, evaluate if you have a claim and proceed to help you make your claims at no financial risk to you.

    Can You Catch Sepsis In Hospital?

    It is very possible to catch sepsis in hospital although it is rare and most times starts outside of the hospital. Sepsis in the elderly occurs most frequently after experiencing a lung infection like pneumonia. Death by hospital negligence can be enough grounds to make sepsis hospital compensation claims. You may also have a strong ground to make a nursing home sepsis lawsuit if the sepsis was caused by negligent treatment by nursing home staff.

    Is Sepsis Catching?

    Although Sepsis is very dangerous, it is not contagious. However, the infections that can cause sepsis can be contagious. The germs that lead to sepsis do not automatically infect a person with sepsis but will cause an illness which when left untreated can become septic.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Septic Shock?

    • Low blood pressure
    • Fainting
    • Confusion or altered mental status
    • Extreme lethargy

    Negligent Treatment Leading To Sepsis Negligence Claims

    • Misdiagnosis Of The Condition
    • Delays In Diagnosis
    • Failing To Carry Out The Proper Diagnostic Tests
    • Delays In Commencing Treatment
    • Medication Errors

    If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of sepsis related medical negligence, please contact our specialist medical negligence solicitors who’ll give you legal advice, evaluate whether or not you are entitled to sepsis compensation.

    Making A Sepsis Claim

    To sue the NHS for negligence or any other hospital for negligence leading to sepsis you need to establish that indeed the medical professional acted negligently. If your claims are successful, you will be awarded a deserving compensation which will be vital towards the recovery of the patient, rehabilitation and other needs. It will also be very vital to help you cover financial losses and other out of pocket expenses. Also, if you have had to give up work or your loved one who is the victim is the provider of the family, then the settlement fee you receive will go a long way to ensure that the family does not suffer financially as a result of the unfortunate incident.

    We must therefore be able to demonstrate that the treatment you received was negligent and that you or your loved one have suffered as a result. This means that we have to establish that another medical professional would not have acted in the same way as yours did under the same circumstances.
    By this, we have to prove the following;

    • Liability
    • Causation 

    In establishing liability, we show that the medical professional had a duty of care towards you but breached that duty of care through actions, inactions or substandard care which fell below acceptable medical standard. 

    By demonstrating causation on the other hand, we have to show a causal link between the negligent treatment received and the harm you suffered. This simply means that we need to prove that the negligent action of the medical professional is the direct cause of your suffering, harm, complication, psychological trauma or other damages which you may have experienced. 

    If we only establish liability without demonstrating causation or vice versa, then we have not successfully proven your case. Both parts therefore have to be proven to win your case.

    The following documents will be required

    • Full statements of what transpired
    • Medical records, scans and test results
    • Witness reports
    • Evidence of financial losses incurred
    • Medical report from independent medical experts after proper medical examination on you

    If you are not sure if the treatment you received at the hospital was negligent, we will still be happy to discuss with you and provide you with a free claim assessment. Our consultation sessions do not cost you a dime, therefore take that step to reach out to us soonest.

    Sepsis Negligence Claims Process

    The process of making your sepsis negligence claims involves the following steps

    • Contact your lawyer for discussions,  claims assessment and legal advice
    • Funding your claims through any of the medical negligence funding methods you are eligible for
    • Gathering evidence needed to prove your claim
    • Contacting the hospital or NHS Trust and submitting a letter of claim
    • Establishing liability
    • Registering your claim before a court of where both parties fail to agree
    • Negotiations on a settlement fee after a successful case
    • Payment of settlement fee

    During the process of making your claims, we can also secure interim payments for you before the final compensation award value is agreed. Interim payments will help ensure that you can have some financial aid to access quality health care as well as take care of pressing needs.

    How Much Compensation For Medical Negligence Resulting In Death?

    NHS negligence death compensation for a sepsis is not fixed but varies based on the circumstances surrounding the sepsis case and death. Therefore we cannot give you an exact compensation amount you will receive but with our medical negligence calculator, we can give you an idea of what you can expect.

    Other factors which affect the settlement payout include:

    • The severity of your harm
    • Psychological distress
    • Financial losses
    • Future prognosis
    • Costs of medical appointments and further treatment
    • House adjustments

    Time Limit For Sepsis Negligence Claims

    You only have a three-year time limit for making your sepsis negligence claim,  according to the stipulations of the Limitation Act of 1980. This time frame begins to count from the date of negligence or date of knowledge.

    There are exceptions to this rule especially when it applies to a child or an incapacitated adult. In  such cases we can tell you how to go about making claims on their behalf rather than waiting until they can do it by themselves. 

    No Win No Fee Sepsis Negligence Claims Solicitors

    We will represent you on your sepsis negligence claims under our No Win No Fee Policy which makes it possible for you to make your claims without fear of legal costs or any financial commitments.

    We will not require you to pay us throughout the claims process and even if your claims were not successful, we will not charge you. After a successful claim, we will deduct a success fee of 25% of your compensation fee while you receive the rest of your settlement fee.

    No matter how complex your claims may be, we will do our very best to ensure that you are solidly represented as we are well aware of what range your compensation fee should be and we will make sure that you get what you deserve.

    We have represented many clients without having to go to court as we employ our best advocacy and negotiation skills to get the defendant to accept liability and see that we settle out of court.
    We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible to begin your claims.

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