Review Into Failings By Nottingham's NHS Maternity Services

Review Into Failings By Nottingham’s Maternity Services ‘wider than Uk’s Biggest Maternity Scandal’

Review Into Failings By Nottingham’s Maternity Services ‘wider than Uk’s Biggest Maternity Scandal’


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    According to the midwife who is leading a review into the failings by Nottingham’s maternity services, the scope of the review was wider than Nottingham’s maternity services said the scope was wider than the UK’s biggest maternity scandal.

    The midwife, Donna Ockenden had previously led the review at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust which discovered that more than 200 babies died as a result of failings at the Trust’s maternity services.

    The terms of reference for the review in Nottingham were set out just this last Tuesday where a new category of severe maternal harm was added to include cases that did not lead to a death or injury.

    Ms Donna Ockenden said the review, which started earlier this month, had got off to a “fast start”. She added that she was pleased with the number of families and staff members that had come forward.

    Ms Ockenden completed her inquiry into the UK’s biggest maternity scandal at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust earlier this year and said that the scope of the review in Nottingham was wider because of the additional category which had been added to the investigation.

    This new category aims to identify cases of severe maternal harm which includes an unexpected admission to intensive care or a major obstetric haemorrhage.

    Ms Ockenden said: “We felt adding in the category of severe maternal harm would help us to understand women’s experiences and help us to learn and help the trust to learn from those cases as well. So actually, there’s been a widening of the scope which our review team felt was important and when we tested it out with some families, they felt it was important too.

    “Perhaps there’s a mum out there saying ‘well I’m ok, and my baby’s ok, but x,w,z of my maternity experience really worried me or frightened me’ then she can send in her experiences.”.

    She added that fathers could also send in their experiences.

    Nottingham's NHS Maternity Services

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