Guide to Claiming Against a Private Healthcare - Medical Negligence

A Guide to Claiming Against a Private Healthcare Medical Negligence

A Guide to Claiming Against a Private Healthcare Medical Negligence


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    Since its launch in 1948, the National Health Service has grown to become the largest publicly funded health institution in the world. It is also arguably the most cost-effective health care system worldwide and only few health services can rival its quality of care. However, patients may still choose to receive medical treatment from private doctors. And like their NHS counterparts, private doctors owe their patients a duty of care. 

    Breaching this duty of care could be deemed medical negligence and the affected patient may have grounds to make medical negligence claims. If you or your relative has experienced negligent care in a private hospital that has caused you injury, illness or worsened your medical condition, you could be entitled to a claim.

    What is Private Healthcare Medical Negligence?

    This is when a medical professional treats a patient in a way that is below the accepted standard of care, causing the patient injury, illness or worsening an existing condition. If this fits your experience in a private hospital, you may be entitled to make a claim against the private doctor or institution.

    How to Make a Private Healthcare Negligence Claim?

    Finding a specialist solicitor is the first step to making a claim against a private doctor. If you have suffered medical negligence in Liverpool, Medical Negligence Direct can provide you with the best medical negligence solicitors Liverpool to handle your claim. We will make your compensation claim against the private doctor who was responsible for your care. This compensation will help you get your life back on track.

    Guide to Claiming Against a Private Healthcare Medical Negligence

    How Much Can I Claim for Injuries Caused by a Private Doctor?

    If you believe you have a valid claim for private medical negligence compensation, you can use the medical negligence claim calculator below to see how much your award could be worth.

    Injury Amount Description
    Punitive Damages £1,000 to £275,000 Compensation will depend on severity of the condition
    Severe brain damage £224,800 to £354,000 Ability to respond to stimuli may be basic
    Internal injuries £80,250 to £119,650 Complex damage affecting delicate internal organ(s)
    Tetraplegia £258,740 to £322,060 Patient may be aware of condition but may not suffer pain as a result of it.
    Loss of a kidney due to error during operation Up to £39,500 One kidney may stop functioning after surgery.
    Death with immediate unconsciousness Up to £6,400 Death immediately following unconsciousness within six weeks.
    Unconsciousness and pain preceding death £8,370 to £8,500 Severe injuries such as lung damage causing death.
    Mental anguish Up to £3,720 Fear of reduced life or death.

    Keep in mind that the figures above only provide a general idea of what the medical negligence payout system looks life; every claim is unique. Contact us today for a free legal consultation if you wish to find out a more accurate estimate of your claim.

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    How Medical Negligence Direct Can Help

    If you or your loved one has experienced an injury, illness or the worsening of an existing condition due to negligent care on the part of a private doctor, our medical negligence solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation. Your compensation award will cover the cost of treatment you need or the loss of earning the injury has caused you. It would also cover any medical care you may need in future.

    Medical Negligence Direct provides you with the right medical negligence solicitor for your claim. For instance, if a private doctor misdiagnosed your medical condition, we will assign you misdiagnosis claims solicitors to ensure you are in good hands. We also offer you a No Win No Fee service so the process is as stress-free as possible for you.

    Contact us today for any inquiries about making a claim against a private doctor. Our team of honest and friendly legal experts will be happy to let you know the strength of your case, and how much payout you can expect.

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