Plastic Tubing Left Inside A Man After Surgery - MND

Plastic Tubing Left Inside A Man After Brain Surgery

Plastic Tubing Left Inside A Man After Brain Surgery


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    The man Kennedy Mugovera said he wasn’t able to go to work as a result of the severe pain and agony he felt. The procedure was done at the University College London Hospital in 2016 on the 51-year-old from Swindon.

    He said that following difficulty in getting follow-up medical attention from the NHS, he went to doctors in Zimbabwe who recommended that he be reviewed urgently.

    Kennedy Mugovera who works as a nurse said that since the surgery, he has developed several health problems which he believes is as a result of the plastic tubing left behind in his abdomen by surgeons.

    He said; “Ever since the surgery I have had severe pain in my abdomen and my lower back and every time I tried to make contact with the hospital, I struggled to get an appointment.”

    Mr Mugovera was first seen at the University College London Hospital in 2013, where he underwent surgery and a shunt was inserted into his brain to relieve pressure, but it failed. He came back again after three years to get a replacement and three months later, he was told by a consultant they had lost a small tube during the second operation.

    By early 2020, when the pandemic began, Mr Mugovera was in severe pains at his back and abdomen such that he was no longer able to attend work.

    He added that he made numerous attempts to make an appointment with the NHS but was unable to receive any help. He had to travel to a hospital in Zimbabwe, near his birthplace, where he paid for an x-ray. The x-ray showed the tubing was in close proximity to the vertebrae in his spine.

    Mr Mugovera said that while the NHS surgeons had told him after his operation that the tube was very small and he would not be affected, the hospitals in Zimbabwe were surprised at its size.

    Although Mr Mugovera has since returned to work, he still has unanswered questions including if the tubes can be removed.

    “I have tried on numerous occasions to clarify details around why the tube was left behind but I have had no answer, I want to know how this is going to affect me in the future.” he said.

    The University College London Hospital said they have been making efforts to reach out to Mr Mugovera.

    In a statement it added: “We are sorry to hear Mr Mugovera is experiencing discomfort following his surgery. We have been in contact with him on a number of occasions and have offered a meeting with his neuro-surgical team.”

    Plastic Tubing Left Inside A Man After Surgery

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