What To Do If Pharmacy Gives Wrong Medication in the UK? - MND

What To Do If Pharmacy Gives Wrong Medication in the UK?

What To Do If Pharmacy Gives Wrong Medication in the UK?


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    At the moment, we know there are pressures on health services in the UK. As a result, errors can happen in the care of patients and this includes prescription errors. As someone who is unwell, all you need is the right care and not mistakes in the medications you are given.
    There are several unpleasant consequences that can result from a medication error and nobody deserves to suffer as a result of such mistakes.

    Therefore, if the pharmacy gives you wrong medication, you may be able to claim compensation by making prescription error claims.

    You can also reach out to our solicitors by calling our helplines or fill out our online claims forms and we can have a no obligation chat to see if you may be able to have a claim.

    A Pharmacist’s Duty of Care

    A pharmacist has a duty to provide an effective and safe standard of care and also meet the minimum standards of care specified in the Pharmacy Regulations. Your pharmacist should be responsible for the following;

    • Ensure that the medicines they supply are supplied as the law demands
    • Ensure they only dispense original and quality drugs
    • Advice their patients on the right dosage and provide answers to questions about the medicines they dispense

    They are also expected in addition to this to ensure that their premises have the right systems in place fit for the intended purpose.

    Professional Standards For Pharmacies And Pharmacists

    There are a total of 9 standards that must be met by every professional working in a pharmacy, according to the Standards for Pharmacy Professionals. These include:

    • Providing person-centred care
    • Effective communication
    • Working in partnerships with others
    • Maintaining, developing, and using their skills and professional knowledge
    • professional and sound judgement in their dealings
    • Maintaining professional behaviour
    • Maintain and respect other people’s privacy and confidentiality
    • Demonstrating leadership
    • Speaking up if they have any concerns, or if something isn’t quite right

    pharmacy gives wrong medication

    What To Do If Wrong Medication Given To Patient

    Giving the wrong medication to a patient can cause serious issues for the patient. Here are a few things you can do if you receive the wrong medication.

    • Stop taking the medication
    • Reach out to your doctor immediately and inform them. Reporting pharmacy dispensing errors is important so that your doctor can do the needful for you in that situation.
    • Contact the pharmacy that dispensed the drug to you and make them aware of what happen
    • Keep the unused medication and the packaging.

    Reasons why you should stop taking the medication is that continued consumption of a wrong prescription can lead to some conditions such as;

    • Liver damage
    • Allergies
    • Drug interactions with other medications you are taking
    • Ineffective treatment
    • Disability
    • Anaphylactic Shock
    • Seizures
    • There have also been deaths due to medical errors

    You can also suffer other side effects in addition to the fact that the original issue for which you were taken the medication is still there.

    Have you been supplied with the wrong medication and you are wondering if medication errors in the NHS can result in compensation? Yes, you may be entitled to a settlement payout as prescribing or dispensing wrong medication is also classified as medical negligence.

    Our prescription error claims solicitors are available to discuss your concerns and see if you have a claim to make.

    Pharmacy Negligence Cases UK

    To make a claim for medical negligence for receiving the wrong medication, you need to fulfill the 4 D’s of clinical negligence which are-

    • Duty-show that the pharmacist or doctor owed you a duty of care
    • Derelict-show that the medical professional failed in their duty of care
    • Direct Cause-prove that the harm you suffered was the direct fault of medical professional
    • Damages-the damages you suffer will greatly determine how much you will get as compensation payout.

    Settlements For Wrong Prescription In The UK

    The Judicial gives a compensation payout guide for various injuries. Here is what you may receive for injuries caused by medication errors.

    Kidney damage Level A Compensation for the loss of two kidneys or for the severe damage to both kidneys. £158,970 – £197,480
    Kidney damage Level B At level (b) the patient may have a significant risk of losing the function of the kidney, or of future illness and complications. Approximate maximum £60,050
    Kidney damage Level C Kidney damage claims at this level (c) could include injuries where one kidney is lost, but where the other kidney is not harmed. £28,880 – £42,110
    Chest injury Level A In these instances, the chest injury will include serious damage to the heart. £94,470 – £140,870
    Non-traumatic injury Level (i) Level (i) non-traumatic injuries could present as severe toxicosis. Symptoms may present as diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and pain as well as other symptoms. £36,060 – £49,270
    Non-traumatic injury Level (ii) Whilst the illness and symptoms may be short-lived, they are serious. Symptoms could affect bowel function and sexual function. £8,950 – £18,020
    Non-traumatic injury Level (iii) Non-traumatic injuries/ illnesses which cause discomfort and which could require admission to a hospital. The illness could persist for several weeks. £3,710 – £8,950

    For other compensation payout you will get for the damages and losses suffered including the costs of further treatment and other related expenses, we will use our NHS compensation calculator to give you a realistic idea of what you will receive.

    Our no win no fee solicitors in Liverpool have handled several negligence cases of this kind and have an enviable success record. Reach out to us today via our helplines for a free consultation session to discuss your claims. Remember, you have only 3 years to make your claims, the time to act is now.

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