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Compensation For Eye Injury Claims


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    Starting An Eye Injury Compensation Claim

    Losing your sight due to somebody else’s mistake can be devastating. If you have experienced sudden loss of eyesight due to negligence, you may have an eye injury claim. Our Solicitors for eye injury claims can advise you on your eye injury negligence. 

    Eye injury claims

    An eye injury happens when a dangerous object or metal enters the eyes and causes damage to one or both eyes. It can also occur in the workplace, when toxic chemicals get into the eyes and enter into your bloodstream. 

    This leads to pain and suffering that may result in partial or permanent damages like scratched cornea, swelling of the eyes, total loss of sight in one eye, minor impairment of vision in one eye, incomplete loss of vision in one eye, temporary Injury caused by exposure to harmful chemicals, loss of sight in one eye and partial sight in the other, loss Of sight due to excess exposure to radiotherapy or even total blindness. Victims have a right to compensation for their pain and they must seek medical attention immediately. The liability incurred should be fulfilled by the negligent party.  

    Eye injury compensation claims often depend on the severity of the damage done to the patient. 

    Whether a partial or full loss of eyesight, the pain and suffering can be devastating especially when it was as a result of somebody else’s mistake. Medical negligence eye claims can occur as a result of an eye doctor negligence or eye surgery negligence. 

    Medical negligence loss of sight on one eye or both may eventually lead to long term blindness in some cases if not corrected. It can cause a significant negative impact on personal life. Our eye injury lawyer can help you claim the compensation you deserve. 

    Eye Injury At Work UK

    Employees working in a factory or workshop are more exposed to eye injury incidents at work. You can suffer a work-related eye injury due to employer negligence, and be eligible to get compensation for your pain and suffering. Eye injury at work claims can lead to vision loss and even loss of a job. Did you get eye injuries at work in the UK? You may be entitled to get compensation. 

    Contact our experts and they will tell you how much you can claim for work related eye injury compensation. Medical negligence direct claims can provide you with work injury claim services here in the UK on a No Win No Fee basis.

    Workplace Safety, and Compensation Rights apply to all employees and the company is liable for any eye injury risks. If you have suffered an eye injury or have been seriously injured at work due to neglect, our work injury team is also available to help you now. You can talk to our workplace injury claims solicitor now. Workers’ compensation settlements for eye injury covers:

    1. Money for Minor eye surgery.
    2. Medical bills and aid for loss of both eyes at work.
    3. Care claim expenses.
    4. Travel expenses.
    5. Loss of earnings.
    6. Cost of therapy appointments.
    7. Cost of specialist equipment.

    Eye Injury Covid-19

    Changing trends in medical negligence during coronavirus has led to misdiagnosis and costly delays in eye injury treatments. Eye injury during covid-19 may occur if a hospital delays or fails to act on time when they notice an illness, an error during surgical procedure. Sometimes Performing surgery on the wrong part of the eye or administering the wrong prescription can lead to eye injury negligence claims. Amid the pandemic eye injuries can be serious and treatment must not be delayed or neglected. 

    Some signs that may show that a person is injured is when they experience difficulty in seeing and you discover a minor cut on their eyelid. Other times, one eye doesn’t move and the other gets swollen with redness. even minor symptoms must be treated as an emergency. Workers are advised to take adequate precaution to ensure safety in the workplace. The alarming rate of eye injuries can be minimized by:

    • Wearing protective eye goggles.
    • Avoiding touching the eyes or rubbing it.
    • Washing their hands regularly.
    • Disinfecting work area.
    • Exercising caution when working on Jobsite.

    Eye Injury Compensation Calculator

    You may ask, how much can I claim for eye injury or how much can you sue for eye injury? Whether you want to know your eye injury claim amounts or eye injury payouts uk, you must know that eye injury settlement amounts differ. Medical negligence loss of sight on one eye or both can be a costly mistake that can cause pain and severe lifelong suffering. Claiming for compensation can help claimants to recover settlement for damages, injury or loss. 

    It can cover an ongoing treatment, financial loss, and other special damages. Eye injury compensation value can be calculated depending on the extent of the eye damage. Our personal injury lawyers can give you the best advice on how much you can claim for an eye injury and how much compensation for loss of sight in one eye uk?

    Find out what you claim is worth with our free eye injury claim calculator.

    What Can Be Claimed For?

    If you have experienced a traumatic injury on either of your sight then you may be entitled get compensation or lawsuit compensation such as:

    • Compensation for blindness.
    • Compensation for fractured eye socket.
    • Compensation for loss of vision in one eye settlement.
    • Black eye compensation.
    • Compensation for loss of eye through medical negligence.
    • Laser eye surgery negligence claims.
    • Compensation for Corneal abrasion. 
    • Compensation for foreign bodies entering the eye – such as metal, dust or wood.
    • Compensation for Lacerations and cuts.
    • Compensation for chemical burns due to a lack of protective eyewear (PPE) at work.
    • Compensation for Fractures to the cheekbone.
    • Compensation for Blunt force trauma. 
    • Workers compensation settlements for eye injury.
    • Personal protective equipment claims.
    • Compensation for accident to eye area or facel.
    • Compensation for treatment of glaucoma.
    • Compensation for blocked tear duct.
    • Compensation for emotional pain and suffering.
    • Cost of further treatment by an expert ophthalmologist.
    • Compensation for therapy appointments.

    Who Is To Blame For Your Eye Injury Claim?

    Common causes of eye injury can be, fall at work as a result of unsafe working environment, hazardous chemicals, dangerous machinery, poor lighting in the work area, or defective tools. Eye injury accident that occur in public places can also be caused by Overspeeding, drunk drivers, traffic mismanagement which can affect cars, motorists, pedestrians, buses

    A permanent or temporary damage that affects a Patient’s vision can cause retinal tears, complete loss of vision, corneal scarring etc. The victim of an eye injury may require medicated or corrective glasses, surgery or extensive treatment. Medical professionals that are liable for these corrective measures or recovery processes may include:

    • Ophthalmologist.
    • Surgeons.
    • Employer.
    • NHS.
    • Public Safety Organisation.
    • Drivers.

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    NHS Compensation Payouts Guide for Eye Injury Claims

    If you experienced negligence by the nhs, here’s how to file a claim. Making an eye injury medical negligence claim can result from an emergency when the damage is severe. The NHS ensures an immediate treatment to avoid causing more damage, but sometimes situations can get worse and the NHS can face unplanned repercussions. 

    Claimants can receive compensation that will cover the cost of permanent health effects or temporary care cost. Victims can also get the cost for visual aids, compensation for physical  and emotional pains, 

    To make a claim, you must be able to show evidence of carelessness or negligence. Proving your case is very important, that is why you must gather as many evidence as possible to back you up. Proofs like photos of injury, scene of incidence in the workplace, pictures of malfunctioning machines in the workshop that caused your injury and reports of eye witnesses that were present. 

    Lastly you should discuss your eye injury case with a personal injury lawyer for more advice on the next action to make your claim. An experienced medical negligence solicitor will take up your case with all the documentation of supporting evidence to help you reach an eye injury settlement.

    A typical eye injury compensation settlement depends on the partial or permanent effect of the injury. Eye injury claims amount depends on the severity of the suffering and pain by the victim. Below is an average payout guide with the extent of damage and amount of compensation a victim can claim for eye injury. Special damages may be higher in serious cases especially those involving a lawsuit compensation.


    (Not For Special Damages)

    Extent Of Damage/ Injury Long Term Compensation/ Settlement Short Term Compensation/ Settlement

    Few Weeks Transient Eye Injury.
    Up To £1,675 – £3,300
    Complete loss of sight in one eye. Between £37,450 – £45,840
    Total loss of one eye Between £41,675 – £55,000
    Minor Impairment of vision in one eye. Up To £6,000 – £17,000
    Complete blindness. Up To £200,000
    Incomplete loss of vision in one eye. Between £18,000 – £33,000
    Temporary Injury caused by Exposure To Harmful Chemicals. Up To £3,000 – £7,000
    Loss of sight in one eye and partial sight in the other eye
    £48,000 – £150,000

    Why Choose Medical Negligence Direct?

    Was your eye injury caused by an accident, carelessness or medical neglect? If you have suffered an injury that affected your sight during an accident in your workplace or as a result of medical negligence in the hospital then you may have the rights to claim eye injury compensation.

    With a no win no fee negligence claim you do not have to pay any upfront fees. You are only charged the usual fee once you get your eye injury worker’s compensation payment or win the case. Contact the medical negligence direct team for help today on 0800 644 4240.