NHS Dental Negligence - Calls For UK Dental Chief to Resign

NHS Dental Negligence – Calls For UK Dental Chief to Resign

NHS Dental Negligence – Calls For UK Dental Chief to Resign


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    It is being reported that incidents of NHS Dental Negligence have risen during the Covid-19 outbreak.
    In a damning letter The British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) are calling for the resignation of the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) of England, Prof. Sara Hurley.

    The BAPD announced it held a vote of no confidence in the Chief and received 97.5 percent approval after what it called a dental “crisis” caused by the “unnecessary pain and suffering and even life-threatening situations some patients have had to face”.

    The cases of dental negligence in the UK was already rising before the Covid-19 outbreak and we fear this poor leadership will lead to a further spike in dental negligence claims as patients seek redress for their pain and suffering.

    Cases of Dental Negligence

    This poor leadership has undoubtedly led to an increase of NHS Dental Negligence in the UK in our opinion. Dental patients in the UK are entitled to receive a reasonable standard of dental care at all times. NHS Dental patients have been let down badly during the Covid-19 outbreak.

    All non-urgent dental care has been cancelled, with around 9,000 dental practices effectively closing down. This is unactable when patients are in need of quality dental treatment.

    Dental patients are not being referred which is causing huge problems for private dental practices and patients alike. Conditions like tooth decay, extreme pain and abscesses have not gone away and dental patients need care.

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    When Will Things Change?

    To date there is no official guidance on when dental treatment will resume to some level of normality. The failure of leadership from the Chief Dental Officer may not have helped this.

    Dental patients are still suffering and their suffering may continue for some time unless some leadership is shown and patients receive the care they need.

    If you have been affected by NHS dental negligence contact our specialist medical negligence solicitors today for no obligation advice. Our experts are specialists in dental negligence claims and will be able to guide you through the process with ease.

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