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Best Medical Negligence Solicitors in the UK

Best Medical Negligence Solicitors in the UK


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    If you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of medical negligence, you may wish to make a claim for compensation. At this time, you want to rest assured you can work with the right medical negligence solicitor – one that understands what you’re going through and can make a positive impact on your life. At Medical Negligence Direct, our expert medical negligence solicitors can help you get the compensation you deserve.

    What is Medical Negligence?

    In its broadest form, medical negligence is when a medical professional or institution fails in their duty of care to a patient, leading to injury or worsening an existing condition.

    How Do I Know I Have a Claim?

    If the medical treatment you have received has directly caused an injury or worsened an existing condition, you may be entitled to a claim for medical negligence. Medical professionals you can claim against include NHS staff, private practice staff, pharmacy staff, dental practice staff, and GP practice staff.

    Generally, there is a three-year time limit for claims to be brought; this time limit begins from the date the actual negligence occurred or the date you became aware of the negligent care. However, exceptions exist for:

    • Children – if the case involves a child, the three-year limit comes into effect on the child’s 18th birthday.
    • Mental Capacity – If a person lacks the mental capacity to independently make decisions, a time limit does not apply.

    Make A Claim

    How Do I Make a Medical Negligence Claim?

    The first step to making a medical negligence claim is to contact medical claims solicitors as soon as possible. At Medical Negligence Direct, we work with a panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who will be able to tell you if you have a strong claim and how much compensation you might be awarded.

    It is important that you contact us early so we can start working on your case while the specifics are still fresh in your mind. If the medical professional or institution admits responsibility early, we may be able to secure interim compensation payments that will aid your recovery. Interim payments are made before the main settlement to help you offset certain medical and daily living expenses you may be struggling with.

    How Much is My Claim Worth?

    Every medical negligence case is unique, so the final compensation award you receive will depend on a number of factors, ranging from the severity of the injury you suffered to its effect on your life. You can also make a claim for any expenses you have incurred as a result of the negligent care, including loss of earnings and potential future losses.

    How Much Does Making a Claim Cost?

    Most claims managed by Medical Negligence Direct are funded via a No Win No Fee agreement. This means, if your claim is successful, the responsible party will take care of most of your legal fees. Even if your claim is unsuccessful, there is no financial risk to you and you won’t have to pay anything. Whatever the case, we will keep you updated throughout the claims process so you know how much you will likely receive.

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    Our Solicitors are experts in Medical Negligence Claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 644 4240.

    How Long Will the Claims Process Take?

    How long your medical negligence claims process will take to settle will depend on a number of factors. These include the severity of your injury, time taken for evidence gathering, whether the responsible person or body accepts fault, and the length of court proceedings (though most cases are settled before trial). While we strive to settle claims within a few months, more complex cases can take a few years for a settlement to be reached.

    Will I Go to Court?

    This only happens on rare occasions. In most cases, we arrive at a resolution that suits all parties through resolution. So, your case will most likely be settled before it gets to this stage. However, some cases can be complicated, especially when the negligent party or body refuses to admit responsibility. If this happens, Medical Negligence Direct will support you through the process. 

    Why Choose Us?

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we work with the best medical negligence solicitors in the industry. Our medical negligence claims solicitors Liverpool have many years of experience handling loads of medical negligence cases and successfully earning compensation awards for the mistreated. These solicitors specialize in areas including misdiagnosis, birth injuries and dental injuries. We consult medical experts for advice on your care needs, to ensure you receive the compensation that allows you enjoy the best possible quality of life.

    We are proud of the experience we have in securing deserving compensation to those who have suffered injuries as a result of medical negligence. We know that beyond receiving a compensation award, you would like to know why things went wrong; you can count on us to help you get the answers and apology you deserve.

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