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    Do you seek compensation for pain, suffering or injury you must have sustained as a result of medical negligence in Winchester? Our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester specialise in helping victims make claims for compensation.  

    As a patient, it is not out of place to put your absolute trust in the knowledge and experience of your doctor, dentist, nurse, surgeon, or any other healthcare professional.  Essentially, these individuals are well versed, professional, and competent when it comes to their practice. Unfortunately, in some cases, things may not go as planned. 

    And on the receiving end are patients who eventually suffer catastrophic, life-changing events such as severe injury or damage, worsened condition, and possibly death.

    If you find yourself in a worse condition than when you arrived at a hospital, it could be quite devastating, to say the least. But in situations like this, victims find a sense of relief from compensation claims. So if you think you have suffered medical negligence in Winchester, it is important to have Medical Negligence experts in Winchester help you with medical negligence claims

    What is Medical Negligence?

    When your general practitioner, hospital, or NHS puts you in harm’s way or makes you suffer debilitating injury due to lack of sound judgement, incompetence, or utter negligence, you have been a victim of medical negligence.

    Broadly, medical negligence of any sorts encompasses events that lead improper, harmful or ineffective medical care that eventually ushers in a worsened condition from former. 

    Whether it’s with treatment received or medical diagnosis, prescription or surgical procedure, if you turn out worse than your original state, you can claim compensation for medical negligence

    Making a Claim for Medical Negligence in Winchester

    Medical negligence laws make it entirely possible for patients who have suffered one form of negligence or the other to claim compensation. However, when it comes to making a claim, not all cases turn out successful.

    If you are a victim of medical negligence in Winchester, the first thing you need to do is contact one of the best medical negligence solicitors in Winchester. You will find sound and well experienced medical negligence experts in Winchester here at Medical Negligence Direct. 

    In order for your medical negligence claim UK to be successful, the medical negligence solicitor representing you must be able to prove that you have indeed been hurt as a result of medical negligence. 

    Our panel of solicitors are specialists in handling a diverse range of claims, from misdiagnosis claims to medical negligence childbirth claims, surgeon negligence claims, GP negligence claims, cerebral palsy compensation claims, to mention but a few. 

    How we can help with medical negligence claims in Winchester

    Upon the first contact with any of our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester, you will be required to provide evidence to support your medical negligence claims.

    The evidence provided will be accessed and investigated thoroughly prior to starting your claim. Every minute detail of evidence will be weaved together to develop a solid case for you. Once that is done, we will begin your claim to ensure that it is resolved in the earliest time possible. 

    Your compensation is dependent on the ability of our medical negligence lawyers in Winchester to prove that there has been a breach of the duty of care owed to you by your doctor, hospital or NHS.

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester will represent your best interest, providing the best legal advice and support you need on a No win No fee basis. You can contact us anytime for your claim.

    Medical Negligence Claims in Winchester that we handle:

    If you happen to be in Winchester and have been a victim of medical negligence in Winchester, at Medical Negligence Direct, we have a panel of medical negligence claims solicitors in Winchester that is easily accessible to you.

    These are seasoned medical negligence experts who have all it takes to help you sue for medical malpractice. Whether its misdiagnosis claims, surgeon negligence or even suing the NHS

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester have successfully handled claims such as:  

    Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

    Cerebral palsy is a congenital condition that affects the development of a baby’s brain. In this condition, the brain is either damaged or does not develop normally, causing impairment in movement, muscle tone or ability to maintain posture and balance.

    While it is true that the initial damage of cerebral palsy in the brain may be somewhat irreversible, early aggressive treatments may help to improve function. 

    In most cases, if your physician properly monitored you during pregnancy, cerebral palsy may not develop. Some examples of medical negligence that can cause cerebral palsy include:

    • Failure to deliver baby on time resulting in loss of oxygen
    • Failure to measure infants heart rate correctly during labour
    • Failure to carry out a necessary emergency C-section
    • Improper use of birth-assisting tools during delivery
    • Failure to identify placental and umbilical cord problems
    • Failure to detect infection during pregnancy

    Though many factors can cause a baby to develop cerebral palsy, for successful cerebral palsy compensation claims, you need to establish that your child’s cerebral palsy resulted from mistakes or medical negligence. 

    We understand how physically, emotionally, and financially demanding it can be to take care of a child with cerebral palsy, and how far compensation can go in helping you take care of your child. 

    Should you need assistance, our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester and NHS negligence solicitors are available anytime you reach out. 

    Misdiagnosis Claims

    When a doctor or medical professional fails to identify and or properly diagnose symptoms of an illness or a medical condition, resulting in further harm, patients can file for misdiagnosis claims.

    Generally, medical misdiagnosis occurs:

    • When a condition goes completely undiagnosed 
    • When the eventual diagnosis made was wrong 
    • When the condition was diagnosed very late 

    To pursue medical misdiagnosis claims, patients must be able to prove that the failure in diagnosis or lack of care, led to them developing further complications in their conditions. 

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester are specialists in handling medical negligence claims Uk and have successfully won several misdiagnosis claims.

    Surgeon Negligence Claims

    Surgical negligence happens when your surgeon makes mistakes during your operation, leaving you with avoidable pain and suffering. Even with surgery, certain clinical/ care standards must be met. When mistakes are made as a result of substandard care, victims are able to sue for medical malpractice.

    You can easily make a claim for surgeon negligence if your surgeon:

    • Performed the wrong operation 
    • Operated on the wrong part of the body
    • Left foreign objects in your body after an operation
    • Caused an infection to develop due to poor hygiene
    • Didn’t inform you about the risks of surgery
    • Gave the wrong dose of anaesthetic 
    • Caused nerve damage
    • Caused injury to your organs.

    If you or a loved one has been affected by surgeon negligence which was clearly as a result of medical negligence claims in Winchester, we could with your compensation claims.

    At Medical Negligence Direct, our medical negligence experts in Winchester have represented a good number of clients over the years, who have suffered one injury or the other as a result of misdiagnosis. 

    GP Negligence Claims

    When a general practitioner acts negligently with the care given to a patient, such patient can suffer injury or lifelong disability. If you have suffered negligence in the hands of your GP, our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester will make sure you receive compensation for every distress that should have been avoided. 

    Broadly, GP negligence claims include:

    • Failure to investigate symptoms
    • Failure to diagnose
    • Poor communication between GP and patient
    • Failure to refer to a specialist when necessary
    • Failure to attend on a home visit
    • Failure to act on test results
    • Poor record keeping
    • Inappropriate prescribing of drugs(drug overdose or underdose )
    • Failure to review medication

    At Medical negligence direct, we work with a team of medical negligence specialists who are experienced in acting for patients and their families in respect of treatment received whether in the NHS or private healthcare sector.

    If you or your loved one need help in making a claim today, kindly reach out to us and our experts will be happy to assist.

    NHS Compensation Claims

    There is a set standard of medical care to be expected when visiting a hospital. This is also true for the NHS. And while the NHS typically delivers on standard care, there are times when care falls short.

    If you or your loved one has sustained an injury or experienced a worsened condition as a result of poor quality care by the NHS, suing the NHS is possible with the help of seasoned medical negligence lawyers in Winchester. 

    Your best bet to secure a claim for NHS negligence is to contact one of our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester. They will work hand in hand with you to expose you to NHS complaints procedure compensation

    And while it is true that the compensation you receive does not guarantee you a return to your original state, it will go a long way in helping you or your loved ones deal with your current condition. 

    What is the time limit for medical negligence claims?

    If you are unclear about the medical negligence claims time limit, you can get in touch with one of our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester to learn more. Time limit is mostly affected by practicing laws within the state or factors surrounding the victims condition.

    However, on average, you can expect your claim to last for a period of 12 to 18 months. More generally, there is a three-year time frame in which you are able to approach your medical negligence lawyer to file for a claim. 

    In addition, if you are unable to make the claim yourself due to your condition, your family members or dependents have the legal right to pursue compensation on your behalf.

    NO WIN NO FEE Medical Negligence Claims in Winchester

    At Medical Negligence Direct, our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester operate on a No win No fee basis. What this means is that if these experts evaluate your case and are convinced that you may be entitled to a claim for medical negligence, they will work with you – give you the expert advice and support you need – without demanding any initial payment.  

    Our mode of operation is very transparent and takes all financial implications of making a medical negligence claim out of the way. We believe that everyone should be able to make a claim for compensation if they have suffered negligence and should not be threatened by the financial implications of starting one. Feel free to contact us if you want to begin a claim today.

    A medical negligence no win no fee UK also works in such a way that unsuccessful claims attract zero charges. The only time you will be required to make any payment is when a compensation has been awarded to you. Until then, you owe us nothing. 

    In the event of a successful claim, our medical negligence claims solicitors in Winchester will charge what is called a “success fee”. This fee is usually between 0-25% of your final compensation award. 

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    You don’t have to suffer or endure all that pain, suffering, injury, and financial burden without compensation. If you think you have been a victim of medical negligence in Winchester, bring your case to us.

    We will help you with your medical negligence claims in Winchester. Our medical negligence solicitors in Winchester will work diligently on your case, without putting an additional burden on your shoulders.

    Whatever the circumstances surrounding your claim you will avail the best expert advice to increase your chances of a successful claim. At Medical Negligence Direct, trust that we are here to support you as we have helped victims in similar positions with successful claims.

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