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    If you have suffered from medical negligence in England our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan can provide you with the legal advice you need to bring forward a successful claim.

    At Medical negligence Direct we have helped many different victims of clinical negligence who have suffered from an injury at the hands of a medical professional. Some of the different cases we have dealt with are, surgical negligence, cancer misdiagnosis, dental negligence and treatment negligence. So if you want to make a claim contact us to speak with our specialist solicitors today to receive legal advice you need.  

    How to Make a Medical Negligence Claim in Wigan 

    When bringing forward a claim for medical malpractice UK our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan will help you go through every detail to ensure that you get the best help and advice with your case. This will ensure you can be awarded the maximum compensation you deserve for the injury that you have suffered. Our experts can help you prove that the negligence you suffered has caused you an injury or the worsening of your condition. 

    When you sue for medical malpractice you need to prove that:

    • You were owed a duty of care by the medical professional as their patient
    • The medical professional breached that duty of care by acting negligently
    • This breach caused you an injury or worsen your condition 

    Clinical Negligence Explained

    Clinical negligence / medical negligence is any treatment that you receive from a medical professional that drops below the standard of care set in the medical sector that causes an injury or worsens your previous condition. Medical negligence can happen when undergoing NHS care for example NHS misdiagnosis and if you have received this substandard treatment, contact our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan to see if you are eligible to make a claim. 

    What you can claim for Medical Negligence in Wigan?

    When bringing forward medical negligence compensation claims you can claim for either general or special damages. A claim for general damages would mean that your claim would mean that you are compensated for the injury you have suffered from and the effect it has had on you. A claim for special damages means that you would be awarded compensation for any financial cost that your injury has caused you, for example loss of earnings.

    Medical Negligence Solicitors in Wigan

    Medical Negligence Claims that we help with in Wigan

    If you or someone close has endured pain and suffering due to the medical negligence and are thinking about suing the NHS our solicitors can give you the expert legal advice you need to bring forward a claim. Our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan will take a different approach to every case to ensure you get the help you need. Here are just a few of the cases that we can help you with. 

    Birth Injury Claims

    When giving birth the medical staff around you need to ensure that they give the best care possible so both you and baby are healthy. However this is not always the case and our birth injury solicitors are here to help. Whether it’s an injury to yourself  or baby our solicitors are here to help you bring forward a claim so you are awarded the birth injury compensation you deserve. 

    GP Negligence Claims 

    GP negligence can happen in many different ways and it can have a severe effect on your day to day life. For example if you attend your GP with symptoms and they fail to diagnose and treat you it could mean that your condition worsens and you may need further treatment. If you have suffered due to this call us today to speak with our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan and bring forward GP negligence claims. 

    Cosmetic Surgery Claims

    Many people undergo cosmetic surgery in today’s world and every procedure needs to be carried out properly and to the correct standard so it doesn’t cause further injury or affect your life. For example if breast enlargement surgery is not carried out correctly they could be left uneven or it could cause infection which would need further treatment. If you have suffered from this contact our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan today to make cosmetic surgery claims. 

    Hospital Negligence Claims

    Nowadays hospitals can be very crowded places and sometimes standards slip which causes many different hospital negligence cases . Every patient deserves the best treatment possible and if you have suffered from hospital negligence you may be entitled to claim compensation. Speak to us today to bring forward a lawsuit against the hospital for misdiagnosis.

    Doctor Negligence Claims

    When attending a medical centre to see a doctor you trust them to give you the best care possible so that you can get back to full health and receive the treatment you need. However doctor negligence still happens every day throughout hospitals in the UK and this should not be the case. If you have suffered with an injury due to a doctor acting negligently speak with our medical negligence solicitors in Wigan today to bring forward a claim. 

    NHS Claim

    If you have suffered from an injury at the hands of the NHS our experts can give you the best advice when it comes to an NHS compensation payouts guide. Depending on the injury you have suffered you are entitled to different amounts of compensation. Use our NHS compensation claim calculator to see how much you could be awarded for your injury. 

    How long do you have to make a claim for Medical Negligence?

    In the UK you have 3 years from the date of your injury or the date you became aware of the injury to bring forward a medical negligence claim and this is called your limitation period. However there are some exceptions to this time limit for Example:

    Mental Capacity- If a loved one has no mental capacity you have no limitation period to bring forward a claim on their behalf. This is because hopefully they may recover in the future and be able to bring forward a claim themselves for the injury they have suffered due to medical negligence. 

    Children- If your child has suffered from an injury due to medical negligence you can bring forward a medical negligence claim on their behalf. However their limitation period doesn’t come into play until they are the age of 18 so they have up until the age of 21 to bring forward a claim themselves. 

    If you have any more questions about the limitation period and how it applies to your situation speak with our medical negligence experts to get the help you need. 

    How long will my medical negligence claim take?

    Every medical negligence claim is different and will have a different impact on the victims life, therefore every case will take a different amount of time to be concluded. Some claims can be closed within 1 year if there is clear negligence however some more complicated cases can take up to 3 years to be settled. However long your NHS clinical negligence case takes to style our solicitors will help you every step of the way to ensure you get the compensation you need. 

    No Win No Fee Solicitors in Wigan 

    Legal costs can put people off the idea of bringing forward medical negligence claims, however with our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors there are no upfront legal fees. All of our solicitors work under a no win no fee basis so the only cost there could ever be is if the case was successful. This is called a winning fee and would be taken as a percentage of your winnings, however this percentage would be discussed with yourself in detail upon contacting us. 

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    Here at Medical Negligence Direct our main goal is to help victims of medical negligence bring forward claims to make their road to recovery easier.

    Contact our expert medical negligence solicitors in Wigan and we can give you the help and advice you need in your most difficult times to ensure that you gain the maximum nhs complaints procedure compensation possible.

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