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    If you think your doctor or healthcare professional has acted negligently, causing you to suffer injury as a result, reach out to us today. Our medical negligence solicitors in Westminster have a strong record of securing maximum compensation for patients and their families in respect of treatment received, both in the NHS or private healthcare sector.

    What is Medical Negligence?

    Medical negligence is usually associated with a substandard care from a medical professional to a patient. Whether it’s a doctor, dentist, nurse or any other health care professional, the moment there is a deviation from the appropriate medical standard of care in treating a patient, it is considered a medical malpractice and as such could attract a compensation claim.

    Medical negligence Claims in Westminster

    If you have been a victim of medical negligence, making a medical negligence claim doesn’t have to be a struggle. First step you need to take is to contact some of the best medical negligence experts in Westminster. 

    Whether you intend suing the NHS for misdiagnosis, or making claims against a private healthcare professional in Westminster, our medical negligence solicitors can help. 

    Our medical negligence solicitors are specialists with a proven track record of successfully claiming compensation for negligence claims including cosmetic surgery claims, hospital negligence claims, dental negligence claims, care home negligence claims, medical negligence appendix claim, bone cancer misdiagnosis claim, stroke misdiagnosis, to mention but a few. 

    As common as cosmetic surgery has become today, mistakes can still happen. Mistakes made during cosmetic surgery operations, could cause both physical and emotional pain to the victim. 

    When your cosmetic surgeon makes a mistake that has affected your appearance or put you in harms way, it can very distressing. While it is true that every surgical procedure comes with a degree of risk, it is the duty of your surgeon to take into account your medical history in order to mitigate risks. 

    If it turns out that your surgeon is either incompetent or negligent – you are entitled to cosmetics surgical claims. If you or your loved one has been a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence and suffered physical, emotional or financial pain as a result, our medical negligence solicitors can help in Westminster.

    When you visit a hospital for an illness, the expectation is to feel better afterwards. Usually, the quality of care received at a hospital is of great standard – including NHS care. Many hospitals ensure that you are met with the right treatment that sets you on the path to recovery. 

    However, there are times when your visit to a hospital may leave a sour taste in your mouth. When this happens, you may suffer very life-altering injuries or even near death experience. 

    If you have been a victim of hospital negligence, our specialist medical negligence solicitors in Westminster are available at your service to assist you in making your hospital compensation claims.

    When it comes to healthcare,  NHS hospitals and specialist care centres provide standard healthcare for all UK citizens based on their need for healthcare rather than their ability to pay for it. 

    A visit to an NHS hospital should be one of the major steps to get back on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes, the NHS fall short on delivering the expected standard of care to patients. When life-threatening medical errors and negligence by the NHS leaves you incapacitated or in a worsened state, this simply cannot be fixed with an apology. 

    If you have been a victim of medical negligence at an NHS hospital, our NHS negligence solicitors can help you make medical negligence claims in Westminster. Whether you intend suing the NHS for misdiagnosis or claiming compensation for substandard care, you have nothing to worry about. Contact one of our medical negligence lawyers today. 

    Dental malpractice, or dental negligence happens when avoidable injury is caused by improper care rendered by a dentist. It could be that the dentist has performed negligently, poorly or inappropriately at any time, which has resulted in harm to the patient. 

    Examples of dental negligence includes but is not limited to:

    • Misdiagnosis 
    • Failure to diagnose or late diagnosis 
    • The extraction of the wrong tooth or teeth
    • Failure to remove unplanned foreign objects during treatment
    • Failure to provide a preventative or oral hygiene advice
    • Inadequate radiology or imaging

    Patients who have suffered negligence in the hands of their dentist are entitled to dental negligence claims. 

    If you or your loved one has received substandard dental treatment that has caused pain, injury or trauma our medical negligence experts can help you. Find out if you are eligible to make for a claim by contacting us today. 

    Residents in care homes should be treated with care, respect and under the best conditions. This is a duty that care homes owe to their residents. Unfortunately, there are times where care homes neglect this duty of care.

    When this happens, the UK medical negligence law provides the grounds for care home residents to pursue care home negligence claims. If your loved one has suffered devastating outcomes or even died as a result of poor practices within care homes; we understand how this significantly affects you and your family. Our medical negligence solicitors in Westminster can get compensation at this time. 

    It is tough to learn that you or your loved one has just developed cancer. And this feeling may get worse if you have suffered misdiagnosis. When it comes to diagnosis of any form of cancer, it is important that diagnosis is met with promptness and accuracy. In fact, research has shown that when cancer is diagnosed at the earliest time possible, it could heighten the chances of successful treatment. 

    If you have been a victim of bone cancer  misdiagnosis, this may only make your condition more difficult to treat and even terminal. Our solicitors can help you make bone cancer misdiagnosis claim. We will treat your claim with maximum care and ensure that we develop a strong case for you or your loved one to get their lives back on track. 

    When medical professionals are able to promptly and correctly diagnose strokes, it increases the chances of getting better treatment outcomes. 

    If your doctor has acted negligently or delayed in diagnosing a stroke or even failed to diagnose your condition at all; you may be entitled to making a stroke misdiagnosis claim. 

    At Medical Negligence Direct, our stroke misdiagnosis solicitors in Westminster are specialists in helping victims and their loved ones claim the right compensation they deserve. Feel free to contact us anytime to begin your claim. 

    How we can help 

    Our team of medical negligence solicitors possess the requisite knowledge, skills and experience required to help if you have suffered medical negligence in Westminster. 

    When you choose to work with one of our medical negligence lawyers in Westminster, you can rest assured of a favorable outcome of your case. This is because our medical negligence experts in Westminster go over and beyond to investigate your case, properly review your medical reports and documents related to your case and advise the best available legal option to enhance your chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

    When you contact us with your case and evidence of injury, you avail an initial free consultation. From this point on, we take care of things. And if our medical negligence solicitors think that you are eligible to make a claim, they will represent you on a No Win No Fee agreement

    How Long Will My Medical Negligence Claim in Westminster Take?

    In the UK, there is a three-year time limit for making medical negligence claims of any sorts. But when it comes to processing time for medical negligence claims, this may vary. 

    Generally, if you have suffered very complex injuries, claims process may take longer. For example if you suffered injury due to inappropriate dosage prescription, your medication error claims could be concluded within a year. But with a more severe injury like brain damage, claims can last for several years.

    Consequently, the time taken for your claim can be affected by the acceptance or denial of liability by the other party. Usually, for nhs claims, agreement is reached out of court. But in an event where the other party does not accept liability, the case may take longer.

    Whatever the case, At Medical Negligence Direct, our medical negligence solicitors in Westminster will support you throughout the duration of your case. We deliver all that is required to strengthen your case.

    How Much Compensation Will I Receive for Medical Negligence?

    No two medical negligence claims are the same. In fact, even though the individuals suffer similar negligence, the impact on each one is unique. It therefore holds that there is no fixed compensation amount for victims of medical negligence in Westminster.

    So if our experts believe that you may be entitled to a claim, they can give you an estimated value of the compensation amount you may expect. This is easily achieved using our medical negligence calculator

    However, before this estimate is given to you, In Westminster our medical negligence solicitors must have thoroughly researched the details surrounding your case , whilst considering the impact of injury on your life. 

    Usually, you will be able to make medical negligence claims in Westminster for:

    General Damages

    Compensation made for general damages consider the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you endured due to your injury. Here the amount of compensation awarded to an individual will depend on the nature and severity of your injury. More so, the impact of the injury on your life is duly considered. 

    Special Damages

    If you have suffered financial losses or incurred extra financial burden as a result of your injury, compensation is claimed under special damages. For example, if you have had to spend more on medical care including expenses of to any fro travel costs for medical appointments, you can claim compensation for this. 

    More so, if the injury has rendered you incapacitated and you are unable to work or can only work in a limited capacity, you may be able to make compensation claims for loss of earnings, under special damages.

    Can I Make Medical Negligence Claims on Behalf of Someone Else in Westminster?

    Yes you can. If the victim is under 18 years of age or have possibly suffered injury and lacks the mental capacity to make a claim, you can easily claim compensation on their behalf. 

    While compensation does not guarantee that your loved one will be restored to their original state, it can help you or your family deal with the incovenience caused by such injury. 

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we understand how devastating it can be losing a loved one to a seemingly preventable medical error. Our medical negligence solicitors in Westminster are available to help you get the legal recognition of the pain and suffering your loved one endured while they were alive.

    No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors in Westminster 

    Many a times, victims are discouraged by the cost of hiring medical negligence solicitors and end up enduring suffering without compensation. The best approach to making a claim for negligence is No Win No Fee. 

    At Medical Negligence Direct, our medical negligence solicitors experts operate on a No Win No Fee basis. After discussing details of your case and investigating the facts, our solicitors will go ahead to represent you without requesting any upfront legal fees.

    In fact, the only time you will make a financial investment is when you have been awarded a compensation. What we charge is known as a “success fee”. Usually this is a certain percentage which will be deducted from your compensation award. 

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