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    Looking for medical negligence solicitors that can help you in Truro? If the negligence of a healthcare professional has caused you or anyone you know pain and unnecessary injury that would have been avoided, then you may be eligible to claim compensation for medical negligence. 

    A neglect by a hospital staff was no fault of yours especially if you trusted your GP with adequate care but their services went below the standard. Patients can claim compensation for misdiagnosis claims, child birth defects, NHS negligence claims, GP negligence claims, dental negligence claims, clinical negligence, or doctor negligence.

    Solicitors in Truro

    If you are planning to speak to a solicitor, our medical negligence solicitors in Truro are experienced in the field of medical negligence and can give you the best advice regarding your claim. They operate on a no win no fee compensation basis. Contact our medical negligence experts today via our claim line 0800 644 4240.

    Types Of Liabilities For Medical Negligence Claims

    Liabilities can prompt a lawsuit. It can arise from a treatment mistake by an employee in a medical facility. These liabilities can be incurred by health care providers if they fail to fulfill their duty of care. As a result of a negligent act or medical error, a health care provider may become liable for the mistakes caused by their own staff members.

    Hospital Staff Liability

    Any substandard service in medical practice can lead to rise in liabilities on the part of the hospital or healthcare personnel. For instance, a dental chief officer can fail in his duty of care to his patient and the hospital where he works can be held liable for the injury. In other cases both the health care practitioner and the healthcare facility can be sued for failing to carry out their obligations. 

    The kind of negligence that can result in injury in a healthcare facility or hospital covers medical negligence by physicians, nurses, therapists, dentists, and other hospital officials. When a patient’s condition becomes worse due to an unsafe environment in the facility, even a hospital administration can be held responsible. Liability for the negligence of a hospital staff can occur in several ways. Medical errors that constitute medical negligence include: 

    • Surgical mistakes by a surgeon during an operation.
    • Errors in prescriptions and medications.
    • Misdiagnosis of a patient’s condition.
    • Failure to accurately monitor a patient by a nurse.
    • When a nurse administers a  wrong dosage.
    • Failure by nurses to report a patient’s complaint to the doctors.
    • When a therapist rough handles a patient’s broken bone it results in more damage.
    • Neglecting to take important vital signs at the right time.
    • Failing to follow a doctor’s instructions correctly.
    • Neglect after child birth.
    • Failure to monitor bed sores.
    • Failure to report symptoms that a patient is exhibiting.

    Hospital / Healthcare Provider Liability

    An employee’s negligence can extend to the hospital even if a doctor or nurse is to be blamed. Although the hospital or healthcare provider can be directly negligent on their part and they can be sued for medical negligence. Sometimes a health care provider may not be very thorough in recruiting its staff. Issues that result from hospital’s own negligent behaviour may include:

    • Neglect by the hospital management in maintaining or replacing medical equipment.
    • Negligence in employing unlicensed employees.
    • Failure to continually educate existing medical staff to be up to date in their line of duty.
    • Exposing confidential information about patients by mistakenly losing their records.
    • Inadequate staffing and over using existing staff.
    • Failure to keep up with new medical developments.
    • Failure to get rid of incompetent personnel.

    Liability For Independent Contractors

    Most Independent contractors are not hospital employees. If an employer has absolute authority over the independent contractors then a hospital may be liable for their negligence. Depending on the agreement between the hospital and healthcare provider, the court may be able to determine whether he or she was actually an employee. 

    This is because a hospital is only liable for the negligent actions of its own employees. Normally, a hospital is not responsible for the action of its independent contractors. However, gross negligence in hiring them can land a hospital into medical malpractice claims.

    Follow This Procedure To File Your Claim

    Inadequate medical care can cause medical harm or injury to victims which eventually leads to filing a claim. There are processes to filing a medical negligence claim. Pursuing a medical negligence claim can be a daunting procedure without the assistance of a malpractice or personal injury lawyer

    You are more likely to have a successful claim if you follow the legal advice from a solicitor. There are requirements to a successful compensation claim. Before you take any legal action you need to familiarize yourself with the claim process.

    1. The first action a victim must take if he thinks he was injured due to medical negligence is to get Legal advice from an experienced solicitor. With their expert experience they can help you file your case within the time frame and status of limitation.
    2. Secondly, you need to gather all medical documentation needed to prove a strong case against the defendant. All relevant records will serve as evidence to prove your medical negligence case.
    3. Inform your insurance provider.
    4. File an official complaint.
    5. Pursue your claim in court once you reach settlement.

    Why Choose Our Solicitors Truro?

    Using a no win no fee medical negligence basis, we can match you to solicitors truro. If you are eligible, you can use our free medical negligence claim calculator to know how much your claim may be worth. Get legal advice on how to claim your losses. Talk to one of our claim lawyers today on 0800 644 4240.

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