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    Victims of medical negligence in Southampton are entitled to claim compensation anytime. Our medical negligence claims solicitors in Southampton are experienced and would provide you with expert legal advice and guidance and also provide you with the much needed practical and emotion support. 

    When you suffer from an illness or injury from negligence that alters the state of your life, it can be quite devastating. If your suffering is clearly as a result of someone else’s negligent act, consider our medical negligence claims solicitors up to the task of getting you the support you need to make a successful compensation claim. 

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we work with the best medical negligence  solicitors in Southampton. These are seasoned experts with knowledge and extensive experience in successfully claiming compensation for victims, providing a high standard of care everytime. 

    What is Medical Negligence?

    Failure on the path of a doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, dentist or any other medical practitioner to exercise the acceptable high standard of skill and care in the treatment of a patient, is known as medical negligence.

    Medical negligence describes a situation where ineffective, substandard medical care that leads to an injury or illness. An action on medical negligence must be able to prove the following elements: 

    • Your doctor or health institution owed you a duty of care
    • The doctor or health institution acted negligently
    • Injury sustained was as a result of  the breach of duty of care

    It will not be wrong to say that medical negligence can result from a misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, incorrect treatment, to mention but a few.

    Medical Negligence Claims in Southampton

    While most professional are highly trained and competent in patient care delivery, some of the best of medical professional also make mistakes with treatment or diagnosis. 

    Although, not all negligent care causes an injury but when it does, the victim deserve to claim compensation for all the financial expenses, losses and sufferings incurred.

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Southampton specialise in this area of the law with thorough knowledge of medical negligence laws. There is no type of claim for negligence we do not handle and given the experience, there is little we have not seen.

    The first step is to get in touch with us, and one of our team of medical negligence claims in Southampton can conduct a free no obligation consultation with you. They will talk with you about what happened and listen to your experience so that they see if making a claim is a good choice.

    This information that is share is treated with privacy and would only be used only by our medical negligence solicitors dealing with your enquiry. Whether you have been hurt due to substandard care or cancer misdiagnosis, the Medical Negligence Direct are here to ensure that you are paid every penny of compensation you need to make the best recovery possible.

    Types of Medical Negligence Claims in Southampton

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Southampton are available to help you seek compensation whatever the nature of the injury, if it was caused by medical negligence, or if you think it was. No area of medicine is exempt from negligence which is why it is important that you work with a specialist lawyer who has knowledge and experience of successfully handling your type of claim.

    Find below the range of claim types that our law firm can assist you with:

    Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

    Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating for you and your family. But if you have being misdiagnosed of cancer you may be able to bring a medical negligence claim. Research has shown that early diagnosis of cancer would result in a more successful treatment. However, cancer patients that are diagnosed too late may lose their best chance of survival.

    If you have received a misdiagnosis, our medical negligence lawyers can support you. They can help you to receive an explanation, get an apology and most importantly secure misdiagnosed cancer compensation. Misdiagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event that affects the entire family and can have terrible consequences. Such sensitive issues must be treated with the care and respect deserve. Claiming compensation for medical negligence is the first step to helping everyone involved get their lives back on track.

    There are a lot of cancers types as result, misdiagnosis of cancer can sometimes occur. Many cancer share similar symptoms with other illnesses as a result, doctors and medical professional can sometimes make incorrect diagnosis. Some of the most common cancers thought to be misdiagnosed due to their symptoms being linked to another illness incudes; breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer. Whether you had NHS or a private treatment and received a misdiagnosis, you should be able to make a claim for cancer misdiagnosis.

    Birth Defects Negligence Claims

    Having a child is the most important milestone in your life. If there is a birth defect as a result  to medical negligence it can be devastating and result can be lifelong and repercussions for the mother, baby and the family. You may be able to make birth injury claim, if you suffered birth injury as a result of medical negligence. Birth defects are often detected during pregnancy, but there are many times when a birth defect is as a result of negligence on the part of a medical provider or facility.

    Some birth defects are physical but can impact the development and functional abilities of your child. Common effects like cleft lips and cleft palate are often not as a result of medical negligence, but are developed in-utero. Other, however, happened during birth are a failure on the part of the medical team to adhere to standard of care. 

    Legal liability is something that everyone in the medical community is aware of and would do anything to avoid the courtroom. Taking legal actions begins with hiring a child birth defects lawyer preferably one with experience. Our medical negligence solicitors in Southampton has got you covered on this as we provide the best services that is required to achieve success an get the compensation that you deserve.

    NHS Negligence Claims

    A visit to the hospital is never easy, but when hospital treatment is needed you want and deserve to be comfortable with individuals and the health care system that step to get back on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes a hospital visit does not go as planned .the impact of medical mistake can be live changing sometimes leaving you with live altering injuries and losses that can’t be fixed with a simple apology. 

    If you’ve been a victim of medical negligence at an NHS hospital, our medical negligence solicitors in Southampton can help you make medical negligence claims. We can also make claims against private hospitals that have provided substandard care.

    For NHS claim, you have a right to request thorough investigation of your complaint following the NHS complaint procedures. You should also receive information about the outcome and any subsequent action the hospital may take. If your accident was as a result of unlawful treatment you can request a judicial review.  It is not necessary to go through NHS formal system before you put forward hospital injury claim. Nevertheless it is beneficial if you do as their investigation will give a good understanding of whether your injury was due to negligence and you are therefore eligible to claim compensation.

    While making a compensation claim against the NHS can help you answer certain questions and give you the reassurance that no one needs to go through what you did, it can take several months to resolve. As there is a strict statutory limit of three years in which to submit a request for compensation, that may be the time you don’t want to waste. It is possible to file a complaint and begin a compensation claim simultaneously.

    GP Negligence Claims

    General practice claims result from medical negligence by general practitioner (GP). Our medical negligence solicitors have successfully pursued cases against general practitioners for negligence. Many people are reluctant to sue for medical malpractice against GP through loyalty or concern over future treatment. But the impact of GP negligence and the need for care and financial assistance can be similar to hospital negligence.

    GP negligence claims incudes:

    • Failure to investigate symptoms
    • Failure to refer to specialist
    • Failure to act on test results
    • Poor record keeping
    • Inappropriate prescribing of drugs or failure to review medication.
    • Failure to attend on a home visit.

    Our team believe in putting clients first. We are dedicated to achieving the best results possible and pride ourselves in sensitive approach. Any of our GP negligence solicitors would be pleased to listen to your experience and help you make the best possible legal decision.

    Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

    Cerebral palsy is a condition which makes muscle control difficult, affecting movement, posture and coordination. It is usually cause by injury to the brain before, during or after birth. These can include: infection during the early pregnancy, lack of oxygen to the brain, abnormal brain development, restricted intrauterine growth, a difficult or premature birth, neonatal stroke, blood type incompatibility and on rare occasions a genetic link.

    There are different types of cerebral palsy they include: spastic cerebral palsy, Dyskinetic cerebral palsy and ataxic cerebral palsy. Clinical negligence in cerebral palsy claims usually arises if there is a failure to deliver a child when there are indications of stress. Caring for a child with cerebral palsy can be very challenging- physically, emotionally and financially. 

    Compensation for cerebral palsy will need to cover a child’s life-time care arising from injury. There are therefore enormous costs associated with cerebral palsy compensation cases and in general, claims of this nature are valued between 1 million to 7million pounds. The value of each claim depends on the individual circumstances of the cases.

    Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

    Cauda Equina syndrome is a serious condition that results in permanent paralysis if not treated promptly and correctly. It is a rare condition that occurs when nerves in the lower spine become compressed and start to swell. As it is a rare condition, it can be difficult to spot. Surgery is needed to treat the condition as soon as possible; otherwise the consequences could be as severe as permanent paralysis.

    Cauda equina syndrome can be very devastating as it affects the quality of life. It may lead to series of problems like bowel and sexual dysfunction as well as permanent loss of bladder, and the resulting neurological pain that cause patients their relationships. If you have suffered a late or inaccurate diagnosis for it, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. 

    Our specialist in medical negligence can help you secure the compensation you deserve. A successful cauda equine syndrome negligence claim can help you in many ways. Not only does it bring a sense of justice for what has happened, but it can help you pay for any specialist care that you may require afterwards. 

    Hernia Mesh Implant Claims

    Hernias are when fatty tissues or organs bulge through a gap where muscle has weakened. In hernia repair operations, flexible polypropylene mesh is used by surgeons to hold in bulging tissues, acting as muscle wall. Although patient who have mesh surgery have fewer recurring hernia, the rate of complications for mesh related repairs is significantly higher than relying on sutures alone. Patients have again been reporting constant pain, barely able to walk due to stiffening and erosion.

    The NHS continues to use mesh implants as the recommended method despite known risks and complications. Significant number of people is suffering pain and disability caused by hernia mesh implants. If you feel you might be suffering from complications use to a hernia mesh procedure you might be able to make a hernia mesh claim for compensation.   

    No Win No Fee Compensation Claims in Southampton

    A No Win No Fee arrangement means you don’t need to worry about any upfront legal fees. And this is how our medical negligence experts in Southampton operate. Simply, we take on your cases and if you do not win compensation you will not have to pay any solicitors cost.

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