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    Most people in the UK will require medical attention during their lifetime. When they do, they usually receive a high standard of medical care from healthcare professionals they can trust. However, things do go wrong sometimes, with potential to cause injuries and further problems to a patient. If you have suffered an injury or illness or your condition has been made worse as a result of medical negligence, it is critical that you seek expert legal support as soon as possible. Contact our medical negligence solicitors in Sheffield they can help you make a compensation claim.

    With several years’ experience in handling a wide range of medical negligence claims, our medical negligence solicitors understand how devastating the impact of medical negligence can be. When you contact us, you can rest assured we will handle your case with great care, listen carefully to what you hope to achieve and provide the support you need to fulfill your wishes.

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we work with a panel of specialist solicitors who possess the knowledge and experience required to help you seek compensation for the negligent treatment you received.

    Medical Negligence Claims in Sheffield Our Team Can Handle

    Whether you received treatment at the NHS or a private hospital, you can make a claim for medical negligence in Sheffield if your healthcare provider failed to take the reasonably acceptable steps required to protect your health.

    Here we discuss five of the medical negligence claims we handle; if your case is not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we the list isn’t exhaustive.

    Cosmetic Surgery Claims

    Cosmetic surgery is an operation focused on enhancing your appearance. People undergo cosmetic surgeries for a wide range of personal reasons; while some do it to improve their natural features, it may represent a reconstructive operation following medical treatment or trauma.

    If your health professional failed to warn you about the risks of the surgical procedure, provided substandard post-surgery care or has caused you pain as a result of their incompetence or negligence, you may be entitled to a claim for medical negligence in Sheffield.

    Accident and Emergency Claims

    The Accident and Emergency (A&E) department is usually the first port of call for medical and surgical emergencies. As a result, it is usually responsible for the care of patients with different levels of injuries.

    Although A&E departments across the UK face increased pressure and may be stretched, they owe patients a duty of care to take reasonable steps towards protecting their health. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you or a loved one has suffered harm as a result of substandard care at the A&E department, you may be able to pursue medical negligence claims in Sheffield.

    Our medical negligence experts in Sheffield have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in handling different aspects A&E negligence, including:

    • Incorrect diagnosis;
    • Misreading a patient’s test results;
    • Delayed diagnosis causing the patient’s condition to get worse;

    Pressure Sore Claim

    A pressure sore refers to an extremely painful and debilitating injury to the skin and underlying tissue due to lasting pressure on particular areas of the body. While they can affect anyone, those who are confined to a specific position (bed, chair, or wheelchair) for prolonged periods are mostly affected.

    The following factors can expose an individual to the risk of developing a pressure sore:

    • Obesity
    • Poor diet
    • Age – those above 70 will likely have mobility issues and a vulnerable skin
    • Being confined to bed during or after medical treatment

    It is the responsibility of a caregiver to properly nurse and care for patients at risk of developing pressure sores. If your caregiver fails to conduct proper risk assessment or adopt proper positioning to reduce the risk of the condition developing, our medical negligence solicitors in Sheffield can help you make a claim.

    Medication Error Claims

    At some point in our lives, we will need medication to feel better. Usually, medications are prescribed by doctors, GPs, dentists and nurses who have prescribing licenses. Sadly, mistakes still happen and the effects can have severe, long-lasting impact.

    Get in touch with out medical negligence solicitors in Lawyers if:

    • Your GP has prescribed the wrong medication for your injury or illness;
    • Your prescription conflicts with the one you are already taking;
    • Your health professional fails to perform follow-up assessment.

    If your injury or illness has been due to medical negligence, our medical negligence Lawyer in Sheffield may be able to help you pursue a claim.

    Care Home Claims

    Deciding to move a loved one to a care home facility is never easy. But taking this step may be necessary if they are unable to live independently. If the quality of care you or a loved one has received is substandard and you have suffered injury as a result, our medical negligence experts in Sheffield can help.

    Am I Entitled to a Claim for Medical Negligence in Sheffield?

    Have you suffered an illness or injury? Do you think it was avoidable and a result of medical negligence? Did this incident occur within the last three years? If yes is your answer to these questions, then you may be entitled to a compensation claim. Whether you have received treatment at the NHS or a private practice, you deserve the best medical care possible.

    When a health professional fails to provide an acceptable standard of care and you suffer harm, our medical negligence solicitors in Sheffield can help you pursue a claim to secure the compensation you deserve.

    How Much Compensation Can I Expect?

    It is not possible to determine the exact compensation amount you can expect as financial settlements are usually based on the nature and severity of an injury as well as its impact on the life of a victim. The compensation award will consider your circumstances and the amounts awarded for cases similar to yours. Our medical negligence solicitors in Sheffield can advise you on what is fair for the injury you suffered. However, we will accept a compensation offer only if you approve of it.

    How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim for Medical Negligence in Sheffield?

    Generally, claimants have three years from the date of the alleged negligence to start a claim by way of issuing court proceedings. The three-year time limit may also begin from the date you became aware your injury was due to medical negligence in Sheffield.

    The exception to the three-year time limit is if the victim of medical negligence in Sheffield was a child or they lack mental capacity to pursue a claim on their own. In cases involving children, they have until the time limit to start a claim begins on their 18th birthday.

    How Long Will My Claim Take?

    At the initial consultation with one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors in Sheffield, it will be impossible to know how long your claims process will take, as every claim is unique. However, upon review of your case and considering the supporting evidence available, our solicitors can provide a more specific timescale.

    As a guide, the less complex your injury, the more straightforward the process can take. For instance, an MRSA case could be complete within 12-18 months while a cerebral palsy case could take years to complete. The duration of the claims process also depends on whether the defendant admits or denies liability. If they admit, our  Sheffield medical negligence solicitors will negotiate a compensation amount on your behalf. If they deny or fail to offer a reasonable compensation amount, the process will take more time to conclude.

    No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims in Sheffield

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we aim to ensure every victim of medical negligence in Sheffield can have access to quality legal representation no matter their financial capacity. This is why our medical negligence solicitors offer clients a No Win No Fee agreement. This agreement makes it possible for you to pursue a claim for compensation without having to pay any upfront legal fees.

    Our medical negligence solicitors will shoulder the financial risk involved in pursuing a claim on your behalf, which is why you can count on us to do everything to help you secure compensation.

    If you think you have been a victim of medical negligence – whether at the NHS or a private hospital – contact us today on 0800 644 4240 for a free, no obligation initial consultation with one of our specialist medical negligence lawyers in Sheffield.

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