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    While being treated by an Medical Professional whether it be in hospital or the Gp surgery, be free care or paid for, you have the right to an acceptable standard of care under all circumstances. If this standard of care falls below the standards acceptable and have caused a condition to develop or worsen then you may be entitled to medical negligence compensation. Our Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors in Preston can assist you in bringing forward a claim for compensation.

    Medical negligence can disrupt a person’s life to a considerable level and should not be tolerated by anyone at all. If you feel like a professional has impacted yours or someone you love personally due to negligence then you should take action and Sue for Medical Malpractice. Our specialists are here to help every step of the way to make the journey through the claim as easy as possible.

    What Classifies as Medical Negligence?

    Every patient is owed a Duty of Care from a healthcare professional which is legally imposed to prevent any harm being caused to a patient. When a professional fails to do this and causes an injury this can be considered as a breach of that duty of care and thus would be considered neglect. This can happen in a number of different ways.

    Below is a collection of different types of cases our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Preston would be more than happy to discuss further in bringing forward a claim for compensation.

    When a condition is present over a period of time as symptoms of said condition are being presented to a specialist but is not diagnosed till later down the line, this would constitute as a Misdiagnosis.

    This can range from being a fracture missed and delaying the recovery time to more serious delays which could become fatal. The more fatal are Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims and usually result in Cancer spreading or becoming incurable.

    The most common types of Dental Negligence Claims are failed extractions of teeth causing more extensive treatment to be required, an infection not being treated causing teeth to rot/abscesses to form or treatment being carried out on the incorrect tooth which will require further treatment.

    This is a stressful time for everyone involved but should be a time that is celebrated as new life is being welcomed into the world, however, for some it can become an uphill struggle. Injuries suffered to Mother such as vaginal tears, significant blood loss or retained product are just a few of the examples of negligence suffered by those pregnant.

    As for little ones the injuries sustained can sometimes determine the quality of life they will have. Hypoxic brain injuries due to delays in birthing can be caused by negligence from a professional and if you know of anyone who has suffered from this our Medical Negligence Experts are happy to help in bringing forward a claim for compensation.

    Medication is supposed to help you overcome conditions and make life easy to live again, not cause further harm or damage. If you are over prescribed medication the impacts of this can be severe depending on the medication that is over prescribed.

    Medical negligence involving medication can also involve the incorrect medication altogether being prescribed and if you are either allergic or your body is simply not reacting well to this incorrect medication and side effects are coming into play then you may be entitled to compensation for the difficulties caused. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Preston are here to help at a moment’s notice. 

    Surgery is a scary time for anyone as there are always risks to surgeries. This does not mean that even though risks may happen, if it has changed your life in one way or another, you should not suffer from these effects in silence.

    An example of surgical negligence can be if you have suffered from damage under surgery to either organs or nerves, another being incorrect or unnecessary surgery taking place, these circumstances should be taken seriously as sometimes an apology is just not good enough. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Preston do not just deal with surgeries under the operation but will also assist in private matters such as Cosmetic Surgery Claims as well.

    What Can I Claim For?

    When bringing forward a compensation claim with one of our specialist solicitors you can be entitled to claim for a multitude of reasons. Below are a few examples:

    • Loss of Earnings: If you or a loved one has had to spend time off work or is no longer able to work you could be compensated for money you have lost out on.
    • Private Treatment: If any further treatment or corrective treatment is required but cannot be continued out under the NHS then you could be entitled to compensation for any private treatment costs.
    • Medication Costs: Medication does not come cheap and if you are left on life long medication due to negligence then you could claim for any future, ongoing medication costs.
    • Travel Expenses: When travelling to receive the treatment you require it can end up costing quite a lot of money. This could be covered as part of your Medical Negligence Claim.

    If you have been left out of pocket due to any of these factors caused by negligence from a Healthcare Professional then our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Preston can assist in getting you the compensation you deserve and make sure you aren’t left suffering financially as well as physically.

    What Cases Do Our Medical Negligence Solicitors Specialise In?

    We work with a range of solicitors who specialise in a number of specific claims. When our solicitors are looking into helping victims of neglect bring forward a claim there are a select few we do keep our eye out for. For example if someone has suffered from Care Home Neglect we can allocate said person to a solicitor who is a specialist in that area to make sure they have the best support possible in obtaining the compensation they deserve.

    One of the most significant neglect cases a person can suffer from is a misdiagnosis of Cauda Equina. Even a short delay if the condition can result in a person becoming paralysed and be amongst the highest payout claims there is. We work with Cauda Equina Solicitors who can reach the maximum payout for any injuries relating to Cauda Equina you or a loved one may have suffered.

    Another example of a medical negligence claim our solicitors in Preston can assist in bringing forward is claims for Hernia Mesh Compensation UK. These have become more frequent in the last few years as new developments have come out regarding the mesh fitted for hernias. Claims can start at £20,000 for just the mesh without taking into account any further expenses like these explained above.

    How Do I Start My Claim?

    To simply start your claim for Medical Negligence No Win No Fee UK simply submit an enquiry to us through our website or contact us directly on 0800 644 4240.

    Our NHS Solicitors have a lifetime worth of experience between them to make sure you receive the specialist support you require when fighting for what you deserve. We make sure all cases receive the same attention and professional approach to ensure a quick, efficient and stress free process.

    All Clinical Negligence Compensation Claims have specific requirements that need to be met before it is investigated further by a solicitor. Below is what you can expect our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Preston to prove when investigating a claim:

    • The care provided was below an acceptable standard from the medical professional 
    • There was a breach in the Duty of Care
    • Either a pre-existing condition has worsened or a new condition has developed due to this breach.

    How Long Will My Case Be Ongoing For?

    Why Suing the NHS or any private health service there is no set time limit for how long a case will take to be concluded. If there has been a clear breach in the Duty of Care followed with an admittance of this (such as admittance of liability or apologies received) then cases can sometimes take a matter of months as liability does not have to be proven to a certain level by our solicitors.

    However with some cases they can last up to a few years due to complications or extensive levels of negligence has been suffered by the victim. Our solicitors treat every claim not just as a case number but as a person who has fallen victim to something they should not have suffered and make sure they receive the NHS Compensation they deserve.

    If you are looking at bringing forward a claim for NHS Complaints Procedure Compensation in the Preston area then contact us today in 0800 664 4240 or submit an online enquiry and one of our specialist legal advisors will help you get your claim up and running. We are here to help as we believe no one should suffer in silence. 

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