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    Suffering as a result of medical negligence could be very devastating to say the least. But with medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth, you can get the compensation you deserve – and on time.  

    If you have been a victim of any form of medical negligence in Portsmouth, it is vital to get medical negligence experts to look into your case in the earliest time possible. We understand how frustrating it can be when you completely put your trust in the hands of medical professionals; only to end up worse. 

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Portsmouth have many years of experience and are experts at getting to the undeniable truth. We deal with cases in numerous fields and our goal is to help you move on, long term and as fully as possible. A lot of clients are usually concerned about cost. We will investigate your case thoroughly before advising you whether or not to proceed and will offer you the service on a No win No fee terms. If you would like to know more please contact Medical Negligence Direct today. 

    What is Medical Negligence?

    Medical negligence is any form of substandard care that has been provided by a medical practitioner to a patient, which has directly caused injury or caused an existing condition to get worse. There are a number of ways that medical negligence can happen such as misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, incorrect treatment, surgical mistakes, to mention but a few. 

    If you have been sick, undergone surgery or involved in an accident, and the resulting situation was one where the action or inaction of the health professional caused further problems, you may be entitled to clinical negligence compensation claims.

    And if you happen to be in the Portsmouth area, seek the best medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth to help you build a strong case and get the compensation that you deserve. 

    There are many medical negligence solicitors in Portsmouth, but not all of them are experience enough, you need to search for professionals that have worked on many medical negligence claims against Portsmouth hospitals or medical services time and time before. 

    Medical Negligence Claims in Portsmouth

    To begin making medical negligence claims in Portsmouth, you would need to find medical negligence lawyers or solicitors that have the knowledge and experience to make claims against large institutions like NHS. 

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we are specialists in making medical negligence claims in Portsmouth. When you decide to work with this team, you would be working with a firm that has a track record of successfully claiming compensation for victims of medical negligence, irrespective of the complexity of your case.

    Firstly, our medical negligence experts will look into your case critically, in order to ascertain that your care was substandard and that it directly caused your injury or ill health. Then they begin to make strong and undeniable case for your claims, carrying you along, every step of three way. 

    Common Types of Medical Negligence Claim in Portsmouth 

    Although no aspect of medical care is exempt from the risk, some are more susceptible to negligence claim than others. Some of the common kinds of claims our medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth handle are;

    Cosmetic Surgery Claims:

    It may sound fancy, but cosmetic surgery can be sometimes invasive and as such, patients should be given the same care and respect due to any patient undergoing medical procedure. This care includes their pre- surgery consultation, the quality of surgery itself, and the standard of post-operative care. As a matter of fact, cosmetic surgery claims are more common than one might expect. 

    With most cosmetic surgery claims, clients often trust surgeons who look professional. In turn, there is an expectation that they will act and conduct themselves professionally. For private clinics or the NHS, these increasing common medical accidents are too frequent to be ignored. 

    The effect of cosmetic surgery negligence can be enormous. A botched surgical job can leave a patient feeling even unhappy with their looks than they were before. In some instances, it may be necessary for them to have an additional treatment to rectify the mistake. When these happen you are entitled to a claim.

    If you are a victim of cosmetic surgery Medical Negligence in Portsmouth, feel free to contact us as we will connect you with some of the best medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth.

    Care Home Neglect Claims: 

    Care home are viable options for elderly or infirm people who need daily assistance but do not require hospitable treatment, and would like to maintain a degree of independence. These elderly once deserve health, safety and comfort every day.

    Unfortunately, old age and ill health makes patients in care homes and nursing homes particularly vulnerable to mistreatment. Care home neglect happens when those paid to look after a person’s welfare is neglectful in their duties. 

    If you are afraid that your loved one may have suffered, by not getting acceptable standard attention, then you are eligible to make a care home neglect claim. 

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we understand the range of emotions you may feel. Whether its the anger that you loved one was mistreated, a sense of betrayal that the care home abused your trust, confusion about how you can make things right, and possibly even guilt that a person you love was in a that condition in the first place. These are normal feelings to have and we would help you make your claim as easy and straightforward as possible.

    Claim against NHS:

    If you have suffered injury at the hands of the NHS medical treatment facilities and health care professionals, our medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth are at your disposal to help make a claim against NHS. 

    Given that the NHS treats millions every year, it is impressive to know that most patients receive a high standard of care. However, mistakes do happen, causing conditions for medical negligence claim. When they do, Medical Negligence Direct is here to help you obtain compensation.

    Most treatments come with some level of risk, to be sure. When your care provider fails to take every reasonable step to avoid the risks, it may be negligence. The treatment does not have to be supplied by a doctor or surgeon. Acts or omission by nurses, physiotherapist, radiologist, dieticians, pharmacists, lab technicians and even hospital porters engulf it. 

    You might be intimidated by the decision of making a claim against NHS but our medical negligence experts make it easy. Our medical negligence lawyers have particular skills together with excellent track record in obtaining successful outcomes for their clients.

    Stillbirth Medical Negligence Claims:

    Birth injuries can affect both baby and mother, hence necessitating claims for birth injuries. They happen when medical experts either; fail to follow the correct procedures or carry out appropriate procedures in a substandard or inappropriate manner. 

    For instance, a mother may receive poor standard of care during pregnancy,  that leads to difficulties in labour, birth or stillbirth. At any point, she is entitled to making clinical negligence compensation claims.

    Stillbirths are tragic, no matter the circumstances but for parents to learn that their baby’s death could have been avoided is utterly heart breaking. This is why our team of medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth are there to help you with your stillbirth medical negligence claims award. 

    Usually the court awards compensation for causing the child’s death and also accounts for the mothers subsequent depression.

    Hip Replacement Negligence Claims:

    If you have suffered an injury during hip surgery that was caused or worsened by medical negligence in Portsmouth, or if your injury was not identified or properly treated by a medical professional, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. 

    Surgery is often performed on a persons hip to improve their mobility and quality of life. However, if a medical professional gets a hip replacement wrong, the consequences could be very serious. It can leave the patient with decreased mobility, nerve damage, and ultimately it can be fatal. 

    Our medical negligence claims solicitors in Portsmouth are experts in making hip replacement negligence compensation claims. And we usually operate on a No Win No Fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about huge financial commitments.

    Surgical Error Claims:

    The area of medicine with the greatest risk is surgery. Surgeons and their teams have a lot of responsibility, as your life is literarily in their hands. They take all appropriate actions to manage the danger surgery poses to your health and in most instances they do this successfully. 

    Surgical negligence happens when these risks are not adequately controlled, and mistakes then happen. Engaging in any type of surgery can be stressful for both patient and loved ones. It is usually the last resort and you want to get through the process as quickly and safely as possible. However, there could be unfortunate and unavoidable complications, accidental injuries or even negligence cases in which the surgical team fail to meet the required standard. 

    Irrespective of whether such surgical errors are due to incompetence, medical malpractice, negligence, an oversight, a temporary lapse, nursing staff or surgeon and doctors are to blame. This is because such errors could have an individual undergoing sudden and permanent life changing damage. 

    If you or your loved one are in this position, you are entitled to make surgical error claims. Although, compensation payment does not change what has happened in the past or heal mental or physical injuries; a successful claim will make daily life more manageable for you.

    Cauda Equina Negligence Claims:

    Cauda Equina syndrome is a serious condition that results in permanent paralysis if not treated promptly and correctly. It is a rare condition that occurs when nerves in the lower spine become compressed and start to swell. As it is a rare condition, it can be difficult to spot. Surgery is needed to treat the condition as soon as possible; otherwise the consequences could be as severe as permanent paralysis. 

    Cauda equine syndrome can be very devastating as it affects the quality of life. It may lead to series of problems like bowel and sexual dysfunction as well as permanent loss of bladder, and the resulting neurological pain that cause patients their relationships. If you have suffered a late or inaccurate diagnosis for it, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. 

    Our Cauda Equina solicitors can help you secure the compensation you deserve,  bringing a sense of justice for what has happened. Also, if you may need any specialist care afterwards, you compensation could cover for that.

    NO WIN NO FEE Medical Negligence Claims in UK

    The most affordable way to fund your request is with a No Win No Fee agreement. If you have a solid legal ground to obtain compensation, we will give you the option of claiming on No Win No Fee basis. 

    Our medical negligence No Win No Fee UK solicitors are transparent in all their dealing with you. Do you desire a first class legal support and representation, that is what our medical negligence lawyers offer.

    Our No Win No Fee claim is almost as simple as the name implies here is how it works;

    • Our medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth will investigate your claim to determine whether it is likely to be successful. When they do, they would offer to represent you on a No Win No fee basis.
    • If you dont have insurance in place to protect you from paying legal expenses, we will help put that in place.
    • Any possible expenses will be outlined before you agree to begin the claim. This includes a success fee for your solicitor which is a percentage of your total compensation award.

    If you win the claim your solicitor will recover all the legal expenses from the other party. Conversely, If your claim is unsuccessful then your solicitor will waive their legal fees. Consequently you can use your insurance policy to cover any legal expenses either yours or the other party. This cost can include court fees or the expense of having an independent medical assessment.

    What is the cost of compensation for medical negligence in Portsmouth?

    No two compensations are the same. They differ depending on the severity and complex nature of the case. However, we know how important it is for clients to see an estimated value of their claim before they decide if they want to pursue compensation. 

    This is why our medical negligence claim solicitors in Portsmouth, make use of a medical negligence claim calculator, developed to give you realistic, but estimated claim value to allow you to make an informed decision on whether you wish to work with us and begin legal proceedings to make a claim.

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