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    If you or any of your loved ones have been victims of medical negligence in Oxford, and are searching for medical negligence solicitors in Oxford, you have come to the right place. Our team of medical negligence experts in Oxford are leaders in their field, with proven track record of successfully claiming maximum compensation for victims.

    What is Medical Negligence? 

    Medical negligence is the failure, on the part of a medical practitioner to exercise a reasonable degree of skill and care in the treatment of a patient, it describes a situation which leads to poor, ineffective or incorrect medical care that leads to an injury or illness, or worsens the original medical condition. An action on medical negligence must be able to prove the following elements:

    • The health institution owed you a duty of care as a patient
    • The doctor or health institution acted negligently, breaching that duty of care
    • Resultant injury to the patient as a result of the breach of duty

    You could simply say that medical negligence can result from a misdiagnosis or even a delayed diagnosis; incorrect treatment; surgical mistake to name a few.

    Medical Negligence Solicitors in Oxford

    Medical negligence as we know is an accidental rather than malicious attempt to harm a patient. Nevertheless, there is no reason that you should have to suffer alone. Mostly since the person you trusted with your health and in some cases with your life, failed you. 

    Our team of medical negligence solicitors in oxford can help you find out what went wrong and claim the compensation that you deserve. The compensation our medical negligence solicitors in oxford help you secure, are not only sought for financial gain. For some clients, compensation for medical negligence is about obtaining formal recognition of their pain and suffering. 

    We offer the support you need to make the best possible recovery. Contact our medical negligence lawyers in Oxford today to know more about options available to you and the processes. We are happy to offer you a free consultation with legal advisor without pressure or obligation.

    How can one make a Medical Negligence Claim in Oxford?

     The first step in making medical negligence claims in Oxford is to find the right medical negligence solicitors in Oxford that have both the requisite knowledge and experience to make claims. In most cases, you can even sue the NHS for NHS Clinical negligence. 

    As a victim of medical negligence in Oxford, when you choose to work with medical negligence lawyers in Oxford, you are invariably setting yourself up for success – no matter how complex the case may be. 

    You would be required to prove that the other party (hospital, NHS or GP) was negligent with your evidence. Based on the available evidence, your solicitor will show that your care was below an acceptable standard and that it directly caused your injury or ill health.

    Medical negligence claims, including hospital negligence claims or NHS Clinical negligence claims requires loads of research to ensure your claims is strong and undeniable. Our medical negligence solicitors in Oxford, will provide you the much needed legal advice, to ensure you win a claim. 

    Common Types of Medical Negligence Claim

    Our medical negligence solicitors in oxford are available to help you seek compensation irrespective of the nature of the injury – if it was caused by medical negligence, or if you think it was. 

    No area of medicine is exempt from negligence which is why it is vital that you work with medical negligence experts in Oxford who have the knowledge, skills and experience of successfully handling your type of claim. 

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Oxford do not try to win claims for the fun of it; you can trust us to represent your best interest and provide the support you need at this difficult time. There are a range of claim types that we can assist you with, these include:

    Breast Cancer Compensation Claim:-

    Breast cancer can now be diagnosed at a much earlier stage than in the past giving individuals a better chance at survival. Although, we have seen cases such as late screening and treatment often leading to breast cancer compensation claim.

     Any patient who feels they have received medical treatment for breast cancer that is substandard may be able to sue the NHS, pursue hospital negligence claims against private hospital or GP. 

    More so, while there are numerous reasons for cancer misdiagnosis claims, negligent treatment of breast cancer tend to fall under two categories;

    • Breast cancer misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosing breast cancer – Time is a very important factor when it comes to the diagnosis of breast cancer and failure to refer a patient for further investigation after breast cancer symptoms arise can cause major complications further down the line.
    • Surgical negligence – A failure to carry out the appropriate investigative tests or basic errors during surgery could potentially result to a significant breast cancer compensation claim.

    Learning you have cancer is terrifying, but what is worse is finding out that your prognosis is worse than it should be due to medical negligence or misdiagnosis. In a time when you feel enormously let down by those you trust, breast cancer negligence claim becomes necessary.

     DVT Compensation Claim:-

    DVT is an acronym for deep vein thrombosis and it refers to the blood clout that develops in a deep vein in the body, typically in the thigh or lower leg. However they can develop in other parts of the body. 

    If a medical professional did not adequately evaluate the risk of you developing a blood clot and consequently failed to prevent a blood clot from forming, or failed to diagnose a DVT, resulting in an untreated blood clot, you have the chances of making a DVT Compensation Claim. 

    The more time DVT is left undiagnosed and untreated, the worse its effect can become. This can cause a longer, more painful recover time and serious health problems.

    Nursing Negligence Cases:-

    Negligence in nursing occurs when the care provided by a nurse fails to meet a reasonable standard, resulting in mental or physical suffering for a patient. There are various types of nursing negligence cases, these include; 

    • failing to record important information on a patients chart
    • failure to assess a patient’s condition on time
    •  errors when administering medication
    • failure to report test result to the doctor or healthcare professional
    • defaulting in following  doctors instructions
    •  losing, damaging or misusing documentation, misusing medical device.

    The consequences for these potential nursing negligence cases will vary in seriousness, affecting the scope and size of the claim and compensation.

    Hospital Negligence Claim:-

    Going to the hospital is never easy, but when hospital treatment is needed, you need to know that the individuals and the health care system will do all it takes to  gets you back on the road to recovery.

     Unfortunately, sometimes a hospital visit does not go as planned. The impact of medical mistake can be live changing, sometimes leaving you with life-altering injuries and losses that can’t be fixed with a simple apology.

    If you’ve ever been a victim of medical negligence at an NHS hospital, our medical negligence solicitors in oxford can help you make hospital negligence claims. We can also make claims against private hospitals that have provided substandard care. 

    Ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosis:-

    Ovarian cancer like any other type of cancer is better diagnosed early for better outcome. It is vital that women are diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible time.

     Regrettably, there can be delays in diagnosis that are due to medical negligence. For example an abnormal test result is not followed up by your doctor, a test isn’t correctly reported to the doctor, your general practitioner did not examine you when required or referred you to a specialist after you have reported symptoms, or your symptoms are repeatedly diagnosed as another illness.

     We understand that even the knowledge of lost opportunity of an earlier cancer diagnosis can be devastating and that money cannot truly compensate the effect that you can have. Nevertheless, an ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosis compensation can help you and your family to better manage the situation. 

    In addition to compensation, you can also recover the cost of expenses incurred along the way, such as private medical treatment and extra private care.

    Birth Injury Negligence:-

    The birth of a baby should be exciting for the parents and also relatives who look forward to the arrival of the new-born. It is however devastating when things go unexpectedly wrong and your baby suffers frustrating child birth defects

    It is understandable that parents look to those providing their medical care to take responsibility for their errors. This is why our birth injury solicitors are there in your time of need. Above all, our birth injury solicitors aim to secure the best possible outcome for you. 

    Overall, we provide expert support and legal knowledge at a No Win No Fee basis, so reassured we will be with you every step of the way. 

    How Long Does a Medical Negligence Claim Take?

    Sometimes, due to the complexity that medical negligence claims in oxford, securing a claim can take longer. However, it is important to work with only medical negligence solicitors in Oxford that specialises in medical negligence cases.

    Generally, the processing time for medical negligence claims at an average can last around 12 to 18 months or less. More so, depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim, it may take longer. 

    But Ultimately, you have around three years from the date of your injury or negligence to make your claim. 

    How Much Compensation can I expect  for Medical Negligence Claim in Oxford?

    There is really no fixed compensation amount for victims who have suffered medical negligence in Oxford. This is because the severity of case differ fro m one patient to another. 

    However, our medical negligence solicitors in Oxford are able to investigate the details of your case and ascertain the type of claim you are entitled to, providing a rough estimate of the compensation amount to expect. This is easily done by using our medical negligence claim calculator before giving you this estimate. 

    Compensation claims are broadly classified under the following:

    • General damages

    When you consider general damages, it includes compensation for the pain and suffering or  loss of amenity you suffered as a result of medical negligence. Usually the amount of compensation you receive here is directly proportional to the severity of your negligence case.

    • Special damages

    Special damages go further to provide more compensation than there exists in general damages. Special damages include financial losses you have incurred throughout the period of your injury/negligence – including but not limited to –  medical expenses, extra travel cost, private medical care costs,  loss of earnings if you lose your source if livelihood as a result etc.

    What is NHS Complaints Procedures? 

    If your injury occurred at an NHS hospital you have a right to request thorough investigation of your complaint. You will receive information about the outcome and any subsequent action the hospital may take. 

    If your accident was as a result of unlawful treatment you can request a judicial review.  It is not necessary to go through NHS formal system before you put forward hospital injury claim. Nevertheless, it is beneficial if you do as their investigation will give a good understanding of whether your injury was due to negligence and you are therefore eligible to claim compensation.

    For NHS Complaint Procedure, there is a strict statutory limit of three years in which to submit a request for compensation (that may be the time you don’t want to waste). It is possible to file a complaint and begin a compensation claim simultaneously. .

    What is a Medical Negligence  Claim Calculator?

    We  know how important it is for clients to see an estimated value of their claim before they decide if they want to pursue compensation. This is what a compensation claim calculator is used for. 

    Our compensation claim calculator has been developed to give you realistic, but estimated claim value to allow you to make an informed decision on whether you wish to work with us and begin legal proceedings to make a claim.

    NO WIN NO FEE Medical Negligence Claims in Oxford

    The most affordable way to fund your request is with a No Win No Fee agreement. If you have a solid legal ground to obtain compensation, we will give you the option of claiming on No Win No Fee basis. 

    Our No Win No Fee medical negligence claims in Oxford are transparent and simple. If you receive compensation, we claim our expenses from the other party, and you pay us a success fee which is usually an agreeable percentage fraction.

    If your compensation claim is unsuccessful, we waive our legal fees. It’s likely that the other party will reclaim their cost from you. Notwithstanding, we will make certain that you have ATE insurance to cover it. 

    The No Win No Fee claim make it affordable for everyone to access quality legal advice and representation.

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