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    Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors & Experts in Nottingham

    If you have suffered negligence at the hands of a medical professional which has resulted in an injury and live in the East Midlands area of England then you may be entitled to compensation. Our Medical negligence solicitors in Nottingham can offer you the advice you are looking for and assist you in bringing forward a claim today.

    We deal with a wide range of medical negligence claims and our specialist solicitors work to give you the best help and advice all the way through your claim. We deal with a wide range of claims such as cancer misdiagnosis, hip replacement negligence and Child Birth Defects to name a few. At Medical Negligence Direct we are here to help you find the best solicitor for your case. If you have suffered from medical negligence in the Nottingham area contact us today.

    What is Medical Negligence?

    Some people are unsure as to what is considered negligence, so what is actually considered as negligence? Negligence is when the standard of care from a medical professional is below the acceptable standard of care for a patient. If you believe this applies for you then our Medical Negligence Experts in Nottingham may be able to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

    What Can I Claim For?

    We work with a number of Medical Negligence Solicitors in Nottingham specialise in a number of different areas of medical negligence. Our solicitors can help you claim for different types of cases as we have specialists who work on hip replacement cases to those who specialise in Care Home Negligence. Every area of negligence can be assisted to the highest standard by our Medical Negligence Solicitors  in Nottingham.

    Which type of claim our medical negligence solicitors help you in nottingham?

    Our No Win, No Fee solicitors work on a wide range of different claims. Some of which are: 

      • Cancer Misdiagnosis
      • Still Birth Negligence
      • Pregnancy/Birthing Negligence
      • Stroke Misdiagnosis
      • Cerebral Palsy Claims
      • Cauda Equina Negligence
      • Hip Replacement Negligence

    Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims in Nottingham

    Our Medical Negligence Solicitors in can assist with all types of cancer misdiagnosis cases. More than half of the cancer cases across the UK are diagnosed within the later stages resulting in a higher mortality rate when eventually diagnosed. From bowel to Ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosis our specialists can help with you receive compensation for a delay in diagnosing any form of cancer, whether this is for yourself or a family member. 

    Medical Negligence Stillbirth Compensation Claims in Nottingham

    Bringing a child into the world should be a momentous occasion for all the family but sadly for some this is not the case. At Medical Negligence Direct our solicitors have won Stillbirth Medical Negligence Claims Awards for some of the previous cases they have worked on helping families through hard times. No one wants to say goodbye before their first hello all because they have suffered from a stillbirth due to negligence care whether that be for a number of reasons. 

    Birth Injury Claims and Wrongful Pregnancy Claims in Nottingham

    Births are a stressful time without mistakes occurring and resulting in injuries to either Mother or Baby. If you or your little one has suffered from an injury during childbirth then you may want to speak to a birth injury solicitor and bring forward a claim for compensation. Injuries care range from short term injuries such as septic infections or excessive blood loss to more life changing injuries. Submit an enquiry today to see if you are entitled to Birth Injury Compensation. When searching for the right people to discuss your matter it can be a difficult task but at Medical Negligence Direct we can get you in touch with a child birth injury lawyer that is best to deal with your case.

    Stroke Misdiagnosis Claims in Nottingham

    To prevent strokes from causing any permanent damage, medical professionals need to act quickly and concisely, unfortunately for some the delay can leave long lasting impacts. If strokes are not treated as soon as possible that is when they result in these long lasting injuries. If you know of someone who has suffered from a stroke that was misdiagnosed then our solicitors would be more than happy to assist with any stroke misdiagnosis claims you may have.

    Cerebral Palsy Claims in Nottingham

    The condition Cerebral Palsy impacts muscle control. The injury itself to the brain can be caused before, after or even during childbirth and be as a direct result of Doctor Negligence. If your baby has suffered from this type of injury due to a medical professional dropping their treatment below the acceptable standard of care you could be entitled to Cerebral Palsy Compensation. At Medical Negligence Direct our medical negligence solicitors can help you if you or a family member are a victim of this. Our Cerebral Palsy Solicitors will make sure they support you and your family every step of the way through the claim.

    Cauda Equina Syndrome Negligence Claims in Nottinghan

    Not many people may recognise this injury but if this condition is not diagnosed and treated within a small period of time the effects can be life changing. The collection of nerves at the bottom of the spinal cord is known as the Cauda Equina. When these nerve roots are compressed they can impact sensory and motor functionality to the lower half of the body and even the bladder. CES can lead to incontinence and even paralysis if not diagnosed and tested correctly. Our Cauda Equina Solicitors can help bring forward compensation if you have suffered from a misdiagnosis of the condition.

    How Can I Make A medical Negligence Claim in Nottingham

    When bringing forward a medical negligence claim, there are different factors and key parts of information required. Here at Medical Negligence Direct we are experts in medical negligence claims so we can ensure that every detail is looked into with professionalism. 

    When bringing forward a claim you must be able to prove (with the help of our medical negligence lawyers in Nottingham) that the negligence you have suffered from has resulted in your condition worsening or that it has caused an injury to you. For a claim to be successful you need the evidence to prove:

    • The Medical Professional has not provided the correct standard of care towards the patient 
    • There was a breach in the duty of care by the Medical Professional by acting negligently 
    • That the negligent act has resulted in a period of suffering for yourself due to a condition worsening or an injury being sustained.

    How Long Will My Medical Negligence Claims Take?

    There is no set time-frame when bringing forward a medical negligence claim in Nottingham. This is due to the fact that all cases are different and can sometimes require different approaches to reach successful outcomes. If there is an admission of fault from the hospital or GP surgery then your case could be concluded within a matter of Motherhowever some more complicated cases could take up to 3 year dispensing on the nature of the injury.

    In the UK victims of medical negligence have a 3 year limitation period to bring forward. This period begins either when the negligence has occurred or from the date the victim is reasonably aware there may have been negligence to bring forward a compensation claim. However there are some exceptions to this 3 year limitation periods:

    • Children: If your child is under the age of 18 and they have suffered from an injury due to medical negligence they could be entitled to make compensation through a claim with one of our Medical Negligence Lawyers in Nottingham. It will be required that either a Parent or Guardian (who is over the age of 18) will bring forward a claim for compensation on their behalf. The 3 year limitation period for someone under the age of 18 comes into effect on their 18th birthday essentially allowing a claim to be brought forward until their 21st birthday.
    • Mental capacity: If a family member has limited to no mental capacity there is no time period for you to make a claim on their behalf. This will apply for someone who has usually sustained some form of brain damage and requires day-to-day care from a family member of social workers. This is common in Cerebral Palsy and Stroke Misdiagnosis Claims.
    • For anyone over the age of 18 there is a 3 year limitation period. Now this 3 year period does not always begin when the negligence occurs but in fact begins when the victim of the negligence is reasonably aware that negligence may have occurred. 

    Medical Negligence Solicitors in Nottingham Working for you

    No matter how long your case takes to be concluded you can count on our Medical Negligence Solicitors to be with you every single step of the way through the whole process ensuring you get the right help and support you need. After requesting access to your medical records our experts will be able to build a strong case through the years of experience to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

    Reach out to us today and our Medical Negligence Experts in Nottingham can assist you with any queries you may have.
    Our contact number is 0800 644 4240, alternatively you can submit an enquiry and one of our specialist legal advisors will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss your enquiry.

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