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    It is your right to claim compensation if you have suffered any form of injury or threat to life as a result of medical negligence in Leicester. At Medical negligence direct, our experienced medical negligence solicitors in Leicester deal with a range of medical negligence cases that includes; doctor negligence, hospital negligence UK, birth injury claims, brain cancer misdiagnosis claims, cosmetics surgery claims (including face lift surgery claims), misdiagnosis compensation claims, to mention but a few. 

    If you happen to be in Leicestershire and need help with taking nhs to court, you can rely on our medical negligence solicitors in Leicester to look into your case critically and provide tailor made legal advice to suit your needs.   

    What is Medical Negligence?

    The term medical negligence encompasses any form of medical treatment received from a private hospital, the NHS or medical practitioner, that is considered to be below the acceptable standards in a healthcare setting. If you have suffered a worsened medical condition or lost a loved one due to the negligent action of a medical professional whom you trusted, we can help you bring a claim for medical negligence.

    Making a Medical Negligence Claim in Leicester

    When it comes to making medical negligence claims, you must be able to prove – with the help of an expert medical negligence lawyer in Leicester – that a medical negligence incident has caused you an injury or a more worsened condition. For a successful claim, the evidence you present must be able to prove the following: 

    • That your doctor, the NHS or health institution owed you a duty of care as a patient in their care;
    • That your doctor, the NHS or health institution acted negligently, breaching that duty of care;
    • That the negligent act consequently resulted in your pain, suffering or life-altering condition.

    If you are considering making a medical negligence claim in Leicester, our medical negligence solicitors will work hand in hand with you, approaching every detail with professionalism yet very sympathetic and friendly in their dealings with you. 

    What can I claim for Medical Negligence in Leicester?

    When you contact us at Medical Negligence Direct, one of our medical negligence experts will be assigned to help you get the compensation you need. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, compensation may include cost of additional medical care and/or loss of earnings.

    With a successful medical negligence claim in the bag, you can easily secure compensation for general damages or special damages. Our medical negligence solicitors will ensure that you secure the maximum compensation expected from the injury suffered due to substandard medical treatment. With this compensation, you will be able to manage your current condition as well as get back to the position you would have been had you not sustained the injury.

    • A claim for general damages will mean compensation made for pain and suffering that you or your loved one has had to endure, the severity of the injury, the duration of the injury as well as its impact on your daily life. 
    • Special damages includes compensation that covers for all the financial expenses incurred as a result of your medical injury. This could go anywhere from the cost of additional medical treatment to therapies, cost of transportation and accommodation, potential medical care or assistance required for recovery, compensation for loss of earnings that may have resulted from your injury and any other financial losses.

    Medical Negligence Claims in Leicester we handle

    If you are a victim of clinical negligence, our medical negligence solicitors in Leicester, will support you and your family, build up a solid case, to enable you file a claim for compensation. Find below some of the cases our experts specialize in, for which compensation has been secured for several clients:

    Doctor Negligence Claims

    When a doctor fails to deliver an expected standard of care, it is termed doctor negligence. And as with any other medical negligence cases, doctor negligence attracts compensation. If you have been a victim of negligent treatment while under the care of a supposed professional, causing you to become ill or injured, we provide all the help you need.

    Here at Medical Negligence Direct, our medical negligence lawyers can help you seek maximum negligence claims payouts in Leicester. 

    Misdiagnosis Claims

    When it comes to a medical misdiagnosis, it generally occurs in three different ways:

    • When a doctor or any other health care professional fails to identify and diagnose symptoms of a medical condition. 
    • When a doctor or any other healthcare professional diagnosis a patient’s illness or condition late, which may lead to prolong suffering or complication. 
    • When a doctor or any other medical professional gives an incorrect diagnosis, thereby resulting in medication errors as incorrect medication or inadequate treatment is administered.

    Misdiagnosis compensation claims can be made in a wide range of negligent cases. You may be entitled to compensation for misdiagnosis of cancer, misdiagnosis resulting in wrong medication or overdose, or any other condition that has been wrongly diagnosed. Our medical negligence solicitors have worked with victims to bring brain cancer misdiagnosis claims with maximum compensation for their suffering. 

    NHS Clinical Negligence Claims

    If medical care provided by the NHS goes wrong you can sue the NHS for NHS Clinical negligence. Usually your claim is brought against the individual NHS organisation responsible for your injury or worsened condition – whether it’s an NHS Hospital or Primary Care Trust. 

    If you are thinking of suing the nhs for medical misdiagnosis, pain, injury or discomfort caused by negligence; we can help you. Our solicitors have helped victims and their families make a claim for loss of earnings, additional medication, travel expenses and compensation for long term disability.

    Cosmetic Surgery Claims

    Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular today with a lot of persons seeking improvements in their physical appearance. Though every surgical procedure comes with associated degree of risk, predominately, most cosmetic surgeries are successful – be it in private hospitals or clinics. However, mistakes are inevitable.

    You may be entitled for cosmetic surgery claims if you have been a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence that has left you with unbearable physical and emotional pain or suffering. Whether you want to pursue face lift surgery claims, or recover compensation for financial expenses incurred, we can help you here.

    Birth Injury Claims

    When a mother does not receive the best possible care from doctors or midwives during pregnancy, the mother or child could potentially sustain life-changing or even fatal injuries. If your baby has suffered birth injury as a result of your doctor’s failure to pay attention to you or your child’s medical needs, you may be entitled to birth injury claims. 

    Our Specialist will walk you through the process of making a claim and will guide you every step of the way until your claim is successfully accomplished. 

    How Long Will My Medical Negligence Claims in Leicester Take?

    Generally there is no specific processing time for making clinical negligence claims. Some claims could be concluded within a year and others could take as long as three years – depending on the nature and severity of the injury.

    In the UK, there is a three-year limit for making medical negligence claims. This time starts from the moment you realize your injury sustained was due to negligence. 

    You can trust our medical negligence solicitors at Medical Negligence Direct to support you throughout the duration of your case. Backed by your medical reports and other supporting evidence, our Experts in Leicester will help you build a strong case for your compensation claims or claim against the NHS.

    Certain exceptions can be made with time limit for making medical negligence claims, these include: 

    • Children – When you want to make a claim on behalf of your child, you can do so anytime before the child turns 18. If you wait until they are 18, they are then eligible to make a claim on their own, and the statutory three-year time also applies here. Which means have the opportunity to make a claim until they are 21. 
    • Mental capacity – If a person is mentally incapacitated, there are no time limits to make a claim on behalf of such a person. Mostly if the individuals have a chance at recovery, they can then pursue a claim for themselves after they are recovered.

    No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors in Leicester

    Does the cost of hiring a medical negligence solicitor discourage you from making a claim? You have come to the right place. 

    We offer you a No Win No Fee agreement if they are able to established that you have legitimate grounds for a claim. A No Win No Fee arrangement means that you will not be required to pay any upfront legal fees. The only time you will be charged a fee known as “success fee” is when you have been awarded a compensation amount.  These details will be comprehensively discussed when you contact us. 

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    Our team of experienced negligence claims solicitors will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. All you need to do is make a simple contact for a free assessment of your claim today.

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