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    Each year, across the UK there are millions of patients who require the help of medical professionals due to injuries or illnesses. Luckily enough the national health service uk (NHS), is one of the best free health care services in the world and most of the millions of patients receiving treatment within hospitals, surgeries and healthcare institutions, leave feeling better and on the road to recovery. Sadly, sometimes the duty of care we expect we expect to receive is not met which can result in existing conditions deteriorating, illness, injury and even death. If you or your loved ones have suffered at the hands of a healthcare professional our medical negligence solicitors in St Albans will be able to help you get the justice you deserve. 

    Our expert solicitors have decades of experience in helping victims claim medical negligence damages, speak to a member of our team today on 0800 644 4240.

    From a no obligation assessment to fighting for you in court, medical negligence solicitors in St Albans will listen to you and talk you through each step of the process. Simply fill in our online enquiry form for a call back from a dedicated member of our team.

    Medical Negligence Solicitors in St Albans

    Medical Negligence Solicitors in St Albans, How Can They Help?

    You may be wondering what exactly classes as medical negligence claims and if you have been a victim.

    Medical negligence compensation is awarded when the care provided by a body such as a NHS trust or institution falls below the standard set out. When this results in further illness or injury, it means they have not met the duty of care that should be provided. This can have life changing consequences for the patient and lead to further pain and suffering. 

    Due to the consequences negligence can have, health care professionals such as GPs, consultants and nurses have a high level of training to ensure patients are treated correctly. When this training is not followed through under staffing, misdiagnosis or failure to follow guidelines a solicitor can help you get the compensation you deserve through the NHS compensation scheme.

    If you believe you have been the victim of medical negligence in St Albans, a member of our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and concerns you have when seeking clinical negligence compensation. 

    Types of Medical Negligence Claims

    Due to the vast array of services provided by the NHS and private medical sector, there are many types of nhs clinical negligence. Below is a list of just some of the types of negligence patients can suffer.

    Birth Related Injuries The birth of a child is a joyous occasion and we expect the best treatment from all the medical team to make sure mother and baby are OK. Unfortunately if the pregnancy and birth are not monitored correctly, injuries can occur, our birth injury solicitors have decades of experience and understand what a difficult time this can be.

    Such injuries as brain damage to babies can often result in a claim being with millions of pounds to provide support treatment for the rest of the child’s life, this is where our Medical negligence solicitors in St Albans can help you with a claim.

    Care Home NeglectLike with the birth of a child, the care provided to the elderly should be exceptional. Most care homes provide excellent conditions and care but if you or your loved one have suffered from injuries such as bed sores, or the result of falls you may be entitled to compensation through care home negligence claims.

    Stroke MisdiagnosisNoticing the red flags of a stroke are vital to stop the effects causing permanent damage. A lawsuit against hospital for misdiagnosis of a stroke is often because the telltale signs were missed leaving the victim with permanent damage such as the loss of speech, brain injury and mobility issues. 

    Cauda Equina Syndrome Misdiagnosis –  The effects a misdiagnosis of cauda equina syndrome nhs has on a patient and their family can be life changing. Medical professionals must pick up on the signs early and act quickly to prevent catastrophic injuries such as paralysis. 

    Orthopaedic Injury Claims Orthopaedic injuries cover the bones, muscles and joints. When a patient is incorrectly diagnosed or not referred to the correct specialist in a timely manner the injury suffered can deteriorate causing further pain and possibly the need for more invasive procedures such as surgery. Orthopaedic injury compensation can help the victim not just claim for the negligence suffered but any future costs such as treatment, home adaptation and expenses.

    How Do I Make a Claim?

    If you have been the victim of negligence, the thought of how do I sue a hospital? can be daunting. This is where an expert lawyer will be there to help you through your claim.

    Firstly you need to make sure you have the right lawyer to sue hospital. Most high street firms cover all aspects of law but may not have the expertise in clinical negligence claims.

    At medical Negligence Direct we have a proven track record in helping victims of medical negligence get the justice and compensation they deserve. By calling our team of medical negligence solicitors in St Albans we will talk you through the process of making a claim. From listening to what has happened, helping to obtain any evidence such as medical records and notes to seeking expert reports to back-up your claim.

    No Win No Fee Explained

    Once we have carried out a no obligation assessment and our medical negligence solicitors in St Albans believe you have a claim to be answered, our specialist solicitors will represent you on a no win no fee basis.

    No win no fee medical negligence St Albans means you get the representation you deserve no matter what your financial circumstances are, this allows everyone to be entitled to the same, high standards to make your claim successful.

    If on the rare occasion your no win no fee against the nhs or private sector hospital such as a care home, dentist or cosmetic surgeon is unsuccessful you will not be left with any costs or legal fees. By being represented this way you will not have to worry about any upfront costs when making a claim.

    Speak to our medical negligence experts today on 0800 644 4240 to start your claim today and get the compensation you deserve.

    How Long Does Compensation Take After Medical Negligence?

    This can vary due to a range of different factors including if the defendant contests a claim, the reasons behind the negligence and how severe the injury is. For example if the victim is a child and has suffered injuries through birth, the full extent of the injuries may not present themselves for several years, such as injuries due to brain damage.

    Consideration must also be taken into collecting evidence to prove your case, expert reports, etc can take time to make sure the solicitor is fully prepared to represent you and be successful in your claim. If the defending party accepts liability then the medical negligence claim can be agreed in a short space of time.

    How Much Compensation Will I Get?

    Due to the vast range of injuries or illnesses that can present themselves due to nhs clinical negligence, the amount of compensation you can get changes on a case by case basis.

    NHS negligence payouts will not just get compensation for the negligence that has happened but will also look at any adjustments in life you might have due to the negligence. Costs such as travel expenses, loss of earnings, future treatments, the care you or your loved one may now need for example will also be taken into consideration when making a claim.

    If the negligence has sadly resulted in the loss of life to a parent with young children, the nhs negligence solicitors will fight for what the family have lost such as the earnings they would have provided to their dependants.

    Why Choose us?

    With decades of experience and expertise, our medical negligence solicitors in St Albans are here to help you and your loved ones when times are hard.

    It is understandable you feel let down by the medical professionals who were supposed to help you and you might still be worried how to sue for medical malpractice. Our team is there for you at every step to help relieve those concerns. Making a claim will not take away what has happened but it can allow you to live the standard of life you deserve.

    If you have been the victim of negligence, contact our team of Medical Negligence Solicitors in St Albans today for a no obligation assessment and get the justice and compensation you deserve. Call us on 0800 644 4240 or fill out our claim form by clicking here.

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