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    When being treated by a medical professional there is an acceptable standard of care every patient should receive. When this duty of care is below the acceptable standard it can sometimes lead to injuries or worse. If you have suffered an unacceptable standard of care then you may want to speak with one of our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chester to see if you are eligible to bring forward a claim for compensation.

    Medical Negligence can severely impact and result in a turning point in people’s lives where in order to move on they are required to leave their old life behind. This should never be the case for someone in need and requiring the guidance of a professional. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers will be there to fight your case for you every step of the way to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

    What is classed as Medical Negligence?

    The straight forward answer for this is when the care provided by a GP Surgery, clinic, hospital or trust as well as an individual professional such as a consultant, doctor, surgeon or dentist fails to provide an acceptable level of care towards a patient which results in the development of a medical condition or the worsening of a premeditating condition. This may be difficult to understand and leaves you still asking what is clinical negligence and what should you do if you are a victim of this? Below we have provided a few examples. If you have suffered from any of these below in the Chester area then you may want to contact us and discuss this with one of our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chester.

    • Medical Misdiagnosis

    This is when a condition has been undiagnosed over a period even though the symptoms of the condition were present and made aware to a professional.

    • Surgical Injuries

    This is when an injury has occurred under surgery. Common injuries from surgeries is nerve damage and significant blood loss.

    • Prescription/Medication Negligence

    This can be either when the incorrect medication has been given to a patient causing side effects or when an under/overdose of medication has been given to a patient.

    • Injuries during Pregnancy/Birthing

    This is when a substandard duty of care has been given to either Mother or Baby resulting in injury or sometimes death. We work with a number of pregnancy and Birth Injury Solicitors.

    • Dental Negligence

    This can apply for a number of circumstances caused by dentists. Common Dental Negligence claims are failed extractions, infections being caused or not treated and treatment being carried out on the incorrect tooth.

    • Cosmetic Negligence

    Cosmetic surgeries are usually varied out privately and can cause a number of injuries to clients. If these procedures are not carried out correctly common injuries are those similar to surgical negligence claims.

    If you have been a victim from any of these types of negligence shown above then we can help. Our No Win No Fee Medical Negligence solicitors based in the Chester area will be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

    What Can I Claim For?

    When bringing forward a claim for compensation with one of our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chester there are a number of reasons you may want to claim. For example if it is a life changing impact such as a claim for Stroke Misdiagnosis Compensation then the victim may want to claim for future care costs they may enquire if brain damage has been sustained. Another example being when someone is bringing forward a Hip Replacement Negligence Cases the victim may require compensation due to loss of earnings if they have had a significant period of time off work or are unable to work any further due to restrictions caused by negligence.

    How Do I Go About Claiming?

    When bringing forward a claim for Medical Negligence In Chester there are a number of factors that come into play which ensure that can bring forward and make the most out of your claim when bringing forward Medical Negligence Compensation Claims.

    Our Medical Negligence Experts are here to provide professional help at a moment’s notice regarding your case. Their years of experience within their specialist areas allow for the process to be quick, easy and efficient for you along the path to your compensation.

    There are certain requirements that need to be met to bring forward a claim. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chester will help you prove the follow below:

    • Your duty of care provided by a Medical Professional was below an accepted standard.
    • The treatment you received from a Medical Professional has breached the duty of care.
    • You have suffered from a pre-existing condition worsening or have suffered from an injury due to this breach.

    If yourself or a family member is thinking of bringing forward a claim for compensation due to a breach in the duty of care provided then our NHS Solicitors in Chester are here to help you bringing forward that claim.

    What Medical Negligence Claims Do We Help With?

    No matter the type of negligence that has been suffered whether it be negligence from GP to Hospital Staff and NHS to Private Care, we deal with all types of claims. Our expert solicitors are here to help at a moment’s notice as we understand that with every case comes someone who has fallen victim to Medical Malpractice UK. Here are a handful of our specialist areas.

    Stillbirth Negligence Claims in Chester

    When it comes to dealing with Stillbirth Due To Negligence we work with some of the best solicitors in the business. Our solicitors have very healthy success rates when it comes to negligence regarding stillbirth and have even won Stillbirth Medical Negligence Claims Awards for some of the work carried out on the most complex cases proving that negligence has occurred.

    Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims in Chester

    Cancer is a very serious condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. For some this is the case but unfortunately for some symptoms have been there but it has not been diagnosed. If cancer is left for a period of time untreated it can spread and potentially become fatal. When this happens you should seek legal advice and think about Taking NHS To Court.

     Care Home Negligence Claims in Chester

    When putting a family member into a care home it can be an emotional time but it is supposed to be done for the right reasons and so family members can receive the support and care they require. When this doesn’t happen and the care results in the worsening of a condition, an injury or even for someone to say pass away then this can be considered as negligence. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chester can help bring a claim forward for your loved ones as no one should have to suffer in silence.

    Doctor Negligence Claims in Chester

    A visit to the GP is normally to help someone become better or gain an understanding of how to treat their condition. No one should be leaving a consultation in a worse state than they initially turned up. Misdiagnosis by GP or incorrect/overdose of medication are the most common breaches of care when it comes to GP Negligence and if you have been let down by your GP then contact us today to discuss this further with a Medical Negligence Solicitor in Chester

    How Long Will My Compensation Claim Last?

    There is no set time frame for when cases are completed by. This is of course down to the fact that every case is different. This of course means our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Chester handle each and every case with their own special care and dedication to make sure all clients who are bringing forward Medical Negligence Claims have the highest chance of success possible and are achieved within a precise and orderly manner. Some cases can be completed within a matter of months whereas other cases may require more in depth examinations and proceedings due to complexities. 

    When bringing forward a claim for Medical Negligence there is a 3 year limitation period of time to do so. This period of time will begin either when the injury has occurred or when they are made aware of an injury/condition worsening. There are only 2 exceptions to this guideline:

    Mental Capacity – If a family member has extremely limited/no mental capacity and is incapable of being forward a claim then there is no time limit. This can be judged on the amount of care someone requires such as 24 hour care.

    Children – If the negligence has occurred for someone under the age of 18 their 3 year period to Sue The NHS does not begin till their 18th birthday which essentially gives them till their 21st birthday to bring forward a compensation claim. 

    If you have suffered from Medical Negligence in Chester and are looking to bring forward a No Win No Fee Claim then contact us today on 0800 644 4240 or submit an enquiry today and our Medical Negligence Solicitors are more than happy to help.

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