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    Have you or your loved ones been the victim of medical negligence in Blackpool? If so you may be worrying how to make a claim and what to do next. Our dedicated team is here to help. Making a claim against a medical professional can be a daunting task. This is where our medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool will listen to what has happened and guide you through the next steps to getting the justice and the maximum compensation  you deserve.

    With decades of experience and a proven track record, our medical negligence lawyers are here to support and represent victims of medical negligence through every step of their claim. 

    How Can Medical Negligence Solicitors in Blackpool Help?

    We understand that accidents and mistakes can happen and know these are not done with malicious intent, but, when these errors are avoidable and leave a patient with injury, harm or further medical complications, it is not right that the patient is left to suffer. Sadly these failings of care by a medical professional can cause life changing consequences.

    At Medical Negligence Direct, our medical negligence lawyers will offer you the support needed to not only make a claim but to make sure your recovery is aided with the best possible treatment. 

    If you are considering making a medical negligence claim UK our advisors are ready to start your no obligation assessment today.

    Compensation is not just about financial gain, it is also for covering losses such as earnings, expenses and the cost of future treatments. This is where our medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool will help you not just understand what went wrong, but will also help assess the effects this may have on you or your loved ones in the future.

    Our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool work on a no win no fee basis giving you peace of mind. Whether your claim is against private care such as nursing homes, dentists or against the NHS through GPs or hospital claims to name a few. We will provide a no obligation assessment.

    What is Classed as Medical or Clinical Negligence?

    Basically medical or, as otherwise known clinical negligence is when the standard of care from a healthcare professional falls below the correct duty of care a person is expected to receive. When the duty of care to a patient is not met resulting in incorrect or ineffective treatment, causes an existing condition to deteriorate or leads to an illness or injury, through misdiagnosis for example, negligence has occurred. 

    For medical negligence claims to be made, it must be proven that:

    • The patient’s injury has been caused by a breach of duty
    • The medical professional or establishment owed the patient a duty of care
    • The breach of care has been the result of a negligent action

    When speaking with our medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool, our specialist lawyers will help gather all the information needed to prove negligence has occurred, this is where our years of experience making successful claims against the nhs or private sector care will help you or your loved ones get the justice you are entitled to.

    Common Types of Negligence Claims

    When you are looking to make a claim for negligence, there are so many different areas in the healthcare sector where failing can happen, the task can feel overwhelming in finding the correct support. This is where our expert medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool can help.

    With no area within the medical sector exempt, our specialist solicitors have experience, knowledge and the correct skills in all areas to make successful claims when suing the nhs or a private sector care provider.

    Helping you get justice, look to the future and support you moving forward. Your medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool have vast experience in all areas of medical negligence. These are just some of the most common injuries and claims: 

    Birth Injury Negligence in Blackpool

    The introduction of a new little life into the world should be a magical and memorable time for all involved. Due to the stresses and strains the human body goes through during pregnancy it is vital mother and baby are given the highest level of care through scans, tests and checks to lower the risk of injury or child birth defects

    Unfortunately, too often when pregnancy or birth is not monitored correctly, the resulting injury to mother, baby or both can be life changing. This is where our experienced birth defect lawyers will help you through every step of your claim.

    If birth is incorrectly managed by the medical staff, the results of a brain injury to the baby through oxygen starvation can be a life changing event for everyone. When seeking cerebral palsy compensation, our specialist lawyers will help fight for not just the injury but any future care or treatment required. With expenses, medical care costs. Cerebral palsy cases can often result in millions of pounds in compensation.

    If you think you have suffered during pregnancy or birth call our team today and our medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool will start your no win no fee claim.

    Spinal Injury in Blackpool

    Spinal injuries can cause life changing damage and if this is the result of negligence from a healthcare provider you can often feel let down and lose trust. Some of the most common causes of spinal injuries are through misdiagnosis of breaks, fractures or through surgical negligence.

    It is important diagnosis and treatment is provided promptly to decrease the risk of further injury and even paralysis.

    Cauda equina syndrome or CES can occur when the nerve roots become compressed, stopping sensory and motor functions. It is vital to diagnose as soon as possible as cauda equina syndrome can quickly develop into permanent paralysis.

    If you have suffered, contact our team today for a no obligation assessment. Our specialist cauda equina solicitors are here to help fight for the support and compensation you deserve.

    Dental/Orthodontic Claims in Blackpool

    If you have suffered negligence through an NHS or private dental clinic or hospital, contact our dental negligence solicitors today. With dental treatment often expensive. The correction of treatment or extraction of teeth due to negligence can cost thousands of pounds. Especially if dentures or a bridge is required.

    It does not matter if the negligence has caused the need of a filling, suffered an abscess or required multiple teeth being removed. Our medical negligence solicitors in Blackpool will do everything they can to get you smiling again.

    Hospital Injuries in Blackpool

    The NHS is one of, if not the best free health care services in the world. Sadly due to underfunding and services being stretched, more and more patients are becoming victims of negligence. With an increase in nursing negligence cases in both nhs and private health care. Patients have been left with infections from incorrect care of catheters for example, bed sores, medication overdose and even further injuries such as broken bones through lack of care.

    When in hospital or visiting a medical centre, the protection of a patient’s safety and care should always be the main priority.

    No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors in Blackpool

    The biggest concern when making a compensation claim for you or your loved one is often how you will be able to afford legal fees and costs.

    After assessing your information and accepting your claim. Our specialist solicitors will send you an agreement to represent you on a no win no fee basis. 

    This means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be expected to pay anything back. By representing you this way, you know there will be no surprise costs or further worries added onto the already difficult experience you have been through due to the negligence. 

    This ensures everyone receives the representation they deserve to get the justice they are entitled to.

    How Much Can I Claim in Compensation?

    The amount of compensation for clinical negligence changes on a case by case basis. This is because the injuries or illnesses caused can vary from person to person.

    When assessing your claim, your specialist lawyer will not just seek compensation for the negligence suffered but will also look at any additional costs you may incur. This can be loss of earnings, travel expenses, the need for specialist treatment or medication, additional care and support or even home adaptation.

    On the sad occasions when recovery is not possible, your solicitor will make sure the support and standard of living is covered by the compensation for the rest of your life. This is why cases such as brain injuries in birth can often result in payouts in the tens of millions of pounds. Not just in a lump sum but with additional yearly payouts.

    If you live or have suffered negligence in Blackpool at the hands of a healthcare professional or establishment. Do not hesitate and call our team today on 0800 644 4240 or fill in our contact form .

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