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Nerve Damage Compensation Claims


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    Nerve Damage Compensation Claims

    Nerve damage compensation claims are one of the most common types of surgical claims. It is widely understood that during surgery, sensitive nerves are exposed. Surgeons must perform the operation with great care and skill in order not to cause avoidable nerve damages.

    Our medical negligence solicitors are specialists in nerve damage compensation claims. They have represented many clients who have suffered nerve damage as a result of surgical negligence.

    Nerve damage can be an extremely serious condition. It can cause mobility problems, loss of sensation, extreme pain, and in the most serious cases, paralysis. That is why it is unacceptable for a patient to suffer nerve damage as a result of a medical mistake. Medical professionals are there to make you better. They should never negligently make you situation worse.

    Our nerve damage compensation claims solicitors will handle your claims on a No Win No Fee basis. We take away the stress of worrying about legal bills. They will get answers for you and obtain the justice you deserve for the pain you have suffered.

    Our Solicitors are experts in nerve damage compensation claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372.


    What Is Nerve Damage?

    Nerve damage is when the nervous system in the body is unable to function normally. The condition is most commonly associated with underlying medical conditions. However, nerve damage as a result of surgical errors are often due to compression or trauma of the nerves.

    Some of the most common reasons for nerve damage during surgery relate to:

    • Nerve damage caused by a scalpel
    • Inflammation of tissue around the nerve
    • Excess force on the nerve due to patient positioning
    • Excessive contact with surgical equipment


    Not all nerve damage occurs as a result of negligence. On some occasions, surgery is very complicated and a side effect can be nerve damage. However, if negligence does play a part in your suffering, this is never acceptable.

    Surgeons are provided with all the knowledge and equipment they need to perform surgery safely. If they fail to use their knowledge and tools, leading to nerve damage, they have fallen below the duty of care that they legally owe to you.

    Our medical negligence Solicitors are experts in nerve damage compensation claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372.


    What are the Symptoms of Nerve Damage?

    Nerve damage symptoms can provide patients with an indication that they have been the victim of surgical negligence. Some of the symptoms of nerve damage include:

    • Sharp pains in the effected area
    • Sexual Dysfunction
    • Incontinence
    • Numbness
    • Regularly dropping things


    If you are suffering with any of the above symptoms following surgery, you should contact a medical professional as soon as possible. You may have negligently suffered nerve damage and it is likely you will be able to bring a nerve damage compensation claim.

    If you think that your nerve damage may have been caused by negligence, contact our nerve damage compensation claims solicitors today for a free assessment of your medical negligence claim.


    What are the Reasons For Nerve Damage Compensation Claims?

    The most common reason for nerve damage compensation claims is the negligent damage to nerves during surgery. Surgeons must follow best practice procedures in order to treat a patient properly. If they fail to follow proper surgical procedures or fail to show proper care and attention, nerve damage negligence can happen easily.

    Surgeons used a lot of equipment that can cause damage to the body. If they are careless or lack proper surgical experience, the equipment they use can cause extensive nerve damage. Our nerve damage compensation claims solicitors have identified some common surgical reasons that result in nerve damage compensation claims. These are:

    • Anaesthetic errors with equipment
    • Severed or partially severed nerves
    • Nerve inflammation due to incorrect use surgical equipment
    • Tissue inflammation due to incorrect use of surgical equipment
    • Incorrect positioning of patients during surgery

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    If you have suffered avoidable pain and injury as a result of any of the above reasons, it is likely you have a nerve damage compensation claim.

    Our medical negligence solicitors are experts in nerve damage compensation claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372.


    What are Nerve Damage Compensation Claims?

    Nerve damage compensation claims are the claims you can make to obtain justice for nerve damage caused by medical negligence. If you suffered preventable pain, reduced mobility or any other ailment as a result of negligence you can make a nerve damage compensation claim.

    All medical professionals owe their patients a “Duty of Care”. This means that if your surgeon, doctor or nurse falls below the standard that would be expected, they have been negligent.

    You need to move quickly with your nerve damage compensation claims. They have to be made within strict time limits. You have 3 years from the date of the negligence or 3 years from the date you suspected negligence. That is why it is extremely important that you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

    Our solicitors can get nerve damage compensation claims started straight away. However, it is vital that you seek advice as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. Do not delay as it can result in you missing the chance to obtain justice for your suffering.

    Making Nerve Damage Compensation Claims

    Our solicitors will take away the stress of making nerve damage compensation claims. They are specialists in nerve damage compensation claims and can do all the work for you so that you can concentrate on recovering.

    Makin a nerve damages compensation claim will help you to obtain justice for your suffering. If you do not make a medical negligence claim, you will never be compensated or receive an explanation about what went wrong.

    Our nerve damage compensation claims solicitors will make sure that you are compensated for any financial and physical harm you have suffered. We will not accept that our client’s should ever be left out of pocket or in pain as a result of negligence.

    Nerve damage compensation claims are not just about obtaining compensation for your suffering, it is about obtaining justice. Our solicitors understand that this is a difficult time for you, often with nobody to turn to.

    Our clients often turn to our solicitors when they have nowhere else to go. On many occasions the NHS fails to provide adequate answers to our clients. Our medical negligence solicitors will get the answers you need. They will leave no stone unturned and will get you a full account of what went wrong.

    We will be in your corner, fighting your case. Our solicitors will provide you with all the support you need during your claim. You need to act fast, as there are strict time limits on when you can make nerve damage compensation claims. Contact us today to discuss your options.


    Why you should Make a Claim?

    Nerve damage compensation claims help to make sure the NHS does not repeat the same mistakes. Without being held legally to account, the NHS may not improve. However, if the reasons for nerve damage negligence are identified and investigated, changes and improvements can be made.

    Our clients also deserve to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. At the very least, you may incurred additional expenses and costs for extra care due to the injury. You may have had to take time of work, or give up your job altogether. In these circumstances, it is only fair that you as the victim are able to receive the correct amount of compensation for your suffering. However, we understand that often, no amount of compensation can make up for the suffering and loss our clients have endured.


    No Win No Fee Nerve Damage Compensation Claims

    Our expert medical negligence solicitors will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. There is no cost to you in the claim is unsuccessful. You will obtain the maximum compensation available to you.

    Our solicitors will also discuss any other options that are available regarding you case.


    How Much Compensation Will I Get?

    All nerve damage compensation claims are unique. Each claim will attract a different amount of compensation depending on the facts of the case. However, nerve damage compensation claims often provide for the following:

    • Compensation for pain and suffering
    • Compensation for care costs
    • Compensation for loss of earnings
    • Compensation for specialist equipment

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    Our Expertise in Nerve Damage Compensation Claims

    Our nerve damage compensation claims solicitors have decades of experience in nerve damage negligence claims. They specialise in this area of law and are quite simply experts in the area.

    They will provide you with the expert service you expect from your medical negligence lawyer. But they are also friendly, approachable and put customer service at the heart of everything they do for their clients.

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