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Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims


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    Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims

    Nursing negligence compensation claims are on the increase. Nurses provide a vital service to the NHS, and they are legally obliged to provide an acceptable standard of care. They must provide patients with caring, compassionate and skilled nursing care. If they do not, they may have been medically negligent.

    There is increasing pressure on the NHS, and in turn, this pressure filters down to the nurses providing care. Often, nursing wards are understaffed and overworked. Unfortunately, when working under these conditions, nursing mistakes are made.

    It is not acceptable for NHS patients to receive negligent nursing care. No matter what the pressures are on the NHS, there should always be enough suitably trained staff to provide care to the public. Nurses must provide consistently good care to patients, anything less of this is not acceptable.

    Our medical negligence solicitor are experts in nursing negligence compensation claims. They have acted for hundreds of victims of nursing negligence and have obtained significant sums in compensation on their behalf.

    There are strict time limits on when you can make nursing negligence compensation claims. It is really important that you seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible if you think you may have been the victim of nursing negligence.

    Our Solicitors are experts in Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372.


    What Is Nursing Negligence?

    Nursing negligence compensation claims arise when patients receive negligent medical care from a nurse. When the standard of care provided by a nurse falls below acceptable requirements, it is negligent.

    Nursing negligence can cause great pain and anguish to patients. Nurses often provide the day to day treatment that keeps patient safe and on the path to recovery. If they fail to provide this vital care and treatment, or provide it negligently patients can make nursing negligence compensation claims.

    Nurse provide care in most areas of the NHS. Our solicitors have handled nursing negligence compensation claims relating to nursing negligence in:

    • NHS Hospitals
    • Medical Centres
    • GP Surgeries
    • Home Nursing
    • Care Home Nursing


    Wherever you may have received negligent nursing care, you can make nursing negligence compensation claims. The standard of care expected of nurses does not change depending on the location. So whether you have received sub-standard care at home, or in an accident and emergency department, you can make a nursing negligence compensation claim.


    How Can Nurses Be Negligent?

    Nurses provide a range of treatment and care to patients. They must be expert and skilled in these treatments to make sure they are provided with care and dignity. If nurses are not fully trained in each of the medical treatments they provide they can cause great pain to patients.

    Some of the activities that are carried out by nurses in the NHS include:

    • Check blood pressure of patients
    • Check temperature of patients
    • Check blood/oxygen levels and heart rate of patients
    • Administering IV drugs and fluid
    • Providing hygiene care for patients
    • Administering drugs prescribed by doctors
    • Keeping medical records


    If a nurse provides any of the above care negligently, the outcome for patients can ultimately be fatal. They not only treat patients, but they provide a valuable checking system. This allows patients to be properly monitored. If patients are not monitored, symptoms and deterioration can be missed, leading to a much condition.

    No two nursing negligence compensation claims are the same. However, our nursing negligence compensation claims solicitors have identified a range of areas that often involve nursing negligence. These are:

    • Failure to provide vital food and water to patients
    • Negligent administering of drugs
    • Failure to monitor patients resulting in bed and pressure sores
    • Negligent administering of needles
    • Use of excessive force on patients
    • Failure to provide hygiene care to patients


    All of the above examples of nursing negligence are disgraceful. They should never happen. If you have been the victim of any form of nursing negligence contact us today for a free assessment of you claim.

    We will be in your corner, fighting your case. Our solicitors will provide you with all the support you need during your claim. You need to act fast, as there are strict time limits on when you can make nursing negligence compensation claims. Contact us today to discuss your options.


    What Are Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims?

    Making nursing negligence compensation claim is the legal action you can take when you receive negligent nursing care. If a nurse fails in their duty of care to you the consequences can be life threatening.

    Sadly, many of our nursing negligence compensation claims involve loved ones who have received negligent nursing care. On many occasions we have acted for families whose elderly relatives have been neglected when in a nurses care. In the most shocking cases, patients have been left starving, without water and left unclean. This is not acceptable in UK healthcare and our solicitors fight for victims to obtain justice every day.

    UK law allows nursing negligence victims to obtain justice for their suffering. Often, our clients are not concerned with just monetary compensation, what they really want is an explanation for why things went wrong. Unfortunately, victims often find that without making nursing negligence compensation claims, a proper explanation may never be given.

    Our nursing negligence compensation claims solicitors can move quickly with your claim. However, it is vital that you seek advice as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. Do not delay as it can result in you missing the chance to obtain justice for your suffering.

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    Our Solicitors are experts in nursing negligence compensation claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372


    Can I make a Nursing Negligence Compensation Claim?

    If you have suffered unnecessary pain and suffering as a result of nursing negligence, you may be able to make a compensation claim. The injuries that you may have suffered may have also caused you financial difficulty or unnecessary costs which you have a legal right to be compensated for.

    However, making nursing negligence compensation claims is not just about obtaining compensation for your suffering, it is about obtaining justice. Our solicitors understand that this is difficult time for you, often with nobody to turn to.

    They will help you obtain justice. They will fight your case and be there for you every step of the way.


    Should I Make A Nursing Negligence Compensation Claim?

    Nursing negligence compensation claims help to avoid the same mistakes happening again. Our solicitors often find that NHS guidelines will change following a medical negligence claim. If the medical mistakes that were made are identified and investigated, improvements can be made.

    It is also important that you are able to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. At the very least, you may incurred additional expenses and costs for extra care due to the injury. You may have had to take time of work, or give up your job altogether. In these circumstances, it is only fair that you as the victim are able to receive the correct amount of compensation for your suffering.


    No Win No Fee Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims

    Our medical negligence solicitors will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. There is no cost to you if the claim is unsuccessful. You will obtain the maximum compensation available to you.

    Our solicitors will also discuss any other options that are available regarding you case.


    How Much Compensation Will I Get?

    The amount of compensation you could receive for nursing negligence varies depending on the impact of the medical mistake. The amount of compensation you are awarded will depend on the extent of your suffering and the details of your case. It will also depend on your personal circumstances.

    Our solicitors will be able to guide you through the levels of compensation available based on your own circumstances. Contact them today for a Free Case Assessment.


    Our Expertise in Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims?

    Our medical negligence solicitors have decades of experience in nursing negligence compensation claims. They specialize in this area of law and are quite simply experts in the area. Not only are our nursing negligence solicitors experts in this area, they will also provide you with support and kindness in your time of need.

    We understand that our clients’ are going through one of the most distressing times of your life. We are not here simply as lawyers, we are here to help you get through by achieving the justice you deserve

    Our nursing negligence compensation claims solicitors will provide you with the expert service you expect from your medical negligence lawyer. But they are also friendly, approachable and put customer service at the heart of everything they do for their clients.

    Contact one of the team today for a Free Claim Assessment.


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