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Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claims


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    Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claims

    NHS patients expect all areas of the NHS to provide good quality care. That is why ambulance and paramedic negligence claims should never have to be made.

    Ambulance staff and paramedics provide urgent care to patients of the NHS in emergency situations. They are often the first medical professional on the scene. That is why a high standard is legally expected of them.

    If a paramedic fails to act quickly and provide expert care, the outcome for patients can be fatal. In an emergency situation patients need the best care to ensure they are not made worse.

    When a paramedic or the ambulance service fails to reach a proper level of care, ambulance and paramedic negligence claims will be made. Our ambulance and paramedic negligence claims solicitors have acted for hundreds of medical negligence victims.

    Our Solicitors are experts in Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372.


    Causes of Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claims

    Our solicitors have come across many reasons for ambulance and paramedic negligence claims. No two cases are exactly the same. However, we have identified some key areas which often amount to medical negligence. These include:

    • Slow response time to an emergency
    • Delay in treatment due to slow transfer times
    • Misdiagnosis of life-threatening conditions 
    • Delay in diagnosis of conditions
    • Medication errors
    • Excessive force applied to patients
    • Dropping patients



    Most causes of ambulance and paramedic negligence claims relate to the negligent care of patients prior to arriving at hospital. If a paramedic fails to provide quality care in this vital period it can ultimately be fatal.

    It is unacceptable that treatment can often be delayed due to slow ambulance response times. The NHS must ensure that our ambulance services are properly equipped and staffed to respond to emergency situations. This is when we need the NHS the most. If you have been let down by a paramedic leading to avoidable pain and suffering you should contact us today.

    We will be in your corner, fighting your case. Our solicitors will provide you with all the support you need during your claim. You need to act fast, as there are strict time limits on when you can make ambulance and paramedic compensation claims. Contact us today to discuss your options.


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    What Are Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claims?

    Making ambulance and paramedic negligence claims are vital to ensuring that standards in the NHS are improved. The number of medical mistakes need to reduce and by making medical negligence claims the NHS will learn that sub-standard medical care will not be accepted by patients.

    The law is there to protect you when you receive negligent medical care. If a paramedic or ambulance technician fails in their duty of care to you the consequences can be life threatening.

    Ambulance and paramedic negligence claims allow victims to obtain justice for their suffering. Often, our clients are not concerned with just monetary compensation, what they really want is an explanation for why things went wrong. Unfortunately, victims often find that without making compensation claims, a proper explanation may never be given.

    Our medical negligence solicitors can move quickly with your claim. However, it is vital that you seek advice as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. Do not delay as it can result in you missing the chance to obtain justice for your suffering.

    Our Solicitors are experts in ambulance and paramedic negligence claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372.


    Can I make an Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claim?

    If you have suffered unnecessary pain and suffering as a result of a paramedics negligence, you may be able to make a compensation claim. The injuries that you may have suffered may have also caused you financial difficulty or unnecessary costs which you have a legal right to be compensated for.

    However, ambulance and paramedic negligence claims are not just about obtaining compensation for your suffering, it is about obtaining justice. Our solicitors understand that this is difficult time for you, often with nobody to turn to.

    They will help you obtain justice. They will fight your case and be there for you every step of the way.


    No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

    Our medical negligence solicitors will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. There is no cost to you if the claim is unsuccessful. You will obtain the maximum compensation available to you.

    Our solicitors will also discuss any other options that are available regarding you case.


    How Much Compensation Will I Get?

    The amount of compensation you could receive for ambulance or paramedic negligence will depend on your own case. The amount of compensation you are awarded will depend on the extent of your suffering and any financial loss you may have had.

    Our solicitors will be able to guide you through the levels of compensation available based on your own circumstances. Contact them today for a Free Case Assessment.


    Our Expertise in Ambulance and Paramedic Negligence Claims?

    Our medical negligence claims solicitors have decades of experience in ambulance and paramedic negligence claims. They specialise in this area of law and are quite simply experts in the area. Not only are our solicitors experts in this area, they will also provide you with support and kindness in your time of need.

    We understand that our clients’ are going through one of the most distressing times of your life. We are not here simply as lawyers, we are here to help you get through by achieving the justice you deserve

    Our solicitors will provide you with the expert service you expect from your medical negligence lawyer. But they are also friendly, approachable and put customer service at the heart of everything they do for their clients.

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