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Dental Negligence Claims


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    Find out in this guide, how you can make dental negligence claims if your dentist failed to provide you with a reasonable standard of care causing you to suffer avoidable harm.

    Tooth extractions, implants or simply a routine dental checkup – there are plenty of reasons why you may need a dental visit. A dentist can prevent small issues from progressing to huge problems. But if a big problem already exists, help you address them professionally. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and they can be painful and traumatic for the patientIf you have suffered injury as a result of substandard care from your dentist, this may be deemed dental negligence.

    If you have been a victim of dental negligence, our dental negligence solicitors in Liverpool, London, Manchester, Wales can help. Get in touch to claim maximum dental negligence compensation today.

    dental negligence claims

    Various claims handled by our dental negligence solicitors in Liverpool

    Dental Implant Claims Gum Disease Claims Dental Nerve Damage Claims Dental Crown & Bridge Claims
    Dental Veneer Claims Wrong Tooth Extraction Claims Nerve Damage after Tooth Extraction Root Canal Claims

    What is Dental Negligence?

    This can be defined as avoidable injury caused by a dental professional who fails to provide adequate care. Any case where a dental professional – including dental therapists, hygienists, orthodontists and dental nurses – performs poorly and causes a patient avoidable harm, the affected patient can make a dental negligence compensation claim.

    A dental negligence claim is one type of medical negligence. As is the case with Medical Negligence Claims, you can make a dental claim if you have sustained any personal injury – including physical harm, pain or loss of earnings – due to the negligent care of a dentist.

    Dental negligence claims refer to where an individual either the affected individual or a loved one, takes legal action against a dental health professional for being negligent causing the patient to suffer avoidable injury, unnecessary pain, emotional trauma or financial expenses.

    If your dentist provided you with poor dental care which caused you unnecessary suffering, then you may have a strong dental claim.

    It is estimated that about 40 million dental treatments are carried out in the UK every year. Of course mistakes are bound to happen with such a great number. The common cause of dental negligence claims according to the NHS is dental extractions (about 24% of all claims). This is followed by root canal treatment (20%) and then cavities or filling treatments (17%).

    Suing a dentist for acts of negligence is not an easy task. Therefore, you need the services of specialist dental negligence claims lawyers to assist you and guide you to what you have to do. We are here to help you in whatever way you require right from the initial consultations to the payment of the settlement fee.

    We offer free consultation sessions where we will listen to you and make a free assessment of your claim & will also give you professional legal counsel on what next steps to take. 

    Reasons For Dental Negligence Compensation Claims

    The reason for making dental negligence claims is simply medical negligence. When a dentist is negligent, it could result in a number of unpalatable results which negatively impacts on the patient, his well being and that of the family. 

    Various forms of dental negligence which could lead to dental negligence claims include the following;

    • Extracting the wrong tooth
    • Filling or performing any dental procedure on the wrong tooth
    • Unnecessary damage to teeth during a dental procedure
    • Wrong diagnosis of a dental condition
    • Delayed diagnosis or completely missed diagnosis
    • Wrong treatment
    • Incorrect fitting of crowns, bridges or other oral prostheses 
    • Use of inferior products
    • Anaesthesia errors during dental surgery
    • Unnecessary nerve damage during surgical procedures
    • Failing to refer patient to a specialist when needful
    • Failing to accurately interpret dental x-rays and test results.
    • Negligent orthodontic treatment
    • Cosmetic dentistry negligence
    • Restorative dentistry errors
    • Treatment mistakes leading to multiple teeth loss or damage

    If your dentist has performed any of these negligent treatments or something similar, you need to speak to your dental negligence solicitor. He will give you expert advice on what you need to do to make claims.

    We Make A Difference with the Following Dental Negligence Claims

    Claims related to negligence by a dentist can be pursued for various reasons. Having professional legal advice and representation is the best shot you have at making a successful claim. Our dental solicitors are able to assist you make the following dental negligence claims;

    • Cosmetic Dentistry Claims
    • Dental Nerve Damage Claims
    • Oral Cancer Claims
    • Periodontal Disease Claims
    • Restorative Dentistry Claims
    • Maxillofacial Dentistry Claims
    • Dental Implant Claims
    • Signs Of Dental Neglect
    • Various signs of dental neglect include;
    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Halitosis
    • Early Childhood Caries (ECC)
    • Periodontal Diseases
    • Odontogenic infections

    Dental Negligence Claim – The Process

    For a successful dental negligence claims process, it is important that you get in touch with your negligence claims solicitors. They will help you establish a negligent act on the part of your dentist. Keep in mind that there are time limits for making a claim.

    If you have been let down by a dental professional, our solicitors can assist you pursue a claim for compensation. This compensation will cover the pain you have suffered, losses incurred and cost of medical care to repair the damage. Bringing your case to specialist Dental negligence solicitors gives you the best chance of securing the compensation you deserve. 

    If you have suffered due to Dental Negligence, speak to one of our Dental Negligence compensation claims solicitors today. They will be able to provide you with a Free Claim Assessment today.

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    What Does Suing A Dentist For Negligence Entail?

    If a dentist makes a mistake and you decide to take legal action against the dentist, you have to prove and establish beyond reasonable doubt that the dentist was directly responsible for the harm you suffered or complications and not any fault of yours by his or her act of negligence. The four parts of medical negligence therefore, has to be established which are; 

    • Duty (that your dentist owed you a duty of care)
    • Deviation (that your dentist deviated from or breached such duty of care)
    • Direct causation (that the breach of duty has directly caused you to suffer avoidable pain, trauma or further complications)
    • Damages (that you have suffered other damages- financially, physically, or psychologically as a result of the negligent treatment you received) 

    The Processes Involved In Making Dental Negligence Claims

    Your dental lawyer will explain to you in very clear terms what is involved in making a dental claim against your dentist. The stages involved in making dental claims are;

    • Speak With Your Dental Negligence Solicitor 
    • Fund Your Claim
    • Gather Facts and Information to proof your claims
    • Submit Letter Of Claim 
    • Establishing Liability
    • Negotiating Compensation Value
    • Payment Of Dental Compensation

    How Much Can I Claim for Dental Negligence?

    Every dental negligence claim is unique. The compensation award you will receive will largely depend on the extent of your injury and the cost of care.

    As with other types of medical negligence claims, compensation for a dental negligence claim is classified under two categories:

    General damages

    General damages constitute compensation for issues in direct association with dental negligence This includes financial compensation for:

    • Physical severity of the injury
    • Intensity of pain and suffering
    • Long-term impact and consequences of
    • the negligence e.g life-changing injuries and ongoing symptoms
    • Mental trauma / psychological issues caused by the negligence

    Special damages

    Special damages constitute compensation for financial redress for expenses incurred as a result of dental negligence. Compensation under this category may include:

    • Cost of present and future medical care e.g cost of remedial dental work sorted from specialists
    • Specialist consultancy fees
    • Immediate loss of income/earnings
    • Future loss of income/earnings
    • Additional transport expenses incurred for specialist care

    How Much Time Do I Have for the Claims Process?

    If you believe you have a valid claim for Dental Negligence, your solicitor can advice you on the best course of action, as there are time limits for making claims in the UK. By law, claimants must make their claims within three years from the date the negligent act occurred or the date you first became aware of the injury due to negligence. However, there are exceptions:

    The general three-year limit does not apply when:

    • The injured person lacks the mental capacity to make a claim. A time limit does not apply until they are mentally capable
    • The injured person has passed away. The claim must now be made within three years of the death.
    • The injured person is a child. The three-year limit only begins when the child turns 16 in Scotland and 18 in Wales and England.

    Why Choose Medical Negligence Direct?

    Our dental claims solicitors understand what you are going through and will do everything to help you claim a deserving compensation. We will provide the advice and compassionate support your case requires.
    Our experience, credentials and proven track record as dental negligence solicitors in Liverpool and all across the UK means that you stand the chance of a successful claim.

    You also will not have to worry about paying legal fees before we undertake your dental claims. This is because we will represent you on a no win no fee basis. Simply Complete the free claims assessment form or call us on 0800 644 4240 to get started.