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Face Lift Surgery Claims


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    Face Lift Surgery Claims (also known as Rhytidectomy)

    Our medical negligence solicitors are experts in face lift surgery compensation claims. They have dealt with many victims in face lift surgery claims and have recovered substantial damages on behalf of their clients.

    If your face lift surgery fails because of negligence you may be entitled to claim for compensation. People who suffer with cosmetic surgery negligence can be left with serious physical and psychological consequences. This can prevent them returning to work, requiring care and further treatment. It is important that during this difficult time that the right legal advice is sought.

    What Is Face Lift Surgery?

    Face lift surgery is aimed at lifting up the skin, deeper tissues and the underlying muscles in the face making the appearance of your face tighter and smoother. It is the third most requested cosmetic surgery in the UK after breast enlargement and eyelid surgery.

    Surgeons who carry out face lift surgery must have undertaken specialist training and should be registered with the Specialist Register in Plastic Surgery at the General Medical Council.

    The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Incisions are made above the hairline at the temples and extend naturally in line down the front of the ear and continue around behind the ear lobe and toward the lower scalp.

    Most surgeons will apply bandaging following the surgery to reduce the bruising and swelling. These usually stay in place for one or two days and then the stitches are usually removed within 7 to 8 days. Is this procedure is not followed it may have been negligent and can result in face lift surgery claims.

    What Are The Type Of Face Lift Surgery?

    There are many different types of face lift surgery which are dependent on the different types of incision used, area of the face treated, and how invasive the intensity of the procedure is. All of the different types of face lift surgery must be carried out to an acceptable standard or it can lead to face lift surgery claims.

    Risks and complications can occur during face lift surgery which can include;

    • Pain
    • Infection
    • Swelling
    • Uneven features
    • Skin colour changes
    • Loss of skin or hair
    • Damage to facial nerves

    The surgeon who performed your face lift surgery should have discussed these complications with you before your face lift surgery. He or she should have also taken a detailed history of any medical problems you have suffered with in the past, a family history and details of your medical conditions.

    This is important as there are some health conditions which stand as a health risk for face lift surgery.

    If you smoke, the surgeon should have also told you to stop smoke at least two weeks before the surgery.

    It is then for the surgeon to discuss your plan of treatment, for example the type of facelift you want, the type of anaesthesia, and the location of the incisions.

    If your surgeon did not discuss these risks with you before your surgery it often leads to avoidable complications, resulting in face lift surgery claims. You can contact our team of specialist solicitors to find out if you have a claim for compensation for face lift surgery negligence.

    Has Your Face Lift Surgery Gone Wrong?

    As the demand in cosmetic surgery has increased over the years so has the number of surgeons who are not properly trained or experience. As a result patients are suffering with serious injuries or illness which have a devastating impact on their lives. This has led to a sharp increase in the number of face lift surgery claims over recent years.

    If you have had a face lift which has gone wrong because the treatment given was substandard you may be entitled to compensation.

    Types of negligence leading to face lift surgery claims include;

    • Severe disfigurement and scarring
    • Nerve damages to the face
    • Bleeding under the skin
    • Psychological trauma
    • Injuries to other parts of your body such as ears, eyes, mouth, or nose.

    Many cosmetic surgeries take place at private clinics, only some take place on the NHS. Wherever the treatment takes place the standard should be the same. Your face lift surgery should have been carried out to a proper standard and by a specialist surgeon registered with on Specialist Register in Plastic Surgery. If it has not you can bring face lift surgery claims.

    If you have had a face lift which has gone wrong then one of our cosmetic surgery solicitors can help. Just complete our contact us form or telephone to speak with an adviser on 0800 644 4240.

    It is extremely important that you seek legal advice on the medical negligence you have suffered. Our team of solicitors are experienced face lift surgery solicitors and know that you feel devastated your face lift surgery has gone wrong. We will ensure your case is thoroughly investigated and the hospital or clinic takes account of the harm you are suffering.

    Our Solicitors are experts in face lift surgery claims. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 644 4240.

    How much Compensation For Face Lift Surgery Claims?

    It is difficult to confirm exactly the amount of compensation you will receive from face lift surgery compensation claims. There are different things to consider. You may have suffered both physical and psychological injuries or you may have suffered physical harm which is permanent. You may require treatment to make a complete recovery. All these factors need to be taken into consideration. To help us and you determine what your claim is worth you can use our medical negligence compensation calculator to obtain an estimate.

    Do I Have To Pay Anything?

    All our face lift surgery solicitors act on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if you are unsuccessful there is no cost to you. You will obtain the maximum compensation available to you.

    Our solicitors will also discuss any other options that are available regarding you case.

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