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Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims


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    Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims Compensation Claims

    Having any form of surgery can be daunting and an emotional process. You may have decided to have a tummy tuck following pregnancy to remove firm up your stomach, or following losing weight to remove excess skin. Whatever the reason you expect the procedure to go right.

    In 2015 a tummy tuck was Britain’s fastest growing form of cosmetic surgery. It is to date one of the top ten cosmetic surgeries performed in the UK. The procedure can take up to 90 minutes and a variety of techniques are used to perform the surgery.

    Prior to the surgery the cosmetic surgeon has a duty to consult with you regarding the procedure. He or she should advise you what the surgery will involve, the risks involved in performing the surgery, enquire as to your medical history and any conditions you suffer, and gain your consent to proceed.

    You should be advised to discontinue smoking before the surgery as this limits the flow of oxygen to the skin. You should also be advised to discontinue drinking alcohol the night before the surgery as this causes excessive bleeding.

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    What are the Types of Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Surgeries? 

    There are different combinations of the procedure which include:

    • Standard abdominoplasty

    This is where excess skin and fat are removed between the naval area and the pubic area. The stomach muscles are tightened and any remaining skin is stretched. Liposuction can be carried out during this procedure to thin the abdominal wall.

    • Mini abdominoplasty

    This is where a small amount of excess skin is removed from the naval area leaving a small and low abdominal scar just near the pubic area. The stomach muscles are tightened and any remaining skin is stretched.

    • Extended abdominoplasty

    This is where excess skin is removed from the stomach as they are during a standard abdominoplasty but excess skin is also removed from the back, waist and upper thighs.

    • Endoscopy abdominoplasty

    This is used to tighten the stomach muscles to give a better contour and is carried out through a short incision above the pubic area. Skin is not removed but liposuction can be carried out.

    • An apronectomy

    This is a modified procedure of the mini abdominoplasty for patient s who have a large amount of excess skin handing over the pubic area. Here excess skin is removed in the same way as a standard abdominoplasty but the scar can be long extending from one side of the body to the other.

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    What Are The Reasons For Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims?

    The final results should be what you wanted the cosmetic surgeon to achieve; a flatter, firmer stomach in better proportion to your shape.  There can be common side effects following cosmetic surgery such as slight numbness, swelling and the expected scarring.

    Your surgeon should advise you of these risks and side effects before the surgery and allow you a two week period to consider them before having the surgery. He or she is then under an obligation to carry out your tummy tuck surgery to a proper standard.

    Sadly things can go wrong resulting in abdominoplasty surgery claims. If your cosmetic surgeon was negligent you should be entitled to make abdominoplasty surgery claims for tummy tuck surgery negligence. The types of problems you may experience could be:

    • Nerve damage
    • Excessive bruising
    • Loss of sensation
    • Psychological damages
    • Injuries to internal organs
    • Infection
    • Disfigurement or excessive scarring


    How Can We Help You?

    It is extremely important that you seek legal advice on the medical negligence you have suffered. Our solicitors have represented many victims of abdominoplasty surgery claims and have obtained large sums in compensation on their behalf.

    Our team of solicitors are experienced cosmetic surgery solicitors and know that you feel devastated your surgery has gone wrong. We will be ensure your case is thoroughly investigated and the hospital or clinic takes account of the harm you are suffering. Our solicitors will provide you with all the support you need during your claim. Contact us today to discuss your options

    How Much Compensation For Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims?

    It is difficult to confirm exactly the amount of compensation you will receive because all Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims as no two cases are exactly the same. There are different things to consider. You may have suffered both physical and psychological injuries or you may have suffered physical harm which is permanent.

    You may require treatment to make a complete recovery. All these factors need to be taken into consideration. To help us and you determine what your claim is worth you can use our compensation calculator to obtain an estimate.