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Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims


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    Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims Compensation Claims

    Abdominoplasty surgery is known to be one of the top ten types of cosmetic surgeries performed in the UK, as at 2015. A tummy tuck surgical process can take about 90 minutes or more to complete using a number of techniques by cosmetic surgeons. Some of these surgical procedures involve some amount of risk, so as a best practice medical professionals advise patients about the outcome before going through with the process. 

    tummy tuck goes wrong

    It is highly recommended that any cosmetic surgeon must first consult with the patient and ensure they are fit to go through the process, by considering their medical history or any existing condition. Failure to do this can lead to abdominoplasty surgery claims if they go ahead with the procedure.

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    Whether you are doing a tummy tuck abroad is a highly risky procedure that should never be done by an amateur. When abdominoplasty surgery goes wrong, it can lead to some side effects that cause more harm to patients.  Tummy tuck risks and side effects include pus in belly button after tummy tuck. Belly button problems after tummy tuck are common tuck sign to show medical mistakes in cosmetic surgery. 

    What Is Abdominoplasty Surgery?

    Abdominoplasty surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery often done to remove excess fat and loose skin from the abdomen. Abdominoplasty surgery is commonly referred to as tummy tuck surgery. A patient can qualify for abdominoplasty surgery when they are physically fit, with a steady  body weight. They must be nonsmokers that wish to change the appearance of their stomach and body shape. There are so many other medical reasons for tummy tuck surgery but excess skin removal and weight loss are the most common. 

    Before starting your claim, you need to take about one month to heal or recover before you decide to claim compensation for abdominoplasty surgery claims. After a waiting period of recovery and your situation doesn’t get better, then you may be eligible for  cosmetic surgery claims or medical negligence compensation.

    A tummy tuck gone wrong can result in abdominoplasty surgery claims. Our Abdominoplasty surgery claims solicitors are specially trained to handle medical negligence claims resulting from cosmetic negligence.

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    Is Abdominoplasty Surgery A High Risk Procedure?

    So, is a tummy tuck major surgery? Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a major surgery, some patients experience discomfort, swelling, and severe pain after this procedure. Although these pains are normal after surgery symptoms can persist for weeks. These signs become abnormal, and you may be eligible to tummy tuck compensation.

    Some common instances that lead to abdominoplasty clinical negligence claims include:

    • Constant Pain In The Abdomen Area.
    • Persistent Severe Pain Around The Navel.
    • Wrinkles On The Skin Around The Scar Line.
    • Deformity Caused By Inadequate Removal Of Excess Skin.
    • Pus Or Fluid Around The Injury Sustained.

    What Are The Common Types of Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Surgeries?

    Undergoing any type of surgery can be exhausting, patients often go through a form of emotional stress. After delivery, some women get a lot of baby fat and others would decide to have a tummy tuck to remove excess skin or lose weight. If you choose to do an abdominoplasty surgery to reduce fat from your abdomen, it is a normal procedure and cosmetic surgeons are expected to carry out a successful surgical process.

    However, the surgical process can go wrong if a negligent medical professional fails to do the right thing. Common types of tummy tuck procedures include:

    Mini Abdominoplasty Surgery

    This abdominoplasty surgery is done by removing excess skin from around the navel. The procedure leaves a slight scar around the area while the stomach muscle tightens. 

    Standard Abdominoplasty Surgery

    In a standard abdominoplasty surgery, excess fat or skin is removed around the navel and pubic area. The procedure leaves an excess skin that stretches and tightens the muscles. After this process, a liposuction can be performed to make the abdominal wall thinner.

    Endoscopic Abdominoplasty Surgery

    Endoscopic abdominoplasty surgeries are done to tighten the stomach muscles. Cosmetic surgeons usually carry out an incision above the pubic area. The process can be quite expensive and it’s hard to get a free tummy tuck anywhere as the tummy tuck procedure is done by experienced medical professionals.

    If you decide suing the NHS for emotional distress caused by a botched tummy tuck, you can get legal advice from one of our lawyers.

    Extended Abdominoplasty Surgery

    Extended abdominoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery done to remove excess skin from the stomach or the back, waist or thighs. If you would like to find out how much your claim is worth try our medical negligence claim calculator.

    An Apronectomy Surgery

    In an apronectomy surgery excess skin is removed as well. It is more like a more complex mini abdominoplasty for patients with excess skin in the pubic part of the body. The excess skin is also removed above or below the abdomen in the same way a standard abdominoplasty surgery is done but this time with a longer scar.

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    Common Reasons For Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims

    Abdominoplasty is done by a cosmetic surgeon and patients expect to have a better shape, with firmer, or flatter stomach. Generally, your cosmetic surgeon will advise you on the side effects before any procedures. This is because there may be symptoms like swollen abdomen, scarring, numbness etc. 

    A surgeon owes you a duty of care to carry out your abdominoplasty surgery to a high standard. Any poor quality treatment can lead to problems and reasons to make NHS negligence. Unfortunately, the procedure can go wrong leading to abdominoplasty surgical claims.

    Some serious problems patients may face may include:

    • Infection.
    • Damage To The Nerves.
    • Emotional damage.
    • Excessive Injury.
    • Loss Of Sensitivity.
    • Perforation Of Internal Organs.
    • Defacement.

    How Do You Make An Abdominoplasty Medical Negligence Claim?

    Suffering from a negligent cosmetic procedure can be daunting and stressful for the victim. People often decide to go for surgery to experience a good outcome not to suffer more complications. Sometimes this may not be the case, if a cosmetic surgeon is careless in his duty.

    At Medical negligence direct, our medical negligence solicitors are experienced in dealing with complex abdominoplasty surgery compensation. If you sustained any form of negligence by a cosmetic surgeon that led to more injury, we can look into your case. Medical negligence claims time limits vary and we will inform you whether or not you have a claim after listening to you. 

    How We Can Help With Abdominoplasty Surgery Claims

    If you want to know if you can get a tummy tuck on the NHS, our medical negligence no win no fee UK solicitors are available to answer all your questions. We have helped many victims to recover compensation for injuries caused by a negligent cosmetic surgeon.

    If your cosmetic surgeon was negligent you should be entitled to make abdominoplasty surgery claims for tummy tuck surgery negligence.

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    Frequently Asked Question about Abdominoplasty Claim

    How Do I Know If I Have An Abdominoplasty Claim?

    You can have an abdominoplasty if you want to remove excess fat or sagging skin from your abdominal area. This type of cosmetic surgery is often done to improve the appearance of the abdomen after weight gain in pregnancy or childbirth.

    It is done to correct or remove excess fat from obese patients. The operation can also be done as a reconstructive procedure to fix structural damage in the abdomen.

    How Much Can I Claim In Compensation For Abdominoplasty Surgery?

    All medical negligence claims compensation amounts vary, often depending on the severity of the injury. If your Abdominoplasty surgery has gone wrong, get in touch to find out your options, as we treat every claim uniquely. If you would like to find out how much your claim is worth try out our medical negligence claim calculator.

    How Do I Qualify For Abdominoplasty Surgery?

    To qualify, a patient must  have  a steady weight and should be physically fit. Smokers are not qualified for tummy tuck. If you are concerned about the appearance in your stomach area, then you may be qualified to get an Abdominoplasty surgery. Patients must also have a realistic expectation.

    If you recently got a tummy tuck that caused you a serious injury, speak to one of our solicitors to know how you can begin your claim against a negligent cosmetic surgeon. Our Abdominoplasty surgery claims solicitors are specially trained to handle medical negligence claims resulting from cosmetic negligence.

    Can I get a tummy tuck on the NHS?

    If you are considering getting an abdominoplasty surgery or tummy tuck on the NHS, it is currently not available. This is a major surgery that poses serious risk and can be quite costly, so patients must be aware. If you would like to find out how much your claim is worth try our medical negligence claim calculator.