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Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims


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    Our solicitors are experts in Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims. They have represented many victims of cosmetic surgery negligence and have obtained large sums in compensation for their clients’ suffering.

    Cosmetic Surgery is a surgery which people have to improve their appearance, a way to boost their confidence. Over 51,000 people in Britain opted for cosmetic surgery in 2015.

    Whether it be cosmetic surgery to your nose, breasts, face, things can occasionally go wrong. If a surgical error occurs then the patient may suffer an injury, become ill or be left with a cosmetic deformity. This can include scarring, misshaping, or a lack of symmetry. You can also be left with psychological injuries, such as low self –esteem, depression, etc.

    Our solicitors specialise in cosmetic surgery negligence claims. They understand how difficult this time is and how upset you are feeling. They are available to advise if you may have a claim for cosmetic surgery negligence, and guide you through this process.

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    What are Types of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims?

    The most common areas where mistakes are made below:

    If you have experienced cosmetic surgery negligence which isn’t listed above then please don’t worry we can still help. Our solicitors are specialists and have vast experience in a wide range of claims. You can discuss your case with them by calling 0800 644 4240.

    What is Process for Making Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims?

    A cosmetic surgeon owes every patient a duty of care, when they fall below this victims are entitled to make cosmetic surgery negligence claims. When a surgeon makes a mistake they can be considered as having breached their duty of care.

    If this has caused the patient physical harm, injury or illness then they should be entitled to claim for compensation. This doesn’t just apply to the cosmetic surgeon, but can also apply to the anaesthetist, nurse or doctor who has treated the patient.

    There is in most cases a three year time limit to bring a claim for cosmetic surgery negligence claims so you should act as quickly as possible to ensure you secure the compensation you deserve. Complete the contact us form or call our advisors on 0800 644 4240.


    How Much Compensation For Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims?

    It is difficult to confirm the exact amount of compensation you will receive for cosmetic surgery negligence claims. There are different things to consider. You may have suffered both physical and psychological injuries or you may have suffered physical harm which is permanent.

    You may require treatment to make a complete recovery. All these factors need to be taken into consideration. To help us and you determine what your claim is worth you can use our compensation calculator to obtain an estimate.

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