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Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims


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    Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

    Has your child been injured at childbirth? It can be traumatizing for the entire family when a newborn baby sustains injury at birth. You can make cerebral palsy compensation claims if you discovered that your child came down with any birth disorder. 

    Cerebral Palsy Claims

    A newborn shouldn’t be made to suffer the mistakes of a negligent caregiver. The effect of such damage could be either temporary or permanent. No Parent wants their child to suffer a permanent disability that could have been avoided. 

    We know the emotional pain that comes with knowing that your child will suffer for the rest of their life, that is why we at medical negligence direct are here to help you recover all you need to support your child. We are a team of medical negligence solicitors ready to guide you through your  cerebral palsy compensation claims today.

    If you believe that your child’s injury was as a result of medical negligence, you may have a strong claim. And our legal team will do all they can to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for cerebral palsy that your child deserves. Our cerebral palsy solicitors are aware of the complications and the future needs of your child and will pursue your case accordingly. 

    They are ready to support your legal claim by offering you a no win no fee option, where there is no financial obligation to you until you win the case. The cost of child’s care and medical rehabilitation will be factored into your compensation payouts to support their lifetime needs. For cerebral palsy uk claims, seek expert advice from our best hands. Contact us via 0800 644 4240 to get started.

    Understanding Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy is a brain disorder that slows down a child’s learning ability, movement, posture and balance. CP can occur during difficult and long labour and so many other reasons. It is known to be the most common form of disability in children. 

    Knowing the cause of a child’s condition will help you understand the situation better especially if you want to make a claim. Research carried out by Pace Charity UK discovered that about four hundred children in the United Kingdom are delivered with cerebral palsy. 

    Cerebral palsy in babies UK and young People living with the condition were estimated to be over thirty thousand in total. Cerebral palsy medical negligence claims happen when a child’s brain disorder was caused by medical mistakes by a nurse midwife or obstetrician. A lot can trigger this disorder in a child before, during or after childbirth, some of which include:

    • Medical Errors.
    • Protracted Labor.
    • Jaundice.
    • Damage To The Brain Or Brain Injury.
    • Brain Deformity.
    • Rupture Of The Uterus.
    • Mother To Child Infection.
    • Unsuitable Blood Types.
    • Suffocation.
    • Multiple Births.
    • Fertility Treatments.
    • Placenta Issues.
    • Inflammation Of The Fetal Wall.
    • Premature Birth.

    The Common Types Of Cerebral Palsy.

    Women are very cautious during the period of pregnancy and delivery. They expect medical professionals to be careful in their vulnerable state. This is why they trust doctors and obstetricians to give them the best care. 

    If they breach that trust and make mistakes then you may be eligible to claim for medical negligence. Hydrocephalus cerebral palsy can lead to brain damage to your child if not managed by health care professionals. The common types of cerebral palsy include:

    • Ataxic Cerebral Palsy

      Ataxic Cerebral Palsy is believed to be the least form of brain damage to a child. It occurs as a result of damage to the cerebellum and this can lead to slow speech and weak limbs. The news of a newborn brings laughter and joy to the entire family, but no one expects to see a cerebral palsy baby. 

    • Spastic Cerebral Palsy

      A baby can sustain injury or damage to the part of the brain that is in charge of movements thereby leading to cerebral palsy. If this was caused by the actions of a negligent doctor, then they may be able to carry out investigations to ensure you are eligible to claim compensation for your child’s injury.

    • Dystonic cerebral palsy

      Dystonic cerebral palsy can affect some or the entire body of a child including the muscles which can hinder any attempt to walk or move. It is a type of birth injury that develops from the basal ganglia of the brain.

    • Multiple Cerebral Palsy

      A child with multiple cerebral palsy can have symptoms of two or more common types. For instance the combination of spastic and ataxic cerebral palsy. This means a child that has this disorder can exhibit slow speech, weak limbs and no movements at all.

    What Are The Most Common Medical Errors That Lead To Cerebral Palsy?

    Medical mistakes in childbirth can negatively affect both mother and child. Medical professionals that can be made liable for Cerebral palsy claims include, doctors, midwives, nurses, anesthesiologist, pediatrician or obstetrician and a general practitioner. 

    They can make mistakes in both prenatal and postnatal care that affects the development of the child. Brain damage leading to a child’s cerebral palsy can be the fault of these medical providers who are expected to give the best treatment in child delivery. 

    Some common types of medical errors that can lead to cerebral palsy during or after child birth may result from:

    • Negligence In Scheduling, or Performing An Urgent C-section.
    • Negligence In Monitoring The Heartbeat Of An Infant.
    • Negligence In Treating Umbilical Cord Or Placental Problems.
    • Negligence In Treatment Of Mother To Child Infections.
    • Negligence In Prenatal And Postnatal Medical Care.
    • Negligence In The Treatment Of Jaundice.
    • Negligent Misdiagnosis Of Preterm Labor. 
    • Negligence In Diagnosing Fetal Macrosomia.
    • Negligence In Managing prolonged Or Overdue Pregnancy.
    • Negligence In Responding Properly To Maternal Bleeding.
    • Negligence In Treating High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy.
    • Negligence In Child Labor And Delivery.
    • Negligence In Responding To Fetal Heart Distress.
    • Negligence In Using Forceps Or Vacuum Extractor At Delivery.
    • Negligence In Operating A Baby In Distress.
    • Negligence In Resuscitating A Newborn.

    Was A Medical Professional Liable For My Child’s Cerebral Palsy?

    The negligent action of a medical professional can lead to injuries to the brain which can affect the development of the child. If a midwife, doctor or obstetrician fails to do regular prenatal checks or monitor a mother during labour can be held responsible. 

    If you are unsure that a medical professional was negligent during the treatment of your child which has led to cerebral palsy, our cerebral palsy claims experts will listen to your case and advise  you on the next step to take if you have a claim. We will inform you whether or not you may have grounds to claim for medical negligence. 

    Cerebral Palsy Claims Process

    The process for making cerebral palsy compensation claims can be complex. To have a successful claim you must be able to prove that the doctor owes an obligation to care for your newborn.  

    To succeed in a cerebral palsy or birth injury compensation claim you must first demonstrate that the medical error done amounts to negligent care and this negligence contributed to the development of cyril palsy in your child.

    Furthermore, you must be able to show that there was real damage done as a result of medical negligence. All evidence must support your claim. In starting a claim you are not required to make a complaint for cerebral palsy medical negligence cases or maternal injuries at child birth.

    • Notify The Hospital Or NHS.
    • Seek Expert Legal Advice.
    • Hire A Lawyer.
    • Lawyer Initiates Investigation.
    • Prepare Letter Of Claim.
    • Obtain Medical Records.
    • Obtain NHS or Hospital’s Incident Report.
    • Hire Expert Medical Witnesses.
    • Valuation Of Your Claim.
    • Explore Settlement.
    • Court Trial.

    How Can I Fund Cerebral Palsy Claims

    Several of our medical negligence claims here in the UK are represented on a no win no fee arrangement. But for cerebral palsy  compensation claims you can apply for legal aid or government funding options. If you require more information about funding a cerebral palsy claim, contact our medical negligence solicitors for legal advice.

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    How Much Can I Claim In Cerebral Palsy Compensation

    If you want to know how much Compensation you can get from a Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claim, contact our legal team as soon as possible. Cerebral medical care often requires expensive rehabilitation costs and a hospital can be liable to pay for childbirth medical negligence. Any palsy injury caused by the negligent action or inaction of a doctor, can lead to huge settlement claims. 

    Child birth defects claims depend on the severity of cerebral palsy cases, therefore compensation amounts can vary from person to person. Our cerebral palsy experts solicitors can help you claim damages for your child’s condition. 

    Using our medical negligence calculator can give you an estimate of what your claim may be worth. Speak to one of our birth injury solicitors today and arrange a free consultation when you can. All our medical negligence claims are handled as no win no fee cases including GP negligence claims.

    What Can Be Recovered In A Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claim?

    There are no mild cerebral palsy disability benefits, because the long term effect on your child can cause hardship and lifelong suffering as it has no instant cure except with years of therapy. 

    To find out more about making a clear cerebral palsy compensation, talk to one of our cerebral palsy claims specialist solicitors now. A lot can be factored into a cerebral palsy compensation claim to help a child who has suffered during their birth. 

    Compensation costs that can be recovered in a cerebral palsy claim include:

    • Cost Of Rehabilitation.
    • Compensation For Pain And Suffering.
    • Cost Of Medical Care And Treatments.
    • Cost Of Aids And Medical Equipment.
    • Cost Of Lossed Earnings.
    • Cost Of Future Property Adaptation.
    • Cost Of Additional Expenses.

    Time Limits for Making Cerebral Palsy Negligence Claims

    Generally, you have a three-year timeframe right from the date the error happened or the date you became aware of the cause of your child’s birth injury. However, one exception is that when it involves a child, the three-year time limit may not apply. This means that you can’t claim until their 18th birthday. 

    On the other hand, time limit does not also apply if the victim of birth injury does not have the mental ability to pursue a claim. This doesn’t stop you from starting the claim early to ensure a good chance of success.

    Licensed Birth Injury Solicitors

    We are licensed birth injury solicitors that help patients that have experienced negligent treatment. If you contact us, one of our expert medical negligence solicitors will put you through on how to begin your cerebral palsy compensation claims. They will also provide legal advice on how to fund a claim, and guide you from start to finish until the process is completed.

    How Can Our Solicitors Help Today?

    A child can develop cerebral palsy as a result of the carelessness of a medical professional, but can be hard to prove. Birth injury claims take time and are somewhat complex in nature, so hiring a well trained birth injury solicitor can help with the cumbersome protocols. If you contact us today, we can help you investigate the root cause of injury done to your child. 

    Our birth injury solicitors have a track record of representing clients whose babies sustained injury during or after delivery, including cerebral palsy compensation claims. We support you every step of the way if you have experienced medical negligence in childbirth.

    Reasons To Choose Us

    • Years of experience in fighting for Justice.
    • We are solicitors you can trust and count on.
    • We are aware of the financial Implications of taking care of a child with cerebral palsy.
    • Our cerebral palsy claims solicitors will ensure they walk you through the claim process, step by step.
    • We will take on your case if we believe you have a strong claim.
    • We offer a no win no fee financial policy.
    • We will extensively review and investigate your claim.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

    Can Cerebral Palsy Be Caused By Clinical Or Medical Negligence?

    Yes, a negligent action of a medical professional can cause cerebral palsy disorder in a newborn. Medical errors are known to be the major cause of most cerebral palsy cases in children.  

    If a midwife, doctor or obstetrician fails to do regular prenatal checks or monitor a mother during labour it can affect the baby’s development. If your child has been a victim of a disability especially cerebral palsy as a result of negligence during pregnancy or delivery, our solicitors can help.

    What Proofs Do I Need To Start Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims?

    For cerebral palsy claims to be successful, it must be proven that a child’s condition or disorder was caused by the action or inaction of a hospital or a negligent staff. A medical negligence claims solicitor can help investigate your claim and obtain all the proofs you need to back up your claim.

    What Can You Do If You Are Unsure Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy Was Caused By Negligence?

    If you are not sure that a medical professional caused your child’s condition, please get legal advice to know if you could still claim compensation for your child. Our medical negligence team is made up of licensed solicitors with a wealth of experience in dealing with such cases and will help carry out thorough investigations to reach maximum settlement. We are here to help you with cerebral palsy compensation claims

    How Much Compensation Can Be Awarded To My Child If The Claim Is Successful?

    Compensation amounts for cerebral palsy claims are calculated based on the severity of damage caused to a child. It usually covers the child’s lifelong needs including medical expenses and any additional needs that result from their injury. 

    Therefore compensation costs associated with a child’s disability can be huge. Generally, cerebral palsy compensation claims can be valued around £1 million to £7 million depending on the difficult circumstances surrounding the case.


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