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    Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

    Medical negligence is also known as clinical negligence and is used as a term to describe a breach of duty by a doctor, nurse or medical professionals that causes an injury or suffering to yourself.

    Our medical negligence solicitors understand that you may not be sure if you have been the victim of medical negligence or not. They are here to guide you through the different types of medical negligence and will provide you with a no obligation assessment of your case.

    Medical negligence claims can help to provide justice and answers for the pain you have suffered.

    Whether you have been the victim of medical negligence at your local GP practice, an NHS or private hospital or when being treated by any other healthcare professional, we can help. We will guide you through the process and assist you at every step in the process.

    Common form Of Medical Negligence Claims-

    If you or a relative/friend have been let down by medical professionals from either poor care, negligent treatment, lack of action or medical mistake it is possible that you might be eligible to make a claim.

    If you feel you or somebody else is eligible to make a claim, contact one of our specialized medical negligence solicitors for a free non obligation assessment 0800 644 4240.

    What Are The Different Types Of Medical Negligence?

    There are many different types of medical negligence for which you can claim compensation for.  Here are a list of some of the common most types of medical negligence:

    1:- Surgical Negligence

    There are many surgeries performed everyday throughout the UK and many are successful, however sometimes surgical errors are made by medical professionals or assisted/training professionals which can cause injury or suffering to a patient.

    Examples of surgical negligence can be failed surgical negligence by causing damage during procedure or causing nerve damage, anesthetic misdiagnosis and negligence by giving the incorrect dosage to a patient which can cause suffering or an overdose or allergic reaction.

    If you have suffered any negligence from surgery then you may be eligible for medical negligence, you can either call one of our medical negligence solicitors on 08000 999 33 72 or fill out our free assessment online for us to call you.

    2 : –Medical Misdiagnosis

    Medical diagnosis and delay in diagnosing a condition can significantly impact on a person’s life. Failing to provide treatment or incorrect treatment can potentially be life threating. There are three main types of medical misdiagnosis negligence:

    • Incorrect diagnosis is giving somebody an incorrect diagnosis and given treatment which is administered.
    • Total misdiagnosis is where a health condition is failed to be diagnosed following symptoms or health problems.
    • Late diagnosis can impact prolonged health issues and recovery time.

    If you or someday you know has suffered a misdiagnosis, incorrect diagnosis or a delay in diagnosing a condition you may be eligible to claim for medical negligence contact one our medical negligence experts for a free assessment today.

    3:- Pregnancy And Birth Injuries

    Pregnancy can have a lot of complication affecting either the unborn child or the new born baby. There are many different types of pregnancy and birth injuries such as failing to diagnose topic pregnancy, missed screening failure or delay in failing to recognize mother needs to deliver baby such as, missing that the baby is distressed and mother may need to undergo a C-section resulting in baby having brain damage/ cerebral palsy.

    Mother may be affected during child birth such as suffering a tear whilst having baby or not being correctly stitched after birth.

    If you or your child received negligence care and suffered an injury, then speak to one of our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors who will give you a free obligation assessment Call Us: 0800 644 4240.

    4: – GP Negligence

    The GP surgery is first call for most people who feel unwell, it is important for GP’s to examine and undergo tests for a patient to determine the cause of your symptoms and then prescribe medication or refer yourself to a specialist doctor.

    GP nurse’s common mistakes may be that they missed your diagnosis, failed to examine you properly, prescribed you the wrong medication, or failed to refer you on to the hospital or specialist.

    If you feel you have been let down and suffered injury or pain as a result of the negligence from your GP Negligence, contact one of our experts today to get a free non obligation assessment 0800 644 4240.

    5:- Care Home Negligence

    There are times unfortunately where care given to vulnerable people or elderly is unacceptably poor, and may sadly suffer an injury as a result of negligence from either care work or lack of care.

    The most common medical negligence that occurs in care home are pressure ulcers and pressure sores which can develop when a patient’s skin comes in contact with the bed for a long period of time. Another type for negligence that may occur in care homes is medication and prescription errors, such as a care home assistant not being wary about the medication and accidentally give the incorrect medication or a higher dosage than the patients’ needs then they may suffer side effects.

    If you or a family member has suffered any negligence within a care home then contact one of our specialized experts to find out more information about care home negligence and to get a free non obligation assessment.

    6:- NHS Negligence

    Medical care from the NHS is usually excellent and most patients are satisfied with the quality of care they receive. But mistakes happen and things can go wrong. If your rights to standard medical care were not upheld by the NHS personnel treating you and you have suffered an injury as a result, you can make a medical negligence claim for compensation.

    NHS negligence can cause an injury, illness, or even worsen an existing condition. Not only can NHS negligence affect you physically, but mentally and financially too. Get in touch with us now on 0800 644 4240 so you can speak with our specialist medical negligence solicitors in complete confidence and at your convenience.

    7:- Cauda Equina Syndrome Negligence

    Cauda equina syndrome is a rare and severe medical condition that can lead to incontinence and permanent paralysis if left untreated. It is a medical emergency characterized by severe low back pain. Unfortunately, low back pain is a common condition that affects millions of people, which means a doctor may act negligently by failing to promptly check the warning signs.

    If you have suffered from cauda equina syndrome and your doctor has failed to check diagnose the symptoms of the condition in a timely manner or quickly treat the condition, then you may be entitled to compensation.

    Please get in touch with us on 0800 644 4240; our specialist medical negligence solicitors will be happy to offer a non-obligation assessment of your case, and advise you on the best course forward.

    8:- Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

    Cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity in the UK in recent years. Unfortunately, it is not as heavily regulated as other areas of healthcare; with more and more people choosing private medical institutions for this elective procedure, there has also been an increase in unsuccessful incidents.

    Cosmetic surgery negligence can occur when your doctor or cosmetic surgeon makes an avoidable mistake which causes you an illness or injury. The consequences can be devastating, and can cause the patient, physical, mental and financial pain. If your cosmetic surgery has gone wrong due to negligence, then you can make a claim for compensation.

    Call us on 0800 644 4240 for a free initial consultation; our specialist solicitors will determine if you have a claim and how much compensation you may be entitled to.

    9:- Cancer Misdiagnosis Negligence

    When cancer is diagnosed at the earliest possible time, it can enhance a patient’s chances of recovery. Occasionally, a medical professional may detect cancer early but may incorrectly diagnose the exact problem. In this case, a patient may undergo treatment procedures that were not required.

    If your doctor fails to correctly interpret and diagnose cancer, this can have a huge impact on your health and could worsen an already distressing situation.

    If you believe your illness has been as a result of cancer misdiagnosis and you have suffered unnecessarily as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation. 

    10:- Dental Negligence

    Dental negligence occurs when a dentist fails to provide standard care when treating you, and common examples of dental negligence include restorative dentistry errors, cosmetic dentistry problems, and delayed or incorrect diagnosis. Unfortunately, the effect of dental negligence can go beyond your physical health, even affecting your mental wellbeing and financial strength.

    Whether your dental professional is a private provider or a staff at the NHS, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim against them if they have caused you to be negligent.

    How To Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

    If you feel like you have been a victim of medical negligence then you be eligible to make a claim. The first step is to contact one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors for a free assessment straight away to be sure if you have a valid claim. We work with a panel of specialist solicitors who operate on a no win no fee. So you need to worry about any costs.

    Call one of our specialist experts if you or somebody else feels like you may be eligible to claim then contact us online or by telephone and we will give you a free obligation assessment 0800 644 4240.

    How Our Medical Negligence Solicitors Can Help You?

    Our lawyers specialise in specific types of medical negligence, including orthopaedic injuries,birth injuries, cancer misdiagnosis claims, care home neglect and brain injuries.

    Contact us today and you’ll get a free initial consultation with one of our experts. Our solicitors will act on a No Win No Fee basis. This means you won’t have to pay any legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful.

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