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    Without a doubt, injury or illness of any type can be painful and frustrating for its victim. When it comes to injuries or illnesses caused by medical negligence, it can feel even worse because we put our complete trust in our medical professionals to help us feel better, not worse. If you are in Birmingham and have suffered an injury or illness due to negligent treatment on the part of a medical professional, our medical negligence solicitors can help you make a compensation claim.

    Medical negligence happens when a patient receives substandard medical care from a health professional. As a result of this treatment, the patient suffers further injury or illness, or the worsening of an existing condition. If you have been a victim of medical negligence, then you are entitled to claims in Birmingham where you can sue the individual or medical body involved for compensation.

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we work with a panel of specialist medical negligence solicitors in the UK, including Birmingham. We have a strong record in helping families in Birmingham and surrounding areas receive compensation for negligence. Our solicitors have successfully handled cases against medical professionals from private healthcare organizations as well as the NHS.

    Medical Negligence Claims We Handle in Birmingham

    • Dental Negligence

    If you have been a victim of negligent treatment at the hands of a dental professional, you may be entitled to a compensation claim. Examples of dental negligence include providing wrongful advice, failing to provide specific dental diagnosis, extraction of the wrong tooth, damaging a tooth while extracting the one next to it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our Dental negligence experts, if you think you have suffered dental negligence in Birmingham.

    • Misdiagnosis/Missed/Delayed Diagnosis

    Late diagnosis, missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis can have devastating impact, especially when it concerns conditions like cancer that can deteriorate very quickly. If a healthcare provider has misdiagnosed your condition, you may end up receiving unnecessary treatment, and even undergo the wrong surgical procedure in some cases. This can lead to further complications.

    In like manner, if a medical professional fails to identify the symptoms you are experiencing and entirely misses a condition or correctly diagnoses it at a later date, you would likely receive treatment later than you should. As a result, your condition could worsen, which could mean you may have to undergo more intensive procedures, and where the symptoms are very serious, the result could be fatal.

    If you have been a victim of missed diagnosis, delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, you may be entitled to a compensation. 

    • Care Home Negligence

    The decision to send a loved one to a care/nursing home facility does not come easy. This situation could be made worse if the care home facility fails to provide the standard of care they owe your loved one. If this happens, you deserve to make a claim for compensation. If your loved one is unable to make the claim on their own, you may be able to act on their behalf and make a care home Negligence claim for them.

    Examples of care home negligence include administration of wrong medication, poor feeding and washing standards, mistreatment of patients by care home workers. While care homes usually uphold a high standard of care when dealing with their patients, there have been a few experiences in recent years that prove that negligence could happen.

    • Hospital Negligence

    If you have endured negligent treatment while under the care of a hospital in Birmingham, you can make a claim for medical negligence. Throughout the UK, hospitals – whether private or NHS Trusts – are expected to uphold a certain standard of care when treating patient needs. Over the years, however, factors such as understaffing of medical workers has led to the increasing number of medical errors.

    If a hospital has failed to fulfill the minimum standard of care it owes you as a patient and you have been injured as a result, our panel of hospital negligence experts in Birmingham can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

    • Surgical Negligence

    The thought of going through a surgical procedure can be scary. However, things could get worse if the surgeon makes a mistake during surgery. For instance, surgical instruments may have been retained in the patient’s body or the surgeon may have operated on the wrong body part. If this happens, you could make a claim for surgical negligence in Birmingham.

    We all know surgery comes with its risks, but this does not mean that you should receive care that falls below the acceptable standard. As a patient, you are always entitled to a minimum standard of care, whether the operation is performed in a private healthcare facility or an NHS hospital. 

    How Do I Know I Have a Claim?

    If the care or treatment you received has caused you injury, or worsened your existing condition, you may be entitled to a claim for medical negligence. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know if your doctor has acted negligently or a mistake was unavoidable. You can find out more about the strength of your claim when you get in touch with us.

    Time Limits for Making Medical Claims

    Medical negligence claims in Birmingham and everywhere in the UK are subject to strict time limits, also known as a limitation period.

    We recommend that you refrain from calculating your limitation period without seeking expert advice from a solicitor. As there is a general 3-year time limit for making medical negligence claims, we also advice that you start the claims process as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of losing critical evidence.

    The most common exceptions to the 3-year time limit are:
    • If the medical negligence victim is a child under 18. The limitation period only begins to run from their 18th birthday, which means they have until their 21st birthday to issue court proceedings.
    • If the medical negligence victim has passed away. In this case, the 3-year limitation period begins from the date of death or the date of knowledge of the deceased’s personal representative.
    • If the victim lacks mental capacity to bring a claim on their own. There is no time limit in this case, and someone else can act on their behalf.
    • The Court has the authority to exercise its discretion to allow the issuance of court proceedings outside the limitation period. Discretion is applied for exceptional cases under specific criteria set by the courts.

    How Our Solicitors Will Help You in Birmingham?

    The medical negligence claims process can be complex and time-consuming – riddled with delays and even dead ends. As knowledgeable and experienced solicitors, our goal is to work in your interest and help you manage the risk associated with making a claim for negligence in Birmingham.

    Our aim is to help you secure the maximum compensation you deserve within the least possible time. However, our lawyers in Birmingham take their time to ensure they put every piece of your claim together – as it should be. We do everything to negotiate your compensation out of court by creating a robust foundation backed by relevant evidence. We also work with independent experts who can provide undeniable evidence to support your case.

    No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors in Birmingham

    At Medical Negligence Direct, we understand how difficult and traumatic it can be to cope with conditions caused by medical negligence. As a result of the injury or illness you suffered, you may have had to quit work and lose your source of income; you likely have incurred additional medical expenses due to the injury. We understand that you do not want to be manage any more financial risks.

    The vast majority of our claims are handled via a No Win No Fee agreement (or Conditional Fee Agreement) in Birmingham. Under this agreement, you will not have to pay any upfront fees for your case. You will only be required to pay a success fee (a percentage of your compensation award) if your case is successful.

    This arrangement makes it possible for anyone – no matter their financial situation – to be able to seek justice if they have suffered medical negligence in Birmingham.

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