Medical Negligence Claims for Cauda Equina Syndrome

Medical Negligence Claims for Cauda Equina Syndrome


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    You can make medical negligence cauda equina syndrome claims if you believe you are suffering as a result of the negligent actions of another. Get in touch today!

    Among millions of people, especially active workers, there’s a common issue of low back pain which in most cases, doesn’t necessarily need surgery to correct. However, in very rare cases, severe and prolonged back pain can be a sign of cauda equina syndrome (CES); a condition requiring surgical treatment and must be treated as a medical emergency.

    Medical negligence claims for Cauda Equina Syndrome

    When medical practitioners overlook the symptoms of Cauda equina leading to inappropriate diagnosis or delayed diagnosis of the condition, patients may suffer horrendous injuries. 

    What Is Cauda Equina Syndrome?

    Cauda equina syndrome is a rare disorder that usually requires a surgical procedure. Patients with CES, most likely feel compresses on the spinal nerve roots. The pain it brings limits the physical activities of the sufferer and urgent intervention is required to prevent damages such as involuntary bowel movements and urinary incontinence as well as possible paralysis of the legs. 

    CES affects a bundle of nerve roots called cauda equina which are located at the lower end of the spinal cord in the lumbosacral spine. The cauda equina is responsible for sending and receiving messages to and from your legs, feet, and pelvic organs.

    Causes of Cauda Equina Syndrome

    Many cases of CES occur more in adults than children. Children who have a spinal birth defect or spinal injury are more likely to be victims than those who have no track records of both conditions.

    That being said, the known causes of cauda equina syndrome can be as follows:

    • A severe ruptured disk in the lumbar area; which is the most common cause
    • Narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis)
    • A spinal cord infection, inflammation, hemorrhage, fracture, or malignant tumor
    • Complications resulting from severe spine injuries such as a car crash, fall, gunshot, or stab. 
    • Birth defects such as an abnormal connection between blood vessels (arteriovenous malformation)

    Asides from the aforementioned causes of CES which are either biological or external cases, there’s another factor known professionally as Medical Negligence.

    Make A Claim

    Medical Negligence and Cauda Equina syndrome

    If you have developed cauda equina syndrome as a result of a delayed or substandard medical care, you may be eligible to stake a claim for medical negligence.

    Medical malpractice can be said to take place when a health care professional fails to provide appropriate treatment, take appropriate action, or gives substandard treatment resulting in injury or death to a patient.

    It is not very pleasing for patients to learn that they have become victims of medical negligence, but the consolation is that “Medical malpractice law” exists which makes provisions for patients to recover compensation from any harm that resulted from substandard treatment.

    Conditions for claims

    In preparing for a lawsuit involving medical negligence, there are essential elements for a case. The defendant will have to prove that four elements existed;

    • A duty was owed by the health care provider in question
    • A duty was breached because the health care provider did not abide by the set standards of care or treatment
    • The breach resulted in an injury, and it was closely linked to the injury
    • The patient incurred physical, emotional, or financial damages consequently

    For victims to be eligible for claims resulting from medical negligence, they have to prove that;

    • They have either developed cauda equina syndrome due to substandard surgical procedures; or
    • They have developed the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome and there has been a negligent delay in medical attention, leading to a worse outcome.

    Time Limit for Medical Negligence Claims

    It is our advice that patients are quick to bring up their cases, as they have a period of three years from the date of injury, or date of knowledge of the injury, in which to bring a medical claim.

    We work with the best medical negligence solicitors in the UK who will represent you to the best of their ability and provide expert claims support throughout the process. Whether you want to make a GP negligence claim or NHS claims you can trust our solicitors to handle your claim with absolute professionalism. 

    What is Cauda equina negligence claim worth?

    Usually, the amount given as compensation to a victim of medical negligence varies depending on the nature and severity of damage incurred. While compensations for permanent life injuries usually attract higher amounts, those with minor injuries attract lesser.

    Generally, Damages for medical negligence are classed under two:

    • General damages: Here, compensation is approved for the direct effect of the negligent treatment on the patient. By direct effect, we mean pain, physical injury, as well as mental and psychological trauma faced by the victim.
    • Special damages: Compensation for special damages are awarded for budgetary deficits suffered by the victim as a result of expenses incurred as a direct result of the negligence of the healthcare provider. Expenses including short and long-term medical expenses for rehabilitation, transportation costs to hospital for appointments, loss of income, and loss of earning capacity are considered here.

    Connect with Expert Cauda Equina solicitors

    At MND, we partner with a panel of Cauda Equina solicitor experts. From misdiagnosis to birth injury claims, these medical negligence professionals react quickly and compassionately to walk you through the claims process.

    Our malpractice specialists have aided the cause of many victims with medical negligence cases in the United Kingdom, securing due and appropriate compensation per time.

    We’d advise that if you feel you are eligible for a medical claim, or have suffered negative effects of medical negligence delay in treatment, reach out to us as soon as possible.


    Here are some of the reasons why we stand out: 

    • Being specialists with enormous years of experience in medical negligence, our experts have dealt with a wide range of negligence cases. We understand your condition and are dedicated to providing all the support you need to navigate this difficult period.
    • Our solicitors employ an expert, yet human approach in handling different cases of medical negligence, as we aim to secure maximum compensation to enable you to continue a normal life and reduce the unpleasant memory of the clinical negligence.
    • More importantly, beyond getting compensation, we believe our clients ought to know what went wrong and why they are victims of medical negligence. To this end, we ensure they get deserved answers and apologies.

    When you claim with us, you can bet that you have the best medical negligence solicitors in the UK and there are no hidden costs. We prioritize our clients throughout the claim.

    Our Medical Negligence Claims Process – Summarized

    Once we confirm your claims for damages are authentic, you will be given the details of one of the solicitors from our panel of specialist medical & clinical negligence who will assess your potential claim and discuss it with you.

    You will be given the best advice – whether you need to make a complaint or start a claim for medical negligence.

    Kindly note that you are not under obligation to work with the Panel Law Firms we work with, as you are at liberty to choose a legal representation for your case.

    You will be asked to provide relevant evidence or information that will set the scene for a successful claim. Without evidence to prove medical negligence, the chances of unsuccessful claims are heightened. 

    Once we have all evidence, we will proceed to develop a solid case for you and would approach the defendant on your behalf. The defendant will be given a period of time to respond with either an “acceptance” of liability or “denial”. Following acceptance of liability, negotiations are made and a worthy compensation amount is agreed upon. 

    No Win No Fee Agreement

    A “No Win No Fee” medical negligence Agreement is a funding plan for victims of negligence intending to make a compensation claim. Here, there is no financial risk borne by the claimant. What this means is that you don’t need to worry about funding your claim yourself.

    I’m addition, if your claim is unsuccessful, you wouldn’t need to worry about bearing any costs, and if your case is successful, the legal costs are recovered from the defendant.

    However, upon a successful claim where you have been awarded compensation, you will need to pay a success fee to the Medical claims solicitor representing you. This is usually a percentage of the compensation award earlier negotiated between you and your medical negligence solicitors at the start of your claim – and it is determined on a case by case basis.

    The percentage is deducted from the compensation awarded for “general damages” (damages for pain and suffering), excluding damages for future loss of earnings, future care costs, and equipment needs for which there is no deduction from damages.

    The success fee ranges between 0 – 25% and will not exceed 25% of your general damages (not including damages for future care or loss of earnings) with the amount depending on the individual circumstances surrounding the claim.

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