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How much Compensation for Loss of Limb?

How much Compensation for Loss of Limb?


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    Our specialist injury solicitors have years of experience bringing securing compensation for loss of limb on behalf of clients involved in accidents at workplace, personal injuries or those who need amputation as a result of negligent medical treatment.  

    Compensation for Loss of Limb

    If you have suffered negligent treatment or delay in diagnosis that has led to amputation or the possible need of one, you may be eligible to make amputation compensation claims

    I’m this article, we will explain when a claim might be possible, what sorts of negligence could result in an amputation claim, and how much compensation for an amputation might be awarded.

    What does Amputation claim cover?

    Similar to most medical negligence claims, compensation awarded for Amputation claims cover:

    • Special Damages 
    • General Damages 

    In the case where you have suffered loss of limb, or amputation, as a result of accidents at workplaces or hospitals, which was no fault of yours, our amputation claim solicitors and personal injury claim solicitors can be of help. 

    You can contact us today to speak with an expert. Take advantage of our free, no obligation claim assessment.

    How Much is awarded as Compensation for an Amputation?

    The amount of compensation awarded to a claimant depends on a number of factors including the type or category of loss of limb or amputation, level of pain and suffering experienced and associated financial losses, to mention a few. 

    In the UK, compensation for loss of limb awarded to victims could be anywhere from thousands to several millions, depending on the complexity or severity of the case. 

    Amputation compensation claims can be made for different types of amputation including; 

    • Both legs or arms below the knee or elbow
    • One leg or arm below the knee or elbow
    • Both legs or arms above the knee or elbow
    • One leg or arm above the knee or elbow
    • Both feet or hands
    • One foot or hand
    • A finger or toe

    In the calculation process of your past financial and estimated future losses your personal injury solicitor considers that nothing is decided and this may mean that:

    • In the greatest extent of amputation claims, you may be given or awarded between the range of £190,000 – £240,000 in general damages. A final settlement could amount to millions including all financial losses. 
    • In amputation claims with moderate severity, you have the opportunity to be awarded between the amount: £70,000 – £90,000 in general damages. 

    Severe amputation claims are when both arms and legs or any of each is lost, while a moderate amputation claim may just be a below-the-elbow amputation; and a moderately severe amputation claim may be a case where just both hands are lost.

    While we cannot adequately determine the exact value of your claim, with a claim calculator, our expert amputation claims solicitors can give you an estimated range of value to expect based on the nature of and all elements bordering around your claim. 

    Wondering “how much compensation can I claim for loss of finger,” you can speak with our specialists today at zero cost. 

    Start Your Claim

    How to make an amputation claim?

    If your loss of limb or amputation is the consequence of another’s action, you are within your right to claim compensation. 

    It is important that you seek the expert advice of a personal injury claim solicitor or an amputation claims solicitor.

    When you contact us, we will appoint an experienced solicitor that will investigate and evaluate your claim, to establish the validity of your claim. 

    Once we have recognized that your claim is valid, we will proceed to provide you all the legal support you will need throughout the claims process. Our solicitors have a track record of negotiating compensation amounts that help victims get access to the best care and rehabilitation therapies that allow them to regain a better quality of life.

    Although amputation claims may seem quite difficult at a glance, we try to simplify our process as much as possible. We understand that our clients are victims who are in great difficulty and distress. 

    All we need is a detailed account of what happened including all evidence available to back up your claim and we will get to work. 

    To make an amputation claim, you will provide need to provide your solicitor with the following 

    • Details about yourself, 
    • Account of events leading up to your injury
    • Your experience with the medical professional 
    • The kind of accident or medical negligence you suffered
    • Your medical report 
    • Results from tests or scan run 

    Our initial chat is about getting you the advice you need and fully understanding whether we can help you. We will discuss your injury and ask for details about your experience and the kind of accident you have suffered. If you don’t have the specific date of your accident or the name of any medical treatments you’ve received, please don’t worry – we will work out everything with you. 

    After we assess your case, you are not obligated to work with us. There will be no pressure whatsoever on you to instruct our medical negligence solicitors.


    What does an amputation compensation cover?

    Pain and Suffering

    When you start a claim for personal injury, you will receive compensation for the pain and suffering you must have experienced. Where a loss of limb or amputation is concerned, the compensation will possibly be significant. These pains and suffering include phantom limb pains, neuropathic pains and anxiety and depression.

    Loss of Amenity

    The compensation you will be awarded for pain and suffering is similar to the compensation for loss of amenities because they both cover general damages.

    Financial Losses

    In addition to pain and suffering, and loss of amenity, you will also be presented with compensation for your financial losses. These type of compensations are considered as compensation for your Special Damages.

    The No Win/ No Fee Basis

    At Medical Negligence Direct, our solicitors offer you the best chance to make loss of limb or amputation claims with utterly no financial implications  under our No Win No Fee basis. This is to say that you are able to make claims without having to pay legal, court fees, or any other fees. 

    We also offer a free consultation session, where we would critically analyze your case, to ensure you have solid ground to make a claim. 

    When we represent you on a No win No fee basis, in the event that your claim turns out successful, you are protected from paying us. It is only after your claims are settled and compel is awarded that we will deduct 25% of your settlement payout as our “success fee.” Meanwhile,  you are given the rest.

    You deserve the best team of solicitors to handle your claims and we are here for you! 

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