Butterwick Hospice in Bishop Auckland Rated Inadequate Told to Improve

Butterwick Hospice in Bishop Auckland Rated Inadequate & Told to Improve

Butterwick Hospice in Bishop Auckland Rated Inadequate & Told to Improve


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    Butterwick Hospice Care was founded in 1984 and provides adult hospice services including palliative and neurological daycare as well as a home care service.

    After a recent review, the hospice has been rated inadequate and told to improve to ensure “safe patient care”.

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) gave the rating to Butterwick Hospice in Bishop Auckland after it found some staff were not properly trained.

    However, a report on Butterwick House in Stockton – which was previously rated inadequate and run by the same firm – found it had improved.

    The charity said it was committed to improving its services.

    The inspection at Butterwick Hospice, found staff were “caring and compassionate” but the latest inspection also found “policies to ensure the safe and effective running of the service either lacked detail or were non-existent”.

    The CQC reported: “We found staff were giving medicine to patients in their own homes without the necessary training which could put people at risk.”


    In September 2021, Butterwick House – which cares for children and young people – was rated as inadequate in four out of five inspection categories.

    However, after its latest review in February, its rating for being safe and well-led went up from inadequate to requires improvement, and its ratings for being effective and responsive improved from inadequate to good.

    Furthermore, its rating for caring remained good.

    Paul Bury – chairman of Butterwick Hospice Care while commenting on the Bishop Auckland facility inspection said: “The inspection in February, highlighted a number of issues with our palliative homecare service. We immediately paused the service, created an action plan, redeveloped the service and trained staff. Although we were disappointed with CQC’s initial findings, we are confident that the service that we relaunched in April meets the requirements of the CQC and the needs of our community.”

    He also mentioned that staff at the Stockton centre were “delighted” their hard work had paid off.

    Bishop Auckland Rated Inadequate told to improve

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