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What Are Hand Injury Compensation Claims?

What Are Hand Injury Compensation Claims?


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    Hand injuries are primarily some of the most common types of personal injuries. There are different types of hand injuries as there are multiple ways through which they can come about. In this article, we are going to look at all you need to know concerning hand injury compensation claims. From when you could be compensated after suffering a hand injury to how much compensation to expect. 

    Hand Injury Compensation Claims

    Whether you suffer a fracture, contusion, laceration, you might be able to seek damages if it can be established that a third party is responsible for your condition. Whether you have recuperated from your hand injury or are still in the process of recovering, we are here to help you. 

    No matter where you are in the claims process, our solicitors will provide you with the necessary legal assistance and support you need to get the compensation you deserve.  

    Some Common Causes Of Hand Injuries

    Any form of heavy impact or accident is likely to cause serious hand injuries. Here are a few common causes of hand Injuries:

    Scenarios That Could Result In Hand Injury Claims

    • Strains
    • Road Traffic Accidents
    • Slips, Trips and falls that cause fracture or other injuries to the hand.
    • Manual handling accidents
    • Lifting of heavy materials
    • Sporting injuries- e.g. Rugby, Football, Boxing.
    • Lack of PPE
    • Ladder accidents
    • Scaffolding accidents
    • Workplace accidents
    • Machinery accidents
    • Building site accidents
    • Attacks
    • Crane accidents
    • Dangerous practices and procedures
    • Hazardous premises
    • Any falling object
    • Farm Machinery and equipment
    • Forklift trucks
    • Inadequate training

    Recognizing the form of hand injury you may have sustained due to an accident, and identifying what way it has affected your ability to easily perform your day to day activities or your capacity to earn a living, can be very important in the process of making your hand injury compensation claim.

    Make A Claim

    Types of Hand Injuries Compensation That Can Be Claimed for

    Here are a few examples of hand injuries that might lead to compensation.

    • Hand Sprains, Strains And Tears: If you have suffered any of the above, while they might seem minor,  prolonged effects may impede your day-to-day functioning. 
    • Fractured Bones: Did you experience a fracture from an accident at work or a careless driver? You do not have to deal with the debilitating effects alone. You may need 24/7 support as you may not be able to perform simple tasks by yourself. We would like to hear your story, feel free to contact us today. 
    • Injured Nerve Fibers: Any damage to nerve endings can easily mean loss of sense of touch. If someone else is responsible for your inability to live your life fully, you are entitled to claim hand injury compensation and you should make a claim.  

    It is unfair to take on enormous financial losses by way of medical expenses and loss of income alone. Seek help early today. 

    Our solicitors could help you make a hand injury compensation claim whether your accident or injury is listed above or not. You will receive maximum compensation for your suffering if we are able to prove the negligent actions of the defendant. 

    Are You Eligible To Claim Hand Injury Compensation?

    Providing answers to the checklist below will help you understand your eligibility for making hand injury compensation claims. If your answer to all questions happens to be yes, our personal injury solicitors will be more than happy to assist you claim compensation for hand injury. 

    • Did the person that caused harm to you owe you a duty of care?
    • Was that duty of care breached, resulting in an accident? For example, a negligent treatment received from a care home or a workplace accident. 
    • Did the injury you sustained result from the accident as mentioned above? 

    You may be eligible for a claim if you have suffered the consequences of someone else’s negligent actions. As a matter of fact, proving that a legal duty of care was owed to you is very easy. For one, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that means employers have a legal duty to try and protect their staff’s welfare. Additionally, the Road Traffic Act 1988 means there is a legal duty of care for road users. That means each road user must drive safely to avoid causing harm to other road users. 

    On the other hand, establishing an existing relationship between the injury sustained and your accident at the workplace can be quite tricky. But we can help. Feel free to reach out to us today and we will explain which law applies in your case as we critically investigate your claim. 

    How To Pursue Claim?

    Whether you’re seeking an average worker’s compensation settlement for a hand injury, dislocated shoulder compensation or even wrist fracture settlement, the first thing to do is to;

    • Get medical treatment: You are your priority and must try to see a specialist. Afterwards, you must;
    • Seek professional advice: If you believe that you have found grounds to lodge a compensation claim, seek an expert solicitor or solicitors who will help you through the entire process from start to finish. 
      Contact Us now for any or more of our expert and experienced solicitors.
    • Assemble all pieces of evidence available

    Evidence necessary to support your claim

    As a victim of hand injury, it is important that you gather as much evidence as possible. Doing this could make the claims process a lot easier. If you are looking to claim compensation for hand injury, contact us today and our experts can review your evidence at no cost.

    Before you can start your claim, our hand injury solicitors will require correctly detailed hand injury incident reports from you, to evaluate your complaint. These may include;

    • The names and phone numbers, possibly everything about every person involved in the incident.
    • The correct date, time, and type of injury suffered.
    • Medical records from A&E to help prove the full extent of your hand injuries.
    • Witness statement from any witness that can give an account of the injury. This would help if the defendant attempts to deny liability.
    • The name of the hospital or GP involved, their exact locations too.
    • Any record of additional treatment processes you had undergone.
    • The financial expenses you and/or your family incurred as a direct repercussion of your hand injury – this includes any additional medical treatments, medication or therapy.
    •  All relevant receipts, so keep them accessible and safe.
    • All pieces of Photo evidence.
    • A witness statement from friends and family.

    Our solicitors will judge your complaint according to all provided pieces of evidence and determine whether you have a good case, through critical evaluation. Then they will lodge the claims and try to get you your settlement without getting to court. But in the case where there’s a defendant denial, your case will need to be heard at trial.

    Gathering as much evidence as possible could make the claims process a lot easier. If you are interested in claiming compensation for a hand injury, we can review your evidence for free.


    How Long Do You Have To Make A Claim?

    You have typically three years from the date of injury. Although, there are exceptions for cases with victims who are not of age, etc. However, in usual cases, a victim must lodge their claim within three years of the injury or not a all.

    What The Claim Covers?

    Any hand injury compensation is dependent on several factors, such as the severity of the injury and then its impact on the victim’s life, financially and physically. 

    Your hand injury claim amount will cover the following for both you and every other source of assistance you incurred:

    • Loss of earnings because of your time off work
    • The total cost of your medical treatment, therapy, and even double treatments due to medical negligence, including prescription charges.
    • Travel costs and every other movement expense. 
    • The negative impacts on your social life, sports, hobbies and psychological health.
    • Your overall pain and suffering.

    How Much Can You Claim For Your Hand Injury?

    Perhaps you were involved in a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault, and have been wanting compensation but do not know exactly how to go about it, you can contact us now. 

    Also, just in case you have been storming the internet with questions like “how much is a finger worth in compensation?” “How much compensation for injury at work?” “How much compensation do you get for a broken wrist?” Well, you don’t have to search anymore.

    Our workplace injury compensation calculator and hand injury compensation calculator will give you quick estimates below:

    Amputation Hand Injury
    • For the loss or loss of use of both hands = £112,100 — £160,600
    • For the loss or loss of use of just one hand = £76,650 — £87,410
    • For the loss of index and middle finger = £49,350 — £77,330
    • For thumb loss = £28,310 — £43,710
    • For the loss of an index finger = £14,930 (up to)
    • For the loss of a middle finger = £12,460 (up to)
    • For the loss of a Pinky or little finger = £6,890 — £9,760
    • Any serious damage to both hands = £44,550 — £67,410
    • Any serious injury with significant loss of use of the hand = £23,110 — £49,350
    • Any very serious thumb Injury = £15,620 — £27,910
    • Any serious injury with full or close to full recovery = £4,640 — £10,580

    Ready to start your hand injury claim

    Our hand injury claim solicitors can help you. Our specialist solicitors are well experienced in bringing claims on behalf of victims and have helped several victims get justice. 

    We are available right now if you contact us this minute. We will listen to what has happened to you, review all evidence presented by you, and supply free legal advice about your options. At the end of the day, you will be under no obligation to make a hand injury claim, we would only advise you when you have a strong case.

    Our Solicitors Offer No Win No Fee Funding Option

    Should you instruct our solicitors to take charge of your hand injury claim, we will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. Simply put, your claims will be attended to without any legal fee payment from you. 

    This is to say that the entire process will be free of charge to you and that in the case that we are unsuccessful in pursuing your claim, you owe us nothing,

    However, if we are successful, we will require a SUCCESS FEE from you, which is usually a percentage of your entire compensation (up to 25%). 

    We look forward to helping you solve those cases!

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