Gross Failure by Hospital Leads to Death of a mother 2 days after Miscarriage

Gross Failure by Hospital Leads to Death of a Mother two days after Miscarriage

Gross Failure by Hospital Leads to Death of a Mother two days after Miscarriage


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    In Recent Reports, A “loving” young mum of two has received tribute from here family who are devastated following her tragic death just 48hrs after she suffered a miscarriage.

    The lady, Lorette Divers, from Sheffield, received a heartbreaking news that she suffered a miscarriage during a medical appointment on November 18, 2020. She would die two days later at Royal Hallamshire Hospital in tragic circumstances.

    The mother of the deceased, Maxine Nicholson said of her daughter Lorette as the most loving and caring mum and daughter anyone could have wished for.

    In her words, “We were overjoyed when we found out she was expecting again and it’s almost impossible to comprehend the events that unfolded afterwards. While time has moved on since her death, it has stood still for our family because of the many concerns we had about what happened to Lorette.”

    Lorette was admitted into hospital on the morning of November 20 after suffering from pain and vomiting the previous night. Although she reported feeling comfortable during the afternoon, she shortly became unresponsive afterwards and had to be rushed to the theater where CPR was performed for 45 minutes, but was sadly pronounced dead at 6.07pm.

    Despite a solicitor representing her family urging the coroner to rule there had been medical negligence in her death, an inquest into Lorette’s death at Sheffield Coroner’s Court today concluded she died of natural causes.

    Maxine Nicholson, the deceased mother said that it had been incredibly distressing hearing the circumstances as to why Lorette died but that it had to be done as a way to honour her memory. She expressed how heartbroken she is that her late daughter was no longer in their lives and particularly in her young children’s lives.

    While Coroner Ms Rawden did not find her death to meet all three legal tests required to rule there was medical negligence, she believed that the hospital failed to provide basic medical attention. She was also concerned that Lorette was not fully reviewed by a doctor saying that there should have been further investigations into her high temperature.

    Ms Rawden offered her condolences to Lorette’s loved ones adding that Her death was nothing short of a tragedy.


    Common Injuries During Pregnancy

    There are common injuries during pregnancy which can be avoided by proper monitoring of the development of mother and child. Medical negligence during childbirth can cause childbirth injuries to mother, child birth defects and for such cases, birth injury claims can be made.

    Pregnant women deserve the best form of care to ensure safety of the woman and her baby as any form of neglect or medical negligence can lead to permanent disabling injuries, or death.

    Negligence during pregnancy can cause childbirth defects to the baby such as;

    • Erb’s palsy
    • Facial palsy
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Brain damage
    • Fractures
    • Epilepsy

    And can also cause the woman to lose the baby, give birth to a stillborn or suffer complications such as uterine and perineal tears, bowel incontinence, damage to internal organs during caesarean section or forceps baby delivery.

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