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Can I Get Claims For Possible Dental Negligence?

Can I Get Claims For Possible Dental Negligence?


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    Absolutely, you can. You can make claims for a deserved dental negligence compensation if you or your loved one have suffered avoidable harm, injury or complications as a result of mistakes during dental treatment.

    Dental claim

    To make claims, you need to demonstrate liability and causation. This means that you need to show that your dentist was indeed negligent and that his or her negligent action is the direct cause of the pain, injury or complications you are suffering.

    What Do I Need To Do Before Making A Dental Claim?

    There are certain areas of medical negligence to be established before suing a dentist. You need to demonstrate that the dentist was directly responsible for the harm you suffered.

    Therefore, you need to show that;

    • That your dentist owed you a duty of care
    • That your dentist breached that duty of care
    • That the breach of duty has directly caused you to suffer avoidable pain or complications
    • That you have also suffered other damages as a result of the negligent treatment.

    Making A Dental Negligence Claim

    The general process of making your dental negligence claims will include:

    • Speaking with your dental negligence claims attorney
    • Funding your claim
    • Gathering evidence, facts and information to prove your claims
    • Establishing liability of your dentist
    • Negotiating the right settlement payout
    • Payment of the agreed compensation amount

    During our free consultation session, you will receive legal advice for your dental negligence compensation claims. We are dedicated to ensuring that your claims process is stress free for you. We therefore encourage you not to hesitate to come to us for a free assessment of your claims.

    Make A Claim

    Here are some documents that you will need to strengthen your case;

    • Comprehensive report of all that happened
    • Medical report including results of tests, scans and x-rays
    • Witness report (from family or close friends)
    • Proof of financial losses incurred
    • Report from an independent dental professional after carrying out a thorough dental examination on you to find out the severity of your condition

    How We Help You Claim For Dental Negligence?

    It is our aim to make justice for medical negligence accessible to everyone irrespective of status. This is why we have a No Win No Fee policy where you do not have to worry about the legal costs of your claim. 

    This means that you do not have to pay us throughout the entire duration of the claims process. You also do not have to pay us even if the claim is not successful. However, after a successful claim, we will take out 25% of your compensation amount as success fee.

    Additionally, we wouldn’t want you to worry about going to court for your claims. We boast an enviable record of settling claims out of court. Fortunately, most NHS trials do not end up in a trial, so you have a good chance of having your claim settled out of court. 

    Furthermore, please note that you have only three years from the date of negligence to make your dental negligence claims. This is according to the Limitation Act of 1980.  Only children under 18 and physically or mentally incapacitated persons are exempted from this rule.

    We encourage you to reach out to us for a free claim’s assessment or for further enquiries you may have. You can call us on 0800 644 4240 to speak to one of our expert solicitors.

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