Flash Flood Leads To Closure Of Leicester GP Surgery - MND

Flash Flood Leads to Closure of Leicester GP Surgery

Flash Flood Leads to Closure of Leicester GP Surgery


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    On Thursday 22nd June, water poured through the roof of East Leicester Medical Practice, in Uppingham Road, Leicester during a torrential downpour. The heavy rainfall led to flash flooding that Thursday across Leicestershire which resulted in travel safety warnings being issued.

    Dr Azhar Farooqi, doctor and co-partner at the surgery said that staff and patients numbering about 40 were promptly moved from the surgery. He also expressed concerns about his 13,000 patients since the practice has been closed indefinitely.

    According to Dr Farooqi, water was “gushing down like a waterfall” at the surgery which is one of the largest in the city. He said that there was a significant breakdown in the roof which led to a huge amount of water entering the building in a very short period of time. He described it as “dumping a swimming pool on the building.”

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    He added, “For my staff it was extremely distressing and frightening. Within minutes they were ankle-deep in water. The situation became very dangerous because all the electricity became unsafe. We lost the electricity, the phone system, the computers were soaked and important patient paperwork was damaged. The building had to be immediately evacuated and was shut down.”

    The monumental damage according to Dr Farooqi means that the building will remain closed until repairs are made. He mentioned that the building could be shut to the public for several months. He added that only urgent queries were being handled while all 50 members of staff had been redeployed to neighbouring practices.

    Noting the seriousness of the condition, he said; “It’s a really serious situation because we provide day-to-day GP services to 13,000 patients and wider community services to more than 50,000 patients in the east of the city. We begged and borrowed various consulting rooms around the city and we have called some patients in to be seen.”

    He also noted that the set-up to handle emergencies was not ideal for patients as they would face challenges in accessing their services about three miles away. According to him, the biggest problem is the phone system which was destroyed completely. Patients only had a mobile number to call.

    He also expressed worries about patients who have emergencies and those whose medications were finished and needed to come back for another prescription. The doctor said that a mobile unit had been set up at the surgery car park to help with the situation while there are plans to add more in the coming days.

    He has also advised patients to call 111 to access medical care or go to a pharmacy for medications.

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