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Can I Make An NHS Compensation Claim?

If you have received sub-standard or negligent treatment from the NHS then you may be entitled to make an NHS compensation claim against the medical provider that treated you . The NHS must be held to high standards. If the service falls below these standards and you suffer as a result, then you can make an NHS compensation claim.
It is not only important for victims of medical negligence to claim the compensation they deserve from the NHS, it is equally important that an explanation and apology is received so that similar mistakes are not made in the future and you can have peace of mind.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical Negligence is the term for when a medical professional falls below acceptable standards when providing medical treatment. Medical Negligence arises when patients suffer harm that could have been avoided. Medical Negligence can happen in many different ways including delays in being treated right through to sub-standard medical care from a professional.

How much will my medical negligence claim cost?

All of our specialist medical negligence lawyers act on a “No Win No Fee” basis. This means that there will be no cost to you for making a medical negligence. You can have peace of mind that you can obtain justice without having to spend money to achieve it.

How much can I claim for medical negligence?

If your case is successful you will be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the amount of time you have suffered due to the medical negligence and on other circumstances such as if you have not been able to work due to your injury.
No matter what your circumstances are, our specialist medical negligence lawyers have the expertise and know how to make sure you achieve the maximum amount of compensation that you can.

How to make a medical negligence claim?

Making a medical negligence claims can be a difficult process. We suggest that you contact one of our specialist medical negligence lawyers who will be able to guide you through the process in a friendly and supportive way.
The law surrounding medical negligence is complex. That is why is it vitally important to contact a specialist medical negligence lawyer as soon as you think you may have been a victim of medical negligence.