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False Miscarriage Diagnosis While Still Pregnant

False Miscarriage Diagnosis While Still Pregnant


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    During pregnancy, errors or acts of negligence such as misdiagnosis or false miscarriage diagnosis may have far-reaching consequences. From physical to emotional and psychological trauma for the woman.

    What Is False Miscarriage?

    False Miscarriage

    A false miscarriage is a situation where a pregnant woman goes through all experiences, symptoms and signs typically associated with a miscarriage and is diagnosed with having lost their baby, even though they are still pregnant. In some cases, this can occur when the woman bleeds heavily during pregnancy alongside other symptoms.

    Why Bleeding May Occur During Pregnancy?

    One of the reasons why light bleeding may occur is due to the implantation of the fertilised egg in the Uterus. Additionally, changes in hormone levels can lead to the uterus shedding some of its linings. A woman who experiences such during pregnancy may receive a false miscarriage report.

    A false miscarriage diagnosis can occur if:

    • The pregnancy is in fact ectopic which was not spotted
    • There is incorrect interpretation of the ultrasound
    • Faulty equipment was used in the diagnosis
    • There is an incorrect physical examination
    • You had undergone an avoidable surgery following the misdiagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy

    What Are The Chances That You Will Receive A False Miscarriage Diagnosis?

    According to NHS statistics, of those that known they’re pregnant, 1 in 8 pregnancies will end in miscarriage.

    It is possible to receive a miscarriage diagnosis if your blood pregnancy hormone (hCG) levels are declining in the early stages of the pregnancy. Additionally, a diagnosis of miscarriage may be made if the gestational sac remains empty or fails to increase in size during a repeat scan at least seven days later.

    Sometimes, the reason for an ultrasound showing that an embryo is likely to have been miscarried is when a conception date does not match with what was predicted.

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    What Can I Do If My Miscarriage Was Wrongly Diagnosed?

    If you find yourself in such a predicament, you can either make a complaint or make a misdiagnosis claim. In the case where your complaint was not handled satisfactorily, you may file a claim due to how it was handled.

    Who qualifies for a miscarriage claim?

    Anyone who has been wrongly diagnosed of miscarriage and has suffered harm as a result, may make false miscarriage diagnosis claims.

    If you think you have a claim, reach out to us as soon as possible. If you qualify for a free claim assessment and that assessment is successful, you will be connected to Our partnered specialist misdiagnosis claims solicitors to assist with your potential claim.

    What You Should Know About Making A Claim For False Miscarriage Diagnosis?

    As an expectant mother, misdiagnosed miscarriages can subject you and your family to unnecessary pain and suffering. It is only fair that you are compensated for the avoidable trauma and emotional distress you have been put through.

    When making a misdiagnosis negligence claim, you are required to establish two elements – liability and causation.

    Liability and Causation in Miscarriage Negligence Claims

    By liability, a victim is expected show that their doctor owed them a duty of care. Simply put a patient-doctor relationship existed between them. But the doctor failed in that responsibility to provide the required standard care expected from a medical professional of same expertise.

    Establishing causation on the other hand is where a victim demonstrates that pain or damages incurred is a consequence of their doctor’s negligent actions. It is therefore important to show a direct link between your doctor’s action or inaction and the suffering you experienced.

    If you are finding it difficult to do this, you can reach out to us. If you qualify for a free claim assessment and that assessment is successful, you will be connected to one of our partnered law firms who will help you build a robust medical negligence case.

    Keep in mind that they may require your personal statements or that of a witness (friend or family), your medical reports, test and scan results, among other documents, to defend your case.

    What Is My Compensation Amount Likely To Be For False Misdiagnosis?

    Similar to other medical negligence claims, your settlement payout is not fixed but varies according to circumstances surrounding the case. Factors such as the severity of injury or trauma suffered, future prognosis, out-of-pocket expenses and estimated future losses also go into determining compensation amounts.

    In addition, medical expenses, need for caregivers and purchases of medical devices if needed will also determine your settlement amount.

    How long does false miscarriage diagnosis claim take?

    In general, medical negligence claims are subject to a limitation period of three years. This means that you must make a claim within three years, starting from either the date you became aware of the negligent treatment or the date you discovered the harm.

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