Internal "Critical Incident" Declared At Cornwall Hospitals - MND

Internal “Critical Incident” Declared At Cornwall Hospitals

Internal “Critical Incident” Declared At Cornwall Hospitals


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    The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT) said bed blocking had been an issue for months as it had risen by more than 20% since April. The situation has been holding up ambulances.

    The Bosses of hospitals in Cornwall have now declared an internal critical incident due to “acute pressure” on beds.

    Also, people who do not have emergency needs have been asked to contact their GPs, see pharmacists or call 111. Additionally, families who have relatives in the hospitals have been asked if they could help take patients back home sooner.

    People are being asked to please use alternative services if it’s not serious or life-threatening.

    For months, Truro has been reporting that beds are being blocked by patients who are medically fit to be discharged but have no care services ready for them.

    It said the situation was now affecting other services in the hospital and across the health system in Cornwall.

    Earlier this month, the Trust said it tried to discharge up to 200 people which was equivalent to seven full wards, from the Royal Cornwall Hospital alone.

    Trust chief executive Steve Williamson said declaring the incident as critical would help get support from health and care partners “to take additional and immediate steps to create capacity”.

    He added that Covid-positive inpatients had increased in the past week but they were not having a huge impact on the availability of beds.

    He said: “Our population can help too by making sure they make the right choice if they need urgent care, either by contacting their own GP, even if here on holiday, seeing a pharmacist or calling 111 for advice on the most appropriate place for their needs.”

    Cornwall hospitals declare internal 'critical incident'

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