CQC Inspectors Rate Leicester Care Home Inadequate - MND

CQC Inspectors Rate Leicester Care Home Inadequate

CQC Inspectors Rate Leicester Care Home Inadequate


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    After being rated inadequate by inspectors, a Leicester care home has been told it must make urgent improvements. The CQC also adds that further action will be taken against the home if improvements are not made.

    The Queens Park Care Home – which looks after up to 16 people with mental health problems and physical disabilities was visited in May by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

    A report said staff “were not provided with enough clear guidance to support people safely”.

    The CQC says it will monitor the home and “take further action if need be.

    The Health watchdog said that although medicines were well-managed and infection control protocols were managed, staff were not given enough clear guidance, meaning residents were not always safe from negligent care.

    The report also said that Lessons were not learnt when things went wrong.

    It says, “Staff were mostly kind to people and promoted their independence, however the poor safety culture of the service meant it was not always caring.”

    CQC Inspectors Rate Leicester Care Home Inadequate

    Although the majority of care homes in the UK, especially those under the control of the NHS do well to provide standard care for their residents, there have been case of neglect and abuse in these care homes which has led to avoidable pain, suffering and sometimes death of these residents.

    Care home negligence refers to when a caregiver or healthcare provider in a care home fails to provide adequate care and standard care for care home residents which in turn causes unnecessary harm, injury or trauma for the residents.

    Most residents of care homes are the elderly who are frail and vulnerable, disabled persons as well as persons with mental health problems who require round the clock care, who should be monitored closely and not left unattended to.

    It is expected that care homes should be a safe haven for its residents and not where they will become worse off. The UK Department of Health says that it receives about 200,000 cases of alleged elderly abuse annually and 56% of these cases are from England alone.

    Therefore, if your loved one has suffered avoidable harm as a result of care home neglectful care, you can make a care home negligence claim.

    Negligent actions of caregivers which could cause harm to residents include;

    • Errors in medication
    • Failing monitor residents appropriately such that they wander off from the facility
    • Failing to protect residents from potentially harmful objects
    • Handling errors
    • Neglecting to provide disabled residents with proper mobility aids and assistive devices
    • Excessive force to restrain residents and other forms of physical abuse
    • Failing to treat bedsores
    • Development of pressure sores caused by leaving a resident in one position for a long time
    • Neglecting to change residents’ soiled clothes and beddings with clean ones
    • Failing to provide food as required by the residents according to their health needs

    When you are faced with such negligent actions, you can reach out to our Care home negligence solicitors who have the expertise to handle your claims and ensure that you get the right compensation for your suffering.

    Our no win no fee medical negligence claims policy still stands. This provides you the opportunity to make claims without having to worry about incurring any debt or paying legal fees first. Only a certain pre-agreed percentage of your compensation will be deducted at the end of a successful case.

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