Covid: The Pressure on ICU staff concerning, Hywel DDA Consultant Says

Covid: Pressure on ICU staff concerning, Hywel DDA Consultant Says

Covid: Pressure on ICU staff concerning, Hywel DDA Consultant Says


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    According to a recent report, the pressure on ICU staff as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic is worrisome and gives lots of concern. The consultant says that patients with other conditions on top of Covid patients are making the situation worse.

    Dr Michael Martin, of Hywel Dda University Health Board says that 10 of about 24 critical care beds in its hospitals were occupied by Covid patients on Monday adding that Staff shortages have made him dread the winter months.

    With rising Covid cases in the Hywel Dda area, which covers Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, planned surgeries have had to be suspended in some hospitals.

    Dr Martin, a leading consultant, also said that west Wales’ infection rates compared to the rest of Wales were “much lower” in the first two waves, adding that staff are “burnt out”. According to Dr. Martin, it is a difficult scenario in Glangwili hospital, the emergency hospital for west Wales, where they basically lose more than half of our intensive care beds. He also stressed that having Covid patients means “a lot of work for everybody – they’re difficult”, In his words, “You don’t just cure them in a couple of days”.

    Although those who have had their vaccination see a better treatment success rate, Dr Martin says that he is concerned about patients who come in critically ill with other conditions into the hospital. He also said that cancer cases are diagnosed much later than usual. Patients now learn of their fate at the end stage, when the patient’s condition has become critical.

    According to him, patients’ conditions are getting worse because they are not being attended to since the heath service has been busy “[dealing with the virus]”.

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    The Intensive Care Unit

    Intensive Care Units (ICU), sometimes known as critical care units or intensive therapy units are special wards in hospitals which are specially designed to take care of patients who are in critical condition and require specialist care. Staff who are assigned to intensive care units are specially trained to treat critically ill patients and handle several specialist equipment used in the wards.

    Generally, a nurse is allocated to each patient in the ICU who will attend to them and continuously monitor their monitors regularly for any change in their vitals. Special equipment used are designed to assist a patient until their body is able to respond properly. 

    Examples of such equipment include;

    • Ventilators
    • Feeding Tubes
    • Catheters 

    Determining Whether A Patient Should Be Admitted To The ICU

    There are four levels outlined below which will influence a decision whether a patient has to be admitted into the ICU or not. These are;

    Level 0 – Normal acute ward care

    Level 1 – Patient is at risk of their condition deteriorating but can still be treated in the ward albeit with support or advice from the critical care team

    Level 2 – The patient here requires more detailed monitoring or intervention

    Level 3 – Patient’s condition is critical and requires advanced respiratory support alone, or basic respiratory support as well as at least two organ system support

    From the above, it is obvious that the higher the level, the more likely a patient will be admitted into the ICU.

    Medical Negligence In Intensive Care Unit

    Negligence In The Intensive Care Unit

    Intensive Care Negligence refers to acts of negligence or substandard care by medical professionals towards their patients under their care in the intensive unit causing them further harm or complications than they are already suffering. ICU negligence can be fatal because the patients in the unit are already in critical conditions and therefore require special care and attention. Anything short of this will most likely not end well.

    Medical professionals owe a duty of care to their patients and should even be more careful with patients in the ICU since these are patients who are suffering from life-threatening health conditions and require consistent close monitoring with specialist equipment.

    There are different forms of medical neglects which can occur in the Intensive care unit which may cause an individual to make medical negligence claims.

    Forms of ICU negligence cases include;

    • Failing to properly monitor patient’s vitals leading to deterioration of condition without necessary intervention
    • Providing patient with poor standard of care
    • Negligently mismanaging the patient’s condition
    • Costly errors while performing life-saving surgeries
    • Errors during administration of patient medication
    • Failing to alert a specialist in case of emergency
    • Taking decisions without the consent of the family members

    If your loved one has suffered any of the above-mentioned negligent treatment or similar ones resulting in avoidable pain, trauma or complications, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.
    Our specialist negligence claims lawyers who are experts in ICU negligence claims understand the trauma and difficulty that comes with a loved one being admitted into the ICU and are well aware of the consequences of a negligent action to the patient. They are therefore ready to assist and support you during your difficult time.


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    We will also demonstrate Liability and causation- showing that indeed you or your loved one was owed a duty of care but the medical professionals failed in that duty. We will further prove that the breach of duty was the direct cause of the pain and suffering you are experiencing.

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