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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: A Helpful Guide

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: A Helpful Guide


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    Every medical procedure comes with a measure of risk. This is the same for cosmetic surgeries. However, when avoidable errors occur, it may lead to patients pursuing cosmetic surgery claims.

    As the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) states, “while ‘cosmetic surgery tourism’ is a success for some people, there are a number of things that need to be considered when deciding if it is the right thing for you.”

    When considering cosmetic procedures abroad, thorough research is essential. It is crucial to assess the safety standards of the clinic and the expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. Taking these precautions ensures a safer and more successful cosmetic experience.

    Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

    Why do people choose to Travel Abroad for Cosmetic Procedures?

    There are certain reasons why people may choose to travel to other countries and have their cosmetic procedures done rather than in the UK. Some of these reasons are outlined below;

    • Cost: Cosmetic surgeries tend to be cheaper abroad and this is the chief reason why people decide to go to other countries to get it done. However, there are certain factors that make these procedures cheaper.

      • One is that there may be little or no aftercare which makes for reduced cost

      • Another factor is that cosmetic surgery is not as heavily regulated in other countries as it is in the UK. In the UK, cosmetic surgery is regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), HIW (Healthcare Inspectorate Wales), HIS (Healthcare Improvement Scotland) and RQIA (Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland). This ensures that the potential risks are minimised and that healthcare professionals practice safely.

    • Some cosmetic procedures come as part of a holiday package: Because this sounds appealing, people are easily swayed and go for it. However, procedures like this should be taken seriously and not taken as a holiday. Some holiday lifestyles such as sunbathing, swimming, drinking alcohol and exercising can potentially increase the chances of post-operative complications.

    • Celebrities make adverts on social media platforms for clinics abroad where they underwent cosmetic procedures. This in turn influences their fans to go to those places. However, complications that arise from such procedures are mostly never exposed to their audiences.

    • More available Procedures Abroad: Another reason why people go abroad for cosmetic surgery is that certain procedures are either not done in the UK or are difficult to access them. One of them is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). While people travel outside for this treatment, they are not often well informed of the complications that may follow after surgery.

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    Things to consider before Travelling Abroad for a Cosmetic Procedure

    According to BAPRAS, here are some of the factors you should bear in mind before opting to travel out for cosmetic surgery;

    • Risk of Complications: while no procedure is free from complication., it is easier to get the necessary help and aftercare if the procedure is done by a consultant plastic surgeon in the UK. However, if complications on returning home after a procedure overseas, you may not be able to get the needed care. You may also spend more travelling back to get necessary corrections done.

    • Risks of Travelling for Surgery: Deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism may occur following a major surgery. You may even have a higher risk of developing DVT if you are a smoker, over 40, obese, have a cancer or heart condition, have a prolonged anaesthetic or period of not being able to move. It is therefore crucial that you discuss with your doctor before travelling.

    • Training of Surgeons Abroad: In the UK, reputable plastic surgeons are registered under the General Medical Council (GMC). In other countries however, there are other metrics used and so you may or may not easily find out if the surgeon abroad is well trained.

    • Regulation of Clinics: It is Important That you research into the clinic and be sure that their standards are high. In the UK, the HealthCare Commission ensures that clinics operate on a high standard. Such regular and strict inspection and licensing is not available abroad. While you may have very high standard clinics abroad, some are not.

    • Patient Consent: Unlike in the UK where patients are fully informed about the associated risks of any procedure. Things may be different outside. It is important that you get all the information before you go ahead.

    • Costs: While surgery costs may be cheaper abroad, you should also consider the potential costs of treating a complication in the UK if things go south.

    For instance, your holiday travel insurance may not cover the costs of coming back home in the event of a complication. While the NHS will treat life-threatening complications, you will have to cover the costs of other problems that may arise either by paying for private treatment in the UK or travelling to the clinic where the initial procedure was done.

    Cosmetic surgery

    What to do to reduce risks of Complications after a Cosmetic Surgery Abroad?


    • Ask about the surgeon’s experience in cosmetic surgery; how many years he or she has been in practice; how many procedures of the kind you are interested in have they undertaken; how fluent are they in English language to communicate effectively.

    • Ask about the clinic, its reputation, facilities they have. Also seek to speak with previous patients and even request for before and after photographs of other patients’ surgeries

    • Inquire about the procedure you are interested in, find out about the associated risks, complication rates as well as the surgical team.

    • Ask questions about aftercare arrangements of the clinic. Also find out who will take care of any complications that may arise.

    • You can also find out what regulation binds the clinic and if there are medical insurance arrangements in the event of a complication.

    • When making a choice to travel abroad, ensure that you do not choose cost over quality as a cheaper surgery may end up costing you more in the long term if complications arise. Also be sure what you are paying for as there may be hidden costs.

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