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What Happens If A Person Dies Due To Medical Negligence?

What Happens If A Person Dies Due To Medical Negligence?


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    The number of deaths per year can be avoided if adequate care is given to patients. If a family member or loved one has lost their life due to negligent medical care, you have the right to claim compensation on their behalf. 

    Any death due to doctor’s negligence can land a hospital into medical crime cases. Don’t delay to reach out to our medical negligence solicitors today on 0800 644 4240. Our solicitors are available to discuss your claim and are ready to take you step by step through the legal process. The penalty for medical negligence resulting in death can be huge in compensation claims.

    We are a leading firm that helps victims of medical negligence to get justice for their injury. We offer a No Win No Fee Death claim, with our nhs medical negligence success stories be rest assured your case is in the right hands. Our medical negligence solicitors have the expertise to start and finish your case with all professionalism. 

    When you contact us, one of our solicitors will guide you on how to claim for wrongful death as a result of medical negligence. Medical negligence compensation claims relating to death can be more complex that other negligence claims.

    medical negligence resulting in death

    As you read on in this article, we will highlight some of the answers to how much compensation for medical negligence resulting in death.

    Common Medical Negligence Errors That Result In Death

    When people go to a health care provider for treatment, they believe they will come out better, not dead. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case as unplanned medical errors can occur with devastating consequences. Death by negligence in the UK can be avoided if adequate care is given to patients. Innocent lives should not be lost carelessly because of medical mistakes in the hospital that can be averted. Hospital negligence resulting in death compensation can also be prevented. 

    Some of the common medical errors that can result in the wrongful death of a patient  or serious injury include:

    • Wrong Prognosis: Wrong diagnosis is one common medical error that can lead to injury and in worse cases loss of life. A doctor’s prognosis error may result in incorrect, delayed or lack of treatment which can worsen the condition of the patient.
    • Medical Tools Defect: Using a faulty, outdated or poorly managed medical device can cause severe injury or death. This gives rise to medical device malpractice lawsuits if the final injury leads to death. In the event of a patient’s death, a hospital can be held responsible for using faulty medical tools. Some doctors often rely too much on medical technologies that they fail to monitor patients on their own.
      If a doctor or surgeon fails to notice a malfunctioning machine and it causes harm or serious injury, a patient can
      sue for medical malpractice.
    • Wrong Prescription And Medication: Side effects of taking the wrong prescription are huge and can result in a patient’s death. Adequate research must be carried out by medical professionals to ensure the right medication is given. Improper medication prescription can lead to the death of a patient if not identified early.
    • Operating On The Wrong Body Part: Performing a surgical procedure on the wrong organ or wrong body part can also be a life threatening mistake. If a surgeon wrongly operated on your close relative or family member that led to serious harm or left them dead, contact our experienced negligence solicitors to help you seek justice.
    • Leaving A Surgical Object In The Body: If a surgeon leaves a surgical object like a sponge in a patient’s body during operation, it could lead to further complications or even death. If a doctor failed to exercise proper care during surgery and left a foreign instrument in the body of a loved one, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against them to ensure further mistakes do not occur. 
    • Inadequate Communication Or Miscommunication: Wrong packaging of medication or drugs to patients can lead to serious injury or worse conditions. Labeling drugs wrong can lead to overdose and costly mistakes. The correct medication must be communicated to patients to avoid unnecessary treatment errors.
    • Wrong IncisionsIncorrect incision in medical care occurs Serious complications can result from wrong Incision and can endanger the life of the patient which may eventually lead to death. When a surgeon uses improper techniques, he can injure a nerve or cause worse damage during surgery.
    • Infections: Using unsterilized tools while operating on patients is careless and can lead to medical negligence claims. Thousands of deaths per year happen due to infection from the negligence of health care givers.
    • Irregular Supervision Of Patients: Not organising regular appointments to visit the patient to make sure they are healing well may cause their condition to deteriorate. And when it does, with no further supervision a patient can be rushed to the emergency or eventually die.
    • Improper Follow Up: If injury or death is caused by improper follow up or aftercare for patients the hospital may be held liable. Seeking the help of a medical malpractice solicitor will enable you to hold all negligent parties responsible. We can help your family to claim the compensation they deserve for their loss.

    How Much Compensation For Medical Negligence Resulting In Death

    People often ask, how much can I receive as nhs negligence death compensation? Medical negligence payouts vary from case to case and it depends on the circumstances revolving around the death of the victim. Therefore, the average payout for medical negligence resulting in death in the uk differs. Wrongful death is classified under gross negligence in medical practice. Whether medical negligence in a private hospital or NHS negligence, medical crime cases fall under this category. 

    You can try out our medical malpractice calculator to have an idea of an average payout for medical negligence resulting in death uk. Medical accident deaths per year will come to its barest minimum if medical professionals or healthcare givers take responsibility for their medical crime. This will prevent further harm to future patients as they will face the consequences of their actions.

    If you want to speak to someone about making a medical negligence death compensation claim, our personal injury team offers you the assistance you need. They will begin by giving you an initial free consultation. They will also give you an estimate and advise you on the final settlement award that you can be offered if your claim is successful. 

    If you are still wondering how much compensation for medical negligence resulting in death for a deceased loved one, or if you want to know more about compensation in medical negligence cases call our claim line today on 0800 644 4240.

    What To Claim For In Compensation For Death Caused By Negligence

    The relatives of the deceased can claim for general damages including:

    • Loss Of Inheritance.
    • Loss Of Consortium.
    • Loss Of Earnings.
    • Cost Of Future Expenses Like Pension.
    • Cost Funeral Service.
    • Expenses Incurred Immediately After Untimely Death.
    • Medical Costs For Pain And Suffering For Survivors.

    How To Sue Hospital For Wrongful Death

    If a close relative or family member has been seriously harmed or died due to the negligence of a hospital, contact our highly skilled negligence solicitors to have them look into your claim. Taking legal action on behalf of a deceased loved one is the best way to get compensation for your pain of losing a loved one.

    The legal process can be quite tedious without specialist legal advice. How much compensation for medical negligence resulting in death is dependent on how well you can prove that the cause of death was as a result of medical negligence.

    Death by hospital negligence can lead to suing a hospital and its medical staff for medical malpractice. Hospital complaints compensation will require you to follow some protocols, whether for wrongful death or other medical negligence claims. The procedure for suing a hospital or medical professional for death caused by negligence include:

    • Seeking A Legal Professional.
    • Gathering Proofs.
    • Proving The Claim By The Court.
    • Negotiation Of Settlements.
    • Initiating A Lawsuit.

    How Long Do You Have To Sue For Medical Negligence Resulting In Death?

    The time limit for medical negligence resulting in death or any other form of negligence is usually within three years from the day the negligent treatment is identified. If a loved one dies as a result of a negligent treatment, the family members have a timeframe of three years to make a claim.

    The three years time limit for medical negligence claims applies from the the date a patient died or the day their family discovered their relative was killed due to the hospital’s mistake.This doesn’t mean you can claim for medical negligence after 20 years. 

    Due to limitation periods for medical negligence claims, it is advisable to begin the process on time and gather all the supporting proof for a smoother process to have a successful claim. Looking at how many medical negligence cases go to court, the majority still do not reach trial as they are settled out of court.

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    Legal Processes Involved In Making A Negligence Claim Against Wrongful Death.

    Hospital compensation claims leading to wrongful death requires following legal procedures. Knowing how to claim medical negligence in the UK will help you a great deal throughout the process. You must also know what to expect and how to fund your claim. 

    Your compensation may be more or less than the average payout because a typical settlement claim depends on the circumstances surrounding the case. To pursue a death by medical negligence claim, you must prove the following:

    • Obligation Of Care: You must be able to establish the fact that there was a patient-doctor relationship between your deceased relative and the guilty medical professional. All health care professionals are required to follow the right standard of care when treating patients.
    • Violation Of The Obligation Of Care: You must be able to demonstrate how the medical professional violated his duty of care and how this breach in their care contributed to the death of your family member.
    • Legal Causation: You must show that there was a link between the negligent care given and the injury that resulted in the passing of your loved one.
    • Damages: You must prove that the loss of a loved one incurred damages like emotional distress, loss of consortium or inheritance etc. Proving these components of negligence will also require an expert witness to support your compensation claim when you file a lawsuit against death caused by negligence.

    No Win No Fee How Does It Work With Death Claims?

    If death happens as a result of negligence, claiming on a no win no fee basis gives you an opportunity to start the legal process without paying any fees upfront unless you win the case. This means that Our solicitors at “medical negligence direct” will not charge you anything while pursuing your compensation claim on your behalf.
    To find out if you are qualified to make a
    no win no fee medical negligence claim, call us today to confirm your eligibility. 

    Why Choose Medical Negligence Direct To Handle Your Negligence Claims Resulting From Death?

    The possibility of suing a hospital for  death caused by negligence involves proving your case by gathering enough proof, bargaining a settlement, and ultimately filing a lawsuit. The process takes time, so engaging the services of a solicitor can relieve you from dealing with the stressful procedure. We understand the pain of grief especially for a loved one, and will handle all the process for you. Don’t fail to reach out to our medical negligence solicitors today on 0800 644 4240.

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